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Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar Cheats and Tips

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We've got a collection of cheats which include the Lottery Chip codes and how to unlock the secret bosses. We've also got the Quiz answers.

More Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 31 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar please send them in here. For more Codes for Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar go to:
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar Action Replay Codes
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Codes

Lottery Chip Machine Codes

Enter the Chip shop in Central Town and press A when you are in front of the green machine on the right side of the shop. Enter one of the following codes to get the corresponding.

HP +50 Navi Cust Program:


Shinobi Dash Subchip:


Open Lock Subchip:


Untrap Subchip:








Navi Compression Codes

Highlight the indicated Navi Customizer Program when you have entered the Navi Customizer screen and then hold Right and enter any of the following codes to compress it. After it is compressed, the Navi Customizer Program will be one block small..

Unlock Secret Bosses

Complete the following tasks or have the corresponding Title Screen Icon to unlock.

Unlock Bass/Forte SP:

Collect ALL 200 Standard Chips

Unlock Gregar Beast Megaman/Rockman SP:

Get the Bass/Forte Icon

Unlock Protoman/Blues FZ:

Complete ALL 35 Requests on the Request BBS

Unlock Bass/Forte BX:

Get the Bass/Forte Icon

Unlock Gregar SP:

Collect ALL Title Screen Icons

Navi Ghosts

As you progress through the game you will face different bosses which you have to defeat to advance the story. When you defeat a Boss for the first time a secret Navi Ghost will be released onto the net of that Boss that is faster, has more HP, and deals more damage with attacks, but also drops a Navichip.


Seaside Area 1-lower blue area, southeast of BBS hidden from sight by top path.


Central Area 2-follow the diverging road to the dead end path just past the bridge.


Central Area 3-small single yellow panel opposite cybertree that leads to green area 1 that sticks out over the pit.


Green Area 2-follow normal path to the large cybertree that leads to unde..

Rare Virus Location + Virus Battlers

OK...well first to any of you who don't obtain you VirusBattlerCard(with two Viruses already uploaded):Go to Class 1-2,jack into the Blackboard, and talk with the Pinkish Punk Navi in the left corner...he'll sell you the card for a small amount.

Now for Rare Virus Locations...


1. Armadill - 100 Hp - 30 Atk - 20 Mb

Location: Green Area 2

2. BigHat - 100 Hp - 30 Atk - 30 Mb

Location: Undernet 1

3. BombCorn - 140 Hp - 30 Atk - 20 Mb

Location: JdgTree Comp 2

4. Catack - 130 Hp - 70 Atk - 30 Mb

Location: ACDC Area

5. Champy - 60 Hp - 20 Atk - 30 Mb

Location: Central Area 3

6. Cragger - 120 Hp - 50 Atk - 40 Mb

Location: JdgTree Comp 2

7. DarkMech - 180 ..

Lotto codes and some secret chips

71757977 AirWheel3 O

51702791 spoutman *(secret chip in gregar)

69544569 BambooLance *

70741543 Beat Support (Blue NCP)

24616497 BlastMan *

97049899 BlizzardBall H

28271002 Body Pack (Pink NCP)

19790420 Buster Pack (Red NCP)

94305487 Charge MAX (Blue NCP)

92070765 ChargeMan *

51378085 CircleGun V

44892547 ColonelArmy *

23722234 CountBomb3 M

38116449 DeathMatch *

32310827 DiveMan *

60884138 DrillArm M

79814666 DustMan *(secret chip in gregar)

30424514 ElecMan *

08789369 ElementWrap *

87341489 Full Energy SubChip

39345472 Full Energy SubChip

45566783 Full Energy SubChip

04789479 Get "Unlocker"

10414878 GroundMan *(secret chip in gregar)

14212857 GunDelSol3 W


Easy Zennies

If you go to the gravyard you can fight the RV versions of blastman and other www navis including colonel. If you beat them you only get 3,000 zenny but fight all six you get a total of 18,000 and you get to fight the SP version of bass again.

Lotto Codes

Enter these codes at the chip store to receive items.

71757977 Airspin3 O

51702791 AquaMan *

24616497 BlastMan *

97049899 BlizzardBall H

92070765 ChargeMan *

51378085 CircleGun V

44892547 ColonelArmy *

32310827 DiveMan *

60884138 DrillArm M

79814666 DustMan *

30424514 ElecMan *

08789369 ElementWrap *

84387543 EraseMan *

38116449 Geddon *

10414878 GroundMan *

14212857 GunDelSol3 W

12404002 HeatMan *

37889678 HP+50 NCP

69544569 Lance *

88674125 MegaBoomerang M

75641392 Recovery300 Y

23722234 TimeBomb3 M

55910601 SlashMan *

79459146 Spin Pink

77837421 SpinRed

00297421 TenguMan *

67520179 TomahawkMan *

04789479 Unlocker sub chip

59485971 Untr..

Quiz Answers

Here are the Quiz answers for MMBN6

Mr.Quiz (Cyber Academy)

1. Left Hand

2. Pickaxe

3. Catfish

4. Human

5. Yellow

Quiz Master (Aquarium)

