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Renowned Folder FAQ

by Asakura Yoh

Megaman Battle Network 6 Renowned Folder FAQ

     __ __                 __ __             ___        _      _    _
    |  \  \ ___  ___  ___ |  \  \ ___ ._ _  | . > ___ _| |_  _| |_ | | ___
    |     |/ ._>/ . |<_> ||     |<_> || ' | | . \<_> | | |    | |  | |/ ._>
    |_|_|_|\___.\_. |<___||_|_|_|<___||_|_| |___/<___| |_|    |_|  |_|\___.
                   _ _        _                    _     
                  | \ | ___ _| |_ _ _ _  ___  _ _ | |__  
                  |   |/ ._> | | | | | |/ . \| '_>| / /  
                  |_\_|\___. |_| |__/_/ \___/|_|  |_\_\  

                               |        |
                               | |������
                               | |______
                               | |_____ |
                               | |_____||

                        This FAQ is brought to you by

                                Jared Ramos
                               (Asakura Yoh) 

Version 1.0
June 12 2006
- Added Table of Contents
- Added Introduction
- Added Essentials of Proper Folder Construction: Redux
- Added Terminology and Tips section
- Added Folders section

July 1, 2006
- Added folders up to section V, subsection j

July 12, 2006
- Completed version 1.0 of the FAQ

Version 2.0
July 14th, 2006
- Version 2.0 Completed: Includes Fun Folder section

Version 2.5
October 19th, 2006
- Version 2.5 (Revised) Completed. Including:
 - Terminology revision
 - Cross Cancelling
 - Staples to folders
 - Revised descriptions of Judgeman, Killerman, Elementman, ElecPulse section,
defense section
 - Field Obstacle Limit added to Terminology
- Added "Liquifier" to the Fun Folder Section
- Added "Rattle Snake" to Fun Folder Section
- "Conflagration" moved to Renowned Section

Version 3.0 (Final, perhaps)
October 22nd, 2006
- Field Obstacle Limit information completed
- Revised rundown on "Einherjar's Judgment"

January 31st, 2007
- Removed "USE THIS" from the Renowned section
- Added "Endgame" to the Renowned section
- Changed The Fourth Spell to "The Fourth Spell: Custom"

March 2nd, 2007
- Added "Neurotoxin" to the Fun Folder Section; name changed to "Mercurialism"
- Added "The Tides of Battle" to the Terms and Tips section

August 26th, 2007
- Fixed Field Obstacle Limit section, Defense section, Killerman and 
ElecPulse descriptions
- Added Cataclysm Spiral to the Renowned Section
- Added Hellz Rolling to the Renowned Section
- Changed RFF to vFINAL. There can be more additions, but I think this is the
last major update!

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction  

II. The Essentials of Proper Folder Construction: Redux 

III. MMBN6 Terminology and Tips 
   IIIa. The Navi Customizer
   IIIb. Program Advances
   IIIc. Chip Order System
   IIId. Defense, expanded
   IIIe. The MB system
   IIIf. The Element System
   IIIg. The ElecPulse series
   IIIh. WhitePill
   IIIi. The Terrible Trio
   IIIj. Flashbomb
   IIIk. FstGauge and FullCust
   IIIl. ElementTrap
   IIIm. Anger mode- Taking hits to give hits
   IIIn. Pill popping, and how it's bad for you
   IIIo. Terminology
   IIIp. Cross Cancelling- A way to escape paralyzation!
   IIIq. Staples to folders
   IIIr. The Field Obstacle Limit, and obstacles in general
   IIIs. The Tides of Battle

IV. Crosses and Beast Out
   IVa. Falzar version
   IVb. Gregar version

V. Folders  

   Va. The Fourth Spell
   Vb. Einherjar's Judgment
   Vc. Hole-y Hell 
   Vd. Twisted Tantrum
   Ve. Silver Weapon
   Vf. Atlas
   Vg. Diamond Weapon: Absolute
   Vh. Mad Train Runnin'
   Vi. Siberian Sentence: Ice Breaker
   Vj. Noise Wheel
   Vk. Crossed Blades
   Vl. Searing Cold
   Vm. Seventeen Soldier Salute
   Vn. Lightning Elemental
   Vo. Conflagration
   Vp. Endgame
   Vq. Catacylsm Spiral
   Vr. Hellz Rolling

