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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Pack Shot

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island



by Cam Fediuk

                         Y O S H I \' S    I S L A N D :

                    S U P E R    M A R I O    A D V A N C E    3

                          F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H
T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T S

Version History
Legal Stuff


\'Allo \'allo \'allo, welcome to my third FAQ for GameFAQs! I bet I know why you 
clicked here. You need help with SMA3, don\'t you? DON\'T YOU? Annd that is 
exactly why I have taken the time out of my pitiful life to help you. You must 
stay strong, our pal Yoshi can\'t do it alone!

Before we move on, let\'s just take a little review of the game\'s controls:

A Button: Makes Yoshi jump. The longer you hold the A button, the higher he 
jumps. If you hold A until Yoshi reaches the apex of his jump, he will kick his 
legs and gain a bit of extra height. The A Button is also used to make 
selections in games and menus, and it is used to scroll dialogue boxes.

D-Pad: Lats Yoshi move. Hold left or right long enough, and he will break into 
a run. Press left or right against a pushable object, and he will push it. When 
in midair, press down to butt-stomp. Down also makes Yoshi duck while on 
ground, and lets him make eggs out of baddies while they are in his mouth. Up 
makes Yoshi look up, scrolls the camera up and lets Yoshi lash his tongue 
upwards. It also lets you hold the egg crosshair at its highest position. 
Lastly, the D-pad is used to highlight selections in menus and games. Phew! Got 
all that?

B Button: Lets Yoshi lash his tongue in the direction he\'s facing, allowing him 
to gobble up baddies and items in front of him. B is also the \'Cancel\' button; 
any menus, and even the game can be canceled by a tap of the B button.

Start: Pauses the game, makes selections in the menus.

Select: Brings up the Status screen while in a level.

L Button: Locks the crosshair in place, allowing for more accurate shots. 
Pressing L again unlocks the crosshair.

R button: Activates the crosshair. If you have Patient controls on, press R 
again to fire an egg. If you use Hasty controls, let go of R to fire an egg.

Now that we\'re done all that, let\'s get on with the game!


W O R L D    1    S T A T S

Levels: 3 Regular, 2 Dungeon, 1 Underground, 1 Platforming,
1 Obstacle Course

Miniboss/Boss: Burt the Bashful, Salvo the Slime


1-1: Make Eggs, Throw Eggs

Type of Level: Regular

Enemies: Pink Shy Guys, Crazee Dayzees, Red Shy Guys, Piranha Plants, Fly Guys

Synopsis: Just a little training level, expanding on the concepts you learned 
in the intro level.


1: Right in plain sight near the first Red Shy Guy. Can\'t miss it.

2: Right after a Message Block, you\'ll se a ? Cloud above a wooden platform. 
Hit the cloud, and stairs will form up to another platform. Grab the Flower.

3: Not a very long ways from the second Flower, you\'ll see an arrow. Unless you 
are completely blind, you should also see the Flower in the alcove below you. 
Grab it!

4: When you see the rotating platforms (right after the last Flower), jump 
down, avoid the Piranha Plants, and you should see the Flower.

5: Continue on until you see a Shy Guy generator. Continue on into the the 
little narrow part, and hit the ? Cloud. It will sprout a vine. Jump up the 
leaves, and go to your left. Hit the ? Cloud, and a Flower will come out.

Red Coins: 

1-6: In the same place as the second Flower.

7&8: Hit the two Piranha Plants guarding the pipe, and go down it. In the 
underground area, two Fly Guys will be holding the coins. Eat them, and the 
coins are yours for the taking.

9-14: They\'re in the underground area. Use the Chomp Rock to reach them.

15-18: In the same place as Flower 4, beneath the rotating platform.

19&20: Near Flower 5, ride the rotating platform to grab them.


1-2: Watch Out Below!
Type of Level: Regular

Synopsis: More training. This time, you\'re taught how to always stay on your 
feet, as you never know what could happen. :^P

Enemies: Yellow Shy Guys, Pink Shy Guys, Chomps, Crazee Dayzees, 
Piranha Plants


1: Right after the Chomp sign, above the Shy Guys.