1. 150

2. Eye

3. Personal Terminal

4. Truth

5. 4

6. Fur Seal

7. 30

8. 8

9. Seaside Area 3

10. 31st Century

Quiz King ( Green Town)

1. 10 Trees

2. C and A

3. Subchip

4. AquaSwrd

5. 12

6. 40

7. 8

8. Fanny

9. Netbattle

10. 50

11. MiniBomb

12. 30,000 Feet

13. 70

14. Diveman

15. QuizKing

That'll save people ALOT of time ;-)

All Lottery Chip Codes

87341489: Full Energy

45566783: Full Energy

39345472: Full Energy

79459146: SneakRun

15511679: SneakRun

74198795: SneakRun

59485971: Untrap

22812406: Untrap

09000465: Untrap

04789479: Unlocker

82564319: Unlocker

04789479: Unlocker

99910954: Unlocker

41161139: Unlocker

98766899: Lock Enemy

68008194: Lock Enemy

16336487: Lock Enemy

37495453: Lock Enemy

37889678: HP+50: Pink

49951337: HP+100 - White

24823665: HP+200 - White

54654618: HP+300 - Pink

08749780: HP+400 - Green

55031325: HP+500 - White

94305487: Charge MAX - Blue

12046210: Rapid MAX - Green

19790420: Buster Pack - Red

28271002: Body Pack - Pink

32132348: Rush Support - Yellow

70741543: ..

Rush Food/ Hidden walkways

There are areas in cyberspace where you can throw a bone or two to get Rush to make a pathway... Did that make sense? You go up to an area you normally can't walk on and there may be a bone symbol there. If there is than you may throw some rush food to make a new path there. Get it now? But how do you GET rush food?

Here's how: Go to Sky Town and there is a shower on the main walkway. Jack in and go to the upper right of the screen. A shady navi will sell you rush food for 3000 zenny! You can hold a max of nine.

Oh ya! And another thing... If you want to create a path and there are two bone symbols, then you need two rush food, and the same with three bones... You need three rush food.

Happy trailblazing guys! ... And gals!

Shortcut links

You can get shortcut links to the four town HPs (your HP is the central town HP) for your HP, making travelling a lot faster! Just ask the correct Mr. Prog!

How to increase your

Okay so this is how it works the higher your Busting Level the higher your chance of recieving a Battlechip. It also increases your chances of recieving "rarer" versions/codes of the chips in question. Also the lower your level the more likely you are to recieve Zenny...and with that...the 'lower" your rank the less Zenny you will recieve.

Now if you recieve 11 points or more you get an "S" Rank

Delete Time:

Virus Delete Time - points

0.00 ~ 5.00 6

5.01 ~ 12.0 5

12.01 ~ 36.0 4

36.01 ~ Up 3

Boss Delete Time - points

0.00 ~ 30.00 10

30.01 ~ 40.0 8

40.01 ~ 50.0 6

50.01 ~ Up ..

Virus Battle 5: SuperVulcan V

Alright I copied this from the forums from Zelos but I changed a little, I'm putting it here for the people who don't know how to get to forums or just don't want to go to forums for this:


1 [ ][ ][ ]

2 [ ][ ][ ]

3 [ ][ ][ ]

1) Gunner: C2 Haunted Candle: A1

2) Gunner: C1 Haunted Candle: B2

3) Heady A: A3 Haunted Candle: B1

4) Star Fish: A1 Puffy: B3

5) Erath Dragon: B2 Shrubby: A3

6) Haunted Candle: B1 Star Fish: B2

7) Puffy: A1 Star Fish: C2

8) HeadyA: anywhere Gunner: A, B, or C 3

9) Gunner: C2 Haunted Candle: A3

10) Star Fish: C1 Haunted Candle: A1

Hi If you use holypnl or whatever the other one ..

Hi If you use holypnl or whatever the other one is then use lifeaure it wiil make lifeaure stay for all attacks under 400 then 200.

How to get a Colonol Fource giga chip..

Beat bass bx in under ground 2

More Lotto Codes

To expand on Chaud's submission I have found a few I used that he didn't say.

But I just don't remember what each lotto code did, so it's just the code!








And a correction... I don't now if he was wrong or there are more ways to get SpinPink but 79459146 gave me a sneak run subchip!

Defeating Bass

To Defeat Bass for Gregar, use the EraseCross.

Hit him with a Null Chip ( non-elemental) and he will have a bug that will drain his HP. After that, unleash your full power at him.

Occasionally, you should throw in an EraseBeam( EraseCross's Buster atack)

The request bbs

Just ask me!the find keepsake request is beside the house,in the tree...

Giga chip guide for Gregor. Bass:Beat Bass in..

Giga chip guide for Gregor.

Bass:Beat Bass in the Graveyard.

Bighook:E-mail attachment upon entering Graveyard.


Colonelforce:Beat Bass BX.

Bugrsword:Sky area (100 bugfrags).

Giga chip guide Falzar.

Bassanly:Beat Bass in the Graveyard.

Metrknuk:E-mail attachment upon entering graveyard.


Hubbatc:Beat Bass BX.