VI. Fun folder section
   VIa. Snakes on a Train
   VIb. C-SPAN
   VIc. Ruby Weapon
   VId. Spectrum
   VIe. Come Pollinate Me
   VIf. Hematite Weapon
   VIg. Shifty Eyes
   VIh. Liquifier
   VIi. Rattle Snake
   VIj. Mercurialism

VII. Navi Customizer Set Ups

VIII. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
   VIIIa. Japanese-North American name changes
   VIIIb. North American removals
   VIIIc. Supervulcan
   VIIId. Glitches in game
   VIIIe. E-readers

IX. Credits

X. Contact Info

XI. Legal Jargon


I. Introduction

Hi, and welcome to the Megaman Battle Network 6 (or Rockman EXE 6) Renowned
Folder FAQ. The MMBN series has always been a very popular game for the GBA.
But one of the most important things in the game is usually overlooked: the 
folder the player is using. Your folder is the key to your survival when 
playing the game and attempting to complete all the trials the game has to 
offer. The purpose of this FAQ is to help people learn how to build better 
folders, provide templates of tried and true folders, and to help people sate
their completionist desires!

I should leave one note, though. Most folders in this FAQ are made and 
considered with the intent of them being used in a netbattle. Anything can
defeat an in-game navi--netbattles are the true test of skill.

With this being said, we should move onto the basics of building a good 
folder, shouldn't we?


II. The Essentials of Proper Folder Construction: Redux

A. Focus/Basis
This is what deals the damage in your folder, your bread and butter. A focus
is the most important part of any folder, because without a good damage 
source, how is a folder good? To go in depth, a focus should deal moderate to
high damage, and should have multiples in the folder. That way it will appear
more often, can be used again if you miss, and can ensure your enemy's defeat.
However, since our last title, Program Advances (PAs) have been limited to 
the use of one copy per battle. As such, chip combos and crosses have become
the basis of folders.

Example: Snakes in a Snake type folder

B. Support
Of course, your focus won't always hit. This is where support comes in! 
Support chips can be any chip, whether it be offensive, defensive, or anything
that makes your focus easier to use effectively. I say this because in the 
past, and especially in MMBN6, some very odd chips can prove to be great
support. Keep an eye out and test all chips to see if there is any synergy 
with your focus!

Example: AreaGrab in a LifeSword folder

C. Defense
Usually a very important part of any folder, defense has been downgraded in
this game. It is still very important, but many of the staple defense chips
of the past have been made nigh useless this time around. After testing things
in a real netbattle situation, I find that Invis and AntiDmg in tandem work
better than either alone. If you go by a standard of four defense chips per
folder, two Invis and two AntiDmg work very well. Sadly, you cannot use Time
Freeze Counter to stop things like Judgeman/Killerman with AntiDmg- the trap
only sets once time unfreezes. However, with some further testing I'll confirm
this: if you counter something like Judgeman with Invis, you'll be Invis while
paralyzed, effectively wasting their paralyzation in most situations.

Example: Invis, Barrier series, AntiDmg, Panel Breaking

D. Speed and Fluidity
And what use would a folder have if it did tremendous damage, but took three
turns to set it up? If a folder isn't fast enough, it will be destroyed. This
is very simple to help or hinder; a folder should only have one to two codes,
and chips like FstGauge and FullCust are very useful. However, that's not the
only thing to worry about in terms of "speed". The Fluidity of a folder is 
also key. To be succinct about this, not all chip combos can be used quickly, 
even if the folder has one code and all the gauge chips. The Meteoric Hell of
yesteryear was a fluidity nightmare, as is any folder that relies on grabbing
the enemy's area more than once. Make sure your chip combos aren't deathly 
hard to use.

Example: Areagrabbing folders-- Snakes, to some extent.

E. Utility
One could say the utility of a folder is the folder's adaptability. As always,
battles are very hectic. There can be stage changing, loss of panels, Sensors
cutting off part of your area, time freezing chips, Beast Outs, and more. A
folder with all of the above might be good, but can it adapt to a variety of
situations? Or will one thing flat out destroy it? Again, this is another part
of the grand scheme of folder creation. 