2: After a few Chomps have fallen into the ground, there will be ? sign. Eat up 
the nearby Crazee Dayzee, hit the cloud, and grab the Flower that emerges.

3: When you reach the maze, go right. Go up the passage, then left. Go up the 
next passage and go right again. Continue until you see the morph bubble. When 
you become a helicopter, fly under the first wall you see, and you should 
notice the Flower.

4: Continue on in helicopter form after you grab the second Flower. Pass the 
red arrow, then fly under the middle of the next wall. Go up into the fake 
wall, and grab the Flower.

5: Right after you go down the pipe and exit the maze area, hit the ? cloud in 
front of you and grab the Flower.

Red Coins:

1&2: In the same spot as Flower 2.

3-6: A bit further ahead of Flower 2.

7-10: Right after the middle ring, shoot eggs through the dirt above the 
generator and hit the coins.

11-13: Right where Flower 3 is.

13-15: After you grab Flower 4, fly to the top of the screen and go right into 
the fake wall. Grab the coins.

16&17: Right above the exit pipe, jump up into the fake wall and grab these two 

18-20: Right past Flower 5, grab the three coins above the Piranha Plant.


1-3: The Cave of Chomp Rock

Type of Level: Underground

Enemies: Piranha Plants, Nipper Plants, Yellow Shy Guys, Lantern Guys, Piranha 

Synopsis: This is just a short, easy introductory to underground levels.


1: Continue on in the cave until you see the mushroom platforms. Jump down on 
them into the alcove, jump over the two Lantern Guys, and grab the Flower.

2: When you grab the first Flower, you should see another one on the other 
side. Go around and grab it.

3: After grabbing the second Flower, go up onto the upper platform. Go right 
until you see a cluster of three mushroom platforms. Grab the Flower above 

4: Continue on for awhile until you see clusters of grey dirt. Just a bit 
further, and you should see a Flower. Fire an egg to grab it.

5: Move on until a Chomp Rock appears. Roll it up the hill a bit, then jump on 
it and up to the platform the the Flower is on.

Red Coins:

1: Pound the stake within the grey dirt (near the beginning of the cave), and 
you will gain a coin.

2-5: Above the pit with the Nipper Plants in it, grab the coins. Four of them 
are red.

6&7: In the same place as Flower 1.

8&9: In the same place as Flower 2.

10-13: Right beside the alcove that holds Flower 2, there\'s another one that 
has four Red Coins in it. Grab \'em.

14&15: Pound the three stakes right after Flower 3. Two of them have Red Coins.

16&17: In the sextuplet of coins right after the three stakes.

18-20: Right near Flower 5.


1-4: Burt the Bashful\'s Fort

Type of Level: Dungeon

Enemies: Bashful Guys, Blaargs, Giant Blaargs, Piranha Plants

Synopsis: Just a short, easy introduction to dungeon levels with an easy 
miniboss as well.


1: In an alcove with two Bashful Guys in it. After two walls have fallen, 
you\'ll see it.

2: Right past Flower 1. Can\'t miss it.

3: Go down the exit pipe, and hit ? Cloud. A bridge will form. Go across, then 
use the teeter totter to get the Flower.

4. Right after grabbing Flower 3, jump up to the platform and hop as far as you 
can to the left. You\'ll see a previously un-seeable Flower upon a wooden 
platform. Grab it.

5: Go across the lava pit with the ever-impressive Giant Blaarg protecting it, 
and push the vase over the edge. A key will come out. Backtrack to the locked 
door, and go through it. Go in the next door you see, and you\'ll be in the 
first of many \'prize rooms\' that are only found in dungeon levels. Kill all 
four Piranha Plants, and grab the Flower that appears.

Red Coins:

1-3: The trifecta of coins right after the first lava pit.

4-6: The trifecta of coins right before the second lava pit.

7: The third of a trifecta of coins right after the second lava pit.

8-10: Create a bridge with the ? Cloud, then grab the coins on it.