Bugdthunder:Sky area (100 bugfrags).

Funny jokes with different faces

I will list two jokes with different faces(\\\\\ is to seperate the jokes)

Joke 1: joke 2:

(M=megaman, L=lan)

(M) lan,c'mon...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\(W) Boo!!

Buy a chip...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\(M) Yo Lan!!

(L) that again!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\(L)Just a second ago...

(M) buy...a...chip\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\wai...wai...wai...

A chip...with dip\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\(M) Wai? What's that mean

(L) I already told you no...\\\\\\\\\\Wai...

(M) chip! Chippy chip!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\It doesnt mean anything...

Here's a tip! Chip!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\I'm just tired...

(G.M.) buy a chip nowwwww!\(W) Exactly! You're jusy

(M) chip!! Ccchhhiippp!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\tired! By the way,

(L) Arrrrrghhh!!\\\\\\\\\..

NetBattles with Navis

If you didn't know already you first battle a Navi for the story. Next time you fight the navi it is the same navi, no SP or EX. When you beat them again you get the normal chip. Next time you battle them the will be in EX form and when you win you get the EX battlechip. The next form is SP and in order to get the SP chip you have to get a high ranking. If not you only get the normal chip. From then on you always fight the SP version... Well to my knowledge you do... You will also keep record of your fastest delete time for SP navis.


Ok so I just started say a day ago and I'm going to the trial thing for the captian guy and I just started wondering around in green area 2 and I found the big tree the judge tree if you go around it and press A in a spot it will say something about a pit

Go in to it theres to navis in it ones bass and I don't know what the other is but bass is in the pit

He has 1800 hp when I fought him I couldnt beat him bc I only have 220 hp and have no good chips I only have 1 soul thing so yea thats where bass is

Defeating Gregar

Do not use any soul other than SlashCross. Charge up the Buster attack for SlashCross and fire whenever Gregar stops to launch a GospelBreath or the electric attack

How to beat gregar easily

First you need these battle chips: Elemtrap(x2 if needed), Lifeaura(A MUST-HAVE), and any other high-damage chips. Now, the reason why I said life aura is a must-have is because gregar NEVER deals over at least 100 damage. Elemtrap is good because he uses gospel breath, which is fire element, and that elecman-type move, which is lightning type. Use elemtrap as soon as you get it, and same with lifeaura, because those are your key battle chips to win. If you have chips such as blastman or diveman, those will help as well if you time them right. And mine would work too, although I never tried it. I beat gregar with this strategy on the first try, so I know it works, although.... If you don't get lifeaura on the first turn, i'd better hope you can dodge the attacks or have a lot of health, ..

Best way to beat Slashman

First you have to install number open in your navi customizer. Then put at least three color points and three double points ( to increase your chance of getting one) and at least two super vulcans. It would also be a good idea to fill your folder with fast chips like air shot and spreader chips to counter him. When you battle him first beast out, then use a air shot or a a spreader to counter him ( he usually attacks after moving three times quickly). Then use your double points or your color points. After that use your super vulcan ( super vulcan hit ten times doing twenty damage, plus add at least 60 points for the color points. So it's hitting him 10 times doing 80 damage each. Plus if you countered him like I told you to, multiply that by two and the total damage that your going to d..

Easy $ and bug frags!!

Go to the virus battler 3 in green town. Jack into the punishment chair.. Go right.

Opening the skull marked doors in net

Wanna know how.First you must go to undernet 0.How to go there,easy first you must have 3000 zenny's and "RUSH FOOD" that can be bought in shower comp in sky town.Now go to undernet 1,you will see a bone marked panel there,go there and press A and megaman will throw a piece of rush food,you can cross now.There you will see a locked door and the navi standing there will tell you "I lost my memo with the password on it,the last place I visited is some comp in sky town",now you must head to sky town jack in to the oxygen comp,the program will tell you the password.Im telling this long because fogot the password.Now go to undernet 1,unlock the door climb the stair and buy the wwwid for 3000 zenny.Now you can open the skull marked doors for example the one in seaside area one where the bbs is..

How to get ElemTrap

You can get it at the Aster Land from the man who has a spike hair and wear a coat

protoman cross

First beat protoman 10x after beating go to underground in where did you beat megaman in cybeast if yur there go in the middle wait for 3 minutes then go back to acdc town and fight protoman again 1x then after beating talk to him he will tell you " you have learned the protoman cross know " that is for cybeast gregar and falzar


More Room on Your NaviCust

Ok first you need to have the program bugstop. Once you have that you can do almost anything on your NaviCust without getting a bug. I have programs hanging off of my NaviCust, but I don't have a bug!! Just install any program hanging off, then put in bugstop. I have ATTACKMAX, SPEEDMAX, and CHARGEMAX all hanging off. I also have HP boosters in hanging off! It is great because you can have more room in your navicust. But programs can only hang off 1 or 2 blocks without you getting a bug. Ok I hope that helped and happy playing!!

Escaape from an battle you want !!

If you saw a strong virus and you want to escape sucsessfully everytime from any battle::

JUST beat the Cybeast Gregar at the Expo site

Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar FAQs

Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar Walkthroughs