Example: Airhockey/Obstacle folders. If someone focuses on destroying panels,
your strategy is completely shut out, while theirs is only becoming stronger.

F. Beast Out and Crosses
And finally, we come to the new addition to these games: the Beast Out system
and Crosses. Crosses are like the soul unison system in the previous two games
with a twist. The Crosses have more abilities than the old souls, and you do
not need to sacrifice a chip (or its space in your folder and chip selection)
to use them. They are very powerful, but with one key fault: now every cross
has a weakness. Not only are you hit for double damage if hit by the weakness
of your cross, you're knocked right out of that cross! You also can
not use Full Synch when in a Cross. So beware.

Beast Outs are another transformation. This one does require a chip slot from
when you send your five chips to Megaman, but all you have to do is click the
Beast Out button on your custom screen. There's a Beast Out specific to each
version, and each has their own abilities. However, one thing from both Beast
Outs is great no matter what: the fact that a Beast Out automatically aims the
chip you're using. Beast Outs CAN use the power of Full Synchro, so keep that
in mind. Beast Outs last three turns, however. Once those three turns are up,
you'll lose your Beast Out (and cross, if you're using a Cross Beast). When 
you leave Beast Out, you'll be in Tired Mode. You can't use Full Synch in this
mode, even if you counter. 

You can transform for one more turn, called "Beast Over". You're invincible 
during this transformation, but you don't have control over yourself. However, 
when in Beast Over mode, chip attacks have double attack power. Once 
that turn ends (which is ended the second your gauge fills, no matter what), 
you lose the transformation again, and enter "Very Tired" mode. You can't use
Crosses, your buster's power drops, and you lose HP. Do NOT let this happen,
or you're as good as deleted.

Finally, you can mix Crosses and Beast Outs to create Cross Beasts. These have
both the abilities and weaknesses of Crosses, the auto-aiming of Beast Outs, 
but one ability is the most important. By charging a null element chip, you 
can unleash a very powerful buster shot custom to each Cross Beast. These can
also support a folder.

In fact, all of these new additions support a folder. They should be taken 
into consideration when you build a new folder, as each of them has some great
abilities, but fatal flaws as well. 

III. Megaman Battle Network 6 terminology and tips

To keep this part short and sweet, there are some terms the users of these
boards and more use to make things easier to say. There are also some tips for
the new netbattler here as well. Reading through this section is highly 

IIIa. The Navi Customizer
The Navi Customizer (NC) has been here for a long time, now. Of course, it has
changed from game to game, but it has been given the biggest make over ever in
MMBN6. Of course, you have your colors-- you're allowed to have four different
colors in the customizer before you begin to have glitches. Solid programs 
must be placed ON the command line; textured programs must be placed off the
command line. Oh, and the command line is that double lined row in the middle
of your customizer. Finally, programs of the same color cannot touch. 

But the new addition is "off grid" spaces for the customizer. You can now 
place programs OFF of the memory map of the NC! That means there's an extra 5
spaces for programs on each end of the customizer. But remember, FIVE spaces.
The corners of the NC have no off grid spaces. And though this grants you more
space for programs, placing programs off the grid creates glitches. These 
glitches CAN be nulled by the one and only BugStop program, so learn to love

IIIb. Program Advances (PAs)
And PAs are still around in this game. Three or more chips that form together
to create a single, more powerful chip. Take LifeSword for example: Sword,
WideSword and LongSword would normally do 260 damage, and that's IF you hit
with all three! LifeSword, however, does 400 damage, and has a range of 2x3
panels. On the flip side, you can only use one copy of LifeSword or ANY PA in
a single battle from now on, so PAs have been relegated to mere support 
damage. However, they're still a welcome addition if they fit into your 

IIIc. Chip Order System
And as always since MMBN3, there's a chip order system. You can buy chips you
have in your library, sometimes in a code that is better for a folder! Alas,
you can no longer dump chips into the trader to have them restock in the 
order system. However, it's still something to keep in mind!

IIId. Defense in its entirety
Honestly, in this game you must look at defense in all its aspects to truly
create a good folder. Here the different forms/classifications of defense and
defense breakers will be explained.