11&12: Right above the teeter totter.

13&14: Ride the rotating platform to get these.

15-20: Over the lava pit with the Giant Blaarg in it.

M I N I B O S S:

Name: Burt The Bashful
Giant Version of: Bashful Guy
Weakness: Hit him with five eggs to win. For additional help, check out my Boss 
FAQ on the SMA3 page.


1-5: Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts
Type of Level: Platforming

Enemies: Fly Guys, Crazee Dayzees, Daisy Guys, Red Shy Guys

Synopsis: Not only is this our first platforming level, it\'s also our 
first auto-scrolling level. Yikes! But auto-scrolling means that all 
the treasures are easy to find, too. ^_^


1: Right after the first rotating platform. Right the vertical platform 
to grab it.

2: Use the manually-controlled rotating platform, move it along the 
cord, and at the end there will be a Flower.

3: After 30 seconds or so of scrolling past Flower 2, you\'ll see Flower 
3 between a vertical and horizontal platform. Grab it.

4: At the end of another manual rotating platform track, right after 
the Middle Ring.

5: After another 45 seconds or so, a Flower will appear within some 
grey dirt. Blast it with an egg to obtain it.

Red Coins:

1&2: Ride the first rotating platform to get these.

3&4: Ride the second rotating platform to get these.

5&6: On the track of the first manual rotating platform.

7: A Fly Guy is holding it right above the first manual rotating 

8-12: On the track of the second manual rotater.

13: In a cluster of five coins after the second manual rotater.

14: Also in a cluster of five coins, right above the Daisy Guy.

15: A Fly Guy is holding it.

16-20: Right before the Goal Ring, make the Donut Lifts fall to grab 


1-6: Shy Guys on Stilts

Type of Level: Regular
Enemies: Stilt Guys, Red Shy Guys, Pink Shy Guys, Green Shy Guys

Synopsis: Just another training level, as all World 1 levels are.


1: Enter the cave, and go to the spring sphere. Bounce up and to the 
right and fall down.  Then grab the Flower over the flippers.

2: Once outside of the cave, continue on until you see an alcove with 
the Flower in it. Jump on the Stilt Guys, butt-stomp the stake until 
you can go underneath, and grab the Flower.

3: Soon after you grab Flower 2, you\'ll reach another pit. Pound the 
stakes down again, and grab the Flower underneath.

4: Right after you grab Flower 3, go out of the pit and grab the 
Flower. Can\'t miss this one.

5: When you reach the cave, jump on the red platform. Right when it 
reaches its highest point, jump and Yoshi will get an extra boost, 
enough to get you to the top platform. From here, bounce an egg off the 
wall in such an angle that it hits the Flower.

Red Coins:

1: from the entrance of the level, go to the spring sphere and bounce 
up to the door. Go inside. Grab the flashing egg and hit a Shy Guy with 
it. Grab the Red Coin that emerges.

2-4: Once inside the cave, bounce on the spring sphere and grab the 
three Red Coins in the arch of coins.

5-7: When the yellow platform takes you out of the cave, keep riding it 
until it reaches the end of the track, where you can grab the three Red 

8: In the same place as Flower 2.

9&10: In the same pit as Flower 3.

11&12: Hit the ? Cloud in that very same pit, and jump on the ! Switch 
that comes out. Press down where the arrow is, and you\'ll go right 
through the ground as you would a pipe. Hit the ? Cloud in the cave, 
and jump into the morph bubble. As the mole tank, dig through the dirt 
and try to find the two Red Coins before the time runs out!

13-18: In the same place as Flower 5.

19&20: Right past the spot where Flower 5 is, hit the ? Cloud, climb up 
the vine that emerges, and grab the two Red Coins at the top.


1-7: Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy

Type of Level: Obstacle Course

Enemies: Fuzzies, Yellow Tap-taps, Grey Tap-taps, weird big-nosed
creatures, Piranha Plants

Synopsis: Our first obstacle course! Watch out for Fuzzies; Yoshi
will wander about like he\'s stoned if you touch one.