A- Invis
Invis turns Megaman "ethereal", if you want to be technical. Thus, physical
attacks usually won't hurt him. However, a lot of chips in this game can now
go through Invis. These are called Invis Piercers. JudgeMan, KillerMan, 
Sensor, and more fall into this category. Also note that the Rush program
stops Invis users in their tracks, and paralyzes them to boot.

Invis is actually pretty good. The simplest way to get around rush is to 
select Fullcust, then Invis. Use both, when you're paralyzed, just Cross 
Cancel. =P Barriers also work well, so FirstBarrier has uses.

B- Flinch
Flinching is the three seconds of blinky invincibility granted to Megaman
after being hit with a strong attack. This IS a form of defense, but it's
basically Invis to a lesser extent. As such, any Invis Piercer can pierce 
flinching. WhitePill is a chip that turns any chip before it into a paralyzing
chip, so that can remove the threat of flinching; however, most chips in this
game cause flinching, so that's something to be wary of.

C- Barrier/Aura/AntiDmg
Barriers are okay, but hard to use. They're more or less best for TFCing one's
Killerman, because he goes through layering Invis and AntiDmg. But because
Tengu Cross knocks them away, they're basically worthless outside of TFC. Auras
fall into much the same category.

AntiDmg is a great defense. The buster no longer pops it, it has to be the 
charged buster. You can use it as a TFC against Judgeman and a lot of time 
freezing chips, specifically pesky giga chips. It even removes you from the
field for a while when you counter with it, so it's a very nice chip. Keep in
mind that cursor type chips remove traps, so they're something you want to use
and dodge at the same time. I'll note some:

Cursor: Killerman, MachGun series, CircGun, Magnum

Killerman is a hell of a chip. He'll go through Invis, AntiDmg, and almost

D- Shield/Reflect/AntiDmg Navi Cust Program
This does fall under defense, because there's a specific chip type that breaks
these. Breaking chips like Airhockey, DrillArm, and Aurahead all go through
the shields of Megaman and enemies alike. However, let me note some limits on 
the defensive NCPs.

1- They installed a lag time between uses of Left+B programs. That works the
same on Tengu Cross' wind effect, too. You have to wait one full second before
you can use the Shield/Reflect programs again. That stringing is gone.
2- They can be broken with breaking chips so metagaming is important.
3- Crosses and Beast Out NEGATE THESE PROGRAMS. Meaning once you use them, you
can't use those as defense any more. Bad, bad, bad.

Final thoughts on these:
Shield is not so bad, honestly. You only see so many of these types of attacks
in actual netbattles. It's something to think of if you play sans Cross often
enough. Note that the Boomer series and Lance go through Shield without being
breaking type chips.

AntiDmg has the same lag time and is negated by Crosses/Beasts, but it's a 
better form of defense in general. The program is unwieldy. Use at your own

If you have a Cross-less folder like The Fourth Spell, the on the spot defense
things like Shield or AntiDmg give is actually very nice. It puts some of the
rhythm of battle in your hands no matter what the circumstance. Just be wary
of using Beast Out!

E- The breakers
1- Piercers: These go through flinch/Invis.
   Examples: Judgeman, Killerman, Sensor, ElecPulse, V-Doll, GunDelSol
2- Breaking chips: These break shields
   Examples: Airhockey, DrillArm, AuraHead, Sensor, IronShell

Final thoughts on defense:

I find a mix of AntiDmg and Invis to be the most useful. If you can fit both,
it's better than one or the other. That makes it hard; an average of four
defense chips per folder means you're gonna have 2 Invis, and 2 AntiDmg. 
Depending on folder type, Shield might be useful. 

IIIe. The MB system
This is nigh the most important change to folders since MMBN3/4. Now a chip's
MB rating affects more than just its preset capacity, it affects how many can
be put into a folder! But first, let me go into the tag system.

Tag system:
Simply put, you can tag two chips. If one of the tagged chips comes up, the 
other chip will too. The combined MBs of the two tagged chips cannot exceed
60 MB, however.

Chip limit system:
1-19 MB: 5 copies of a chip in the folder
20-29 MB: 4 copies of a chip in the folder
30-39 MB: 3 copies of a chip in the folder
40-49 MB: 2 copies of a chip in the folder
50 + MB: 1 copy of the chip

This applies to all chips, even Mega Chips. This means we can now build some
stronger folders than previously allowed since MMBN4/5! Rejoice, folder fans,
because this system is not only a release from the past strangle hold, it's 
also balanced. 

IIIf. The Element System
Now that every cross has an element to it, and you can be knocked out of the
cross and hurt for twice the damage, the element system is very important. 
Some elements are very common in folders, like Swords and Elec attacks. As 
such, the crosses weak to those are at a disadvantage if they're the basis of
your folder. Here is the cycle of it:

Sword > Wind > Target > Breaking > Sword

If you don't understand that, let me explain. Sword beats Wind, Wind beats
Target, Target beats Breaking, Breaking beats Sword. The rest of the elements
should be self explanitory, but if you'd like:

Heat > Wood > Elec > Aqua > Heat

Know these well, because these will beat your crosses. And we should know how
integral crosses can be to a folder. AquaCross and TenguCross might be at a 
big disadvantage because of how common Elec and Sword type chips are in 
folders--imagine taking 800 damage from LifeSword instead of 400. Ouch? Yes.

IIIg. The ElecPulse series
We've all been in love with Elec chips and paralysis since MMBN2, since an 
enemy that can't move can't fight back. So you win easier. And in MMBN6, this
new series of chips more than delivers! Each of the ElecPulse series (1, 2, 
and 3. Wow!) has its own effect. 

ElecPulse 1: Invis Pierce, Paralysis
ElecPulse 2: Invis Pierce, stops them from flinching, fan effect
ElecPulse 3: Causes an HP bug in the opponent. VERY useful.

And they all come in J code, forming the PA DestroyPulse. 

Destroy Pulse: 400 damage, pierces Invis, flinch, blinds, causes an
HP bug in normal battle AND the Custom Screen. Note that is does NOT go through
Status Guard, and does NOT go through Shields or AntiDmg.

IIIh. WhitePill
We all hate making our opponent flinch while doing damage, don't we? That 
gives our enemy valuable time to defend themselves and set up their own
strategy. Well, this nifty little chip can stop it for some time! WhitePill
is an adaptation of Meddy Soul's paralyze pill from MMBN5. Select this chip
after any chip that has a damage rating, and the chip will paralyze the 
opponent! Imagine the things you can do when any chip you throw can paralyze
your foe. Remember that it takes up an entire chip slot for NO damage, though.
It's up to you if you want to use it, but this will show up in a LOT of 

IIIi. The Terrible Trio
Killerman, Judgeman, and Elementman come in * code from a specific job. All
of these navis have a nifty ability to them, so let's look at each one 

Elementman- This guy can use any of the four basic elements, making him useful
as a Cross crusher. Not only that, his Wood attack sets the entire stage to
grass panels. His Aqua attack sets the first three panels in front of you to
ice. His Elec attack breaks the row three panels ahead of you (so if you're in
your front column, it breaks their back column). His fire attack homes in, I 
think. Useful.

Judgeman- He pierces Invis, and does Elec damage. That's just plain useful.
Not only that, but if you've lost area, he'll create books on each panel, and
they home in to hit the enemy. Once the attack is over, it returns your lost
panels to you. Nice!

Killerman- ...This navi is just plain evil. You can control where you aim him,
making it hard to dodge him if you know what you're doing. The beam has no
range limit. He pierces Invis and flinch, and paralyzes. He breaks at times,
but does not do breaking damage through Shields, frozen opponents, or crosses.
He's what we'll call "de-facto super piercing", as Super Piercing has been
removed since EXE4 began.

IIIj. Flashbomb
This chip is a thrown attack. As such, you might not think much of it. But if
it doesn't land on anything and remains on the field for one second, it will
explode. It does minor damage, but more importantly, it pierces Invis and 
Flinch, and paralyzes. Yet another attempt at removing those pesky defenses,
my friends.

IIIk. FstGauge and FullCust
As always, FstGauge and FullCust play a huge role in battle. The soul system
of old was dependant on turns. Removing a soul faster with FstGauge/FullCust
was very helpful, or Slowgauge for keeping a soul. However, in this, it's far
more important. Why? Because the power of Beast Out far outclasses the three
turns of soul unison. You have autoaiming, a powerful charge shot, Super
Armor or Omnishoes, and a rapidfire buster. If you're using a last ditch 
Beast Over, SlowGauge leaves you in it longer. The strategy of the gauge,
and especially FullCust is changed-- you might want to hold onto FullCust if
you get it, just to use it when they finally Beast Out.