1: Just walk along until you see a Flower between two platforms.
To grab it, jump down, get it, and flutter back to safety.

2: Continue on until you see the bonus room door. Get to the
platform above it, and shoot through the dirt to get the

3: It\'s just a bit further ahead.....can\'t miss it.

4: This one is just a bit further ahead of Flower 3....can\'t miss
this one either.

5: Read above.

Red Coins:

1&2: They\'re both in flashing eggs near Flower 2. Hit the Tap-taps
with \'em to get the coins out.

3&4: In plain sight within dirt, near the flashing eggs.

5-7: Also in plain sight near Flower 3.

8&9: Right above a Piranha Plant near coins 5-7.

10&11: Right above two Marchers after Flower 4.

12: Butt-stomp the bridge in the next area to access this coin.

13-15: Butt-stomp the next bridge and collect the goods underneath.

16: Butt-stomp the last bridge.

17-20: Backtrack to the left a bit, and go on top of the grey platform.
Jump up, and a spring sphere will fall down. Bounce on it, and you will
be transported to a new area. Go to the left. See the Chomp Rock?
Sure you do. hop on the edge of it and roll it to the right. When the ?
Cloud appears, blast it, then climb up the vine. Grab the coins.
(Thanks to whoever pointed these coins out for me.)


1-8: Salvo the Slime\'s Castle

Type of Level: Dungeon

Enemies: Puffer Fish, Pink Shy Guys

Synopsis: Our final level in World 1. Just a review of your skills.


1: After the third roller, jump up the platforms on the right side,
and jump down to collect the Flower.

2: In the next room, jump on the ghost platform and grab the Flower
when you have a chance.

3. While on the ghost platform, jump over to the left passageway.
Inside, you\'ll find a flower. Grab it and continue.

4: In the room with the spiked platforms, flip both colors over,
knock over the vase in the center to get a key, then jump up.
Go to the right and grab the flower. Continue.

5: Before you go in the door, go through the flippers at the bottom
of the room and grab the final Flower.

Red Coins:

1&2: Right above the first roller at the start of the level.

3&4: Use the manual rotater to grab them.

5&6: Right above the second roller.

7-12: Right above the third roller (man, they\'re making these easy!)

13: In the same spot as Flower 1.

14&15: In the ghost platform room, go out the upper-right
passageway. Go all the way to the right until you reach the room
with two coins, a Middle Ring and a ? Cloud. The two coins are Red.
Grab \'em.

16-18: In the room with the spiked platforms, flip over both colors,
then jump on the red platform with three coins on it. Yep, they\'re

19&20: On the last red platform before the exit door.


Name: Salvo the Slime
Giant Version Of: Lemon Drop
Weakness: Eggs. Just keep throwin\' them at \'im until he dies.
For additional help, check out my Boss FAQ on the SMA3 page.


Q: Why is it taking you so long to finish this guide?

A: Because this is a very comprehensive guide, and it took me a full
day to finish World 1 alone.

Q: Why haven\'t you included the Extra and Secret levels?

A: Because they\'ll get their own section once the main guide is

Q: Why have you written diddly-squat information about the bosses/

A: Because I already have A Boss FAQ posted. (That\'s what it\'s there

Q: The Dungeon music is awesome!

A: That isn\'t a question, but yeah, it is pretty good.

Q: Why haven\'t you got 100% on all levels?

A: Well, nobody\'s perfect, I guess. You can bet that the missing
treasures in this guide will be added once I find them! ^_^

Q: Why haven\'t you included a Story section?

A: Oh, whoops! \'Hey good guys, go beat the bad guy!\' There\'s your

Q: Why don\'t you include a step-by-step walkthrough for each level?

A: Because I\'m lazy. :^/  Also, if there\'s any tricky puzzles
or whatnot, I\'ll include the solutions with one of the treasure

Q: This game is long!

A: That\'s not a question.

Q: Why is this guide so incomplete?

A: Because I\'ve been working my ass off to get it post-worthy on
GameFAQs. If you\'ve got a problem with that, go whine to your

Q: How many levels are in the game?

A: Let\'s see.....8 in each world, times six worlds, plus two bonus
levels in each world comes up to a grand total of.....60!

Q: How many different enemies are in the game?

A: I don\'t feel like counting right now. There\'s a ton, let\'s just
put it at that.

Q: Do people actually ask you these questions?

A: Nope.


E N E M Y    L I S T

Shy Guy (all colors)
Appear in levels: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-5, 1-6, 1-8
Appearance: Little red, green, yellow, or pink guys with white masks
Methods of Attack: They just walk around.....
Weaknesses: Everything

Crazee Dayzee
Appear in levels: 1-1, 1-2, 1-5
Appearance: A walking flower with a smiley face
Methods of Attack: They just walk around.....
Weaknesses: Everything

Piranha Plant
Appear in levels: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-7
Appearance: A white-on-red snapping plant that pops out of the ground 
Methods of Attack: They swallow Yoshi for a few seconds.
Weaknesses: An egg to the head

Fly Guy
Appear in levels: 1-1, 1-5
Appearance: A Shy Guy with a li\'l propeller on its head
Methods of Attack: They just float around.....
Weaknesses: Everything

Appear in levels: 1-2
Appearance: A gigantic black ball with teeth
Methods of Attack:They thunder down into the ground and pull Yoshi
with them.
Weaknesses: Nothing

Nipper Plant
Appear in levels: 1-3
Appearance: A tiny white plant that hops around
Methods of Attack: They bounce around and try to hit you.
Weaknesses: Everything

Lantern Guy
Appear in levels: 1-3
Appearance: A Shy Guy that\'s holding a lantern and has a cheesy ghost
costume on
Methods of Attack: They just walk around.....
Weaknesses: Everything

Bashful Guy
Appear in levels: 1-4
Appearance: A yellow guy with a big red nose and striped pants
Methods of attack: They bounce around trying to hit you.
Weaknesses: An egg, or a butt-stomp

Appear in Levels: 1-4
Appearance: A cool-looking red monster that pops out of the lava
Methods of Attack: They pop out of the lava occasionally.....
Weaknesses: Nothing

Giant Blaarg
Appear in levels: 1-4
Appearance: A jaw-dropping red monster that pops out of the lava
Methods of Attack: They pop out of the lava and make your jaw drop.
Weaknesses: An egg to the body

Daisy Guy
Appear in levels: 1-5
Appearance: A Shy Guy with a bouquet of flowers on its head
Methods of Attack: They just walk around.....
Weaknesses: Everything

Stilt Guy (all colors)
Appear in Levels: 1-6
Appearance: A Shy Guy on stilts
Methods of Attack: They just walk around.....
Weaknesses: A bop to the head will make them lose their stilts.

Appear in levels: 1-7
Appearance: A large white ball with whiskers
Methods of Attack: If they touch Yoshi, he becomes stoned.
Weaknesses: Eggs

Weird Big-Nosed Creature
Appear in levels: 1-7
Appearance: A striped blue creature with a big nose
Methods of Attack: They just roll around.....
Weaknesses: Everything

Tap-tap (all colors)
Appear in levels: 1-7
Appearance: A walking spike ball with a red nose
Methods of attack: They just walk around, but are spiked for
Weaknesses: Other Tap-taps bumping into them.

Puffer Fish
Appear in levels: 1-8
Appearance: A big purple fish that pops out of the water
Methods of Attack: They spew water out of their mouths
Weaknesses: Nothing


Coming soon!

V E R S I O N    H I S T O R Y

Ver. 0.2
Percent complete: 20%
Completed World 1, did some of the Archive, completed the FAQ...

Version. 0.21
Percent Complete: 20%
Added the last four Red Coins for 1-7; added Appearance for each of the
baddies. A major update will be coming soon!

L E G A L    S T U F F

This guide is copyrighted 2002 Cam Fediuk. Feel free to post this
on your website and/or use this for personal purposes, but be
warned: I will not tolerate any credit undue to me, and this guide
may not be altered, reworded or changed in any way.

~end of document~