IIIl. ElementTrap
This unique chip works like the trap chips, but not exactly. Your opponent has
to use one of the four base elements (Fire, Aqua, Elec, Wood). 
It then counters by hitting your opponent with the same element, and it hits
their entire field to boot. Fire and Aqua flinch, wood does not, but Elec 
actually paralyzes! Sadly, it won't stop your damage or paralysis, but it will
stop them from taking advantage of you while you're immobile. It's an option
that might work well in any folder. Because remember, all you have to do is
dodge their attack (if possible =P). This chip is VERY useful in netbattles, as
a nice way to punish your enemy.

Fire- Flinching
Aqua- Flinching
Elec- Paralyzes
Wood- No flinch, confuses

IIIm. Anger mode- Taking hits to give hits
When Megaman is hit with a strong enough attack (300-350 damage, this needs
testing), he will enter anger mode. This makes your next attack do double
damage like full synch, but with different rules. Them being that when you 
get hit again, you don't lose anger mode, which is definitely useful. So 
sometimes it's better to take some damage, so you can return it to them two
fold! Even more strategy to think of. It can also be activated by taking 
about 5 hits without retaliating-- I wonder if taking a Vulcan2 to the face
automatically does it for us? Also note that I think it automatically happens
after being paralyzed by an attack.

Exact conditions: 
- 300 damage (very sure), 
- Being paralyzed and taking many hits while being paralyzed.

IIIn. Pill popping, and how it's bad for you
This is talking about Whitepill, folks. This nifty chip adds the effect of 
paralysis to a chip selected before it. Fun, no? It can remove flinching, and
set up for a lot of new attacks. However, it isn't God of netbattles. It won't
solve every single problem, and it's limited to three per folder. It's a good
chip, but not the end all. Don't think having Whitepill makes your folder 
great, or that it will win a netbattle for you. Always beware. Use WhitePills
at the right time, like on a Beast Out chip before using a clincher attack.

IIIo. Terminology

You might stumble across some odd terms of which you don't know the meaning.
These were made to save many of us who tested the time of typing out confusing
sentences and such. Here are the definitions.

Flinch- Flinching is when Megaman cringes and blinks invincible after an 
attack. A flinching chip causes this to happen. "Piercing" chips such as 
Judgeman and Killerman go through this. Akin to Invis.

Stun- This is the cringing part of flinching, sans the blinking invincibility
aspect. These can be useful in keeping your opponent at bay. Usually, multi
hit chips such as Airhockey, Drillarm, and Supervulcan cause this.

Paralyze- Either from Whitepill, countering, or a paralyzing type chip,
Megaman flashes yellow and is completely immobilized for two seconds.

Time Freeze Counter- When in a netbattle, you can counter time freezing chips
with your own. Press A when the screen is dim, and you'll see two 
exclamation points appear above Megaman's head. You will automatically use
your chip during the sequence of stopped time initiated by your opponent.
A good example of its use is to use Antidmg when you see your enemy using 
a navi. However, note that many chains of TFCing can be done, and the original 
chips will disappear with no effect after that. 

Example: Areagrab to counter opponent's Areagrab - He counters with Barrier -
You counter with a navi chip. Both of your Areagrabs will disappear without
being used, and your navi chip will go off before his barrier, memory serving.
Forgive me if I'm wrong.

Rows and Columns- You've probably heard of "Row locking" and "Column locking".
Well, those are confusing for everyone. Let me make a diagram of the battle
field, and explain what each is.


Now, going from left to right, you have a row. So obviously, row locking means
they can't move up or down-- they're caught in a row, so they can only move
left or right. This can be accomplished by chips like DoubleShoot, Sensor,
or obstacles.

Going from top to bottom, you have a column. Thus, column locking means they
can't move left or right; only up and down. This can only truly be done
by using Areagrab. Even if you use TripleShoot, you have to Areagrab once to
make sure you can remove the rest of their area.

Note: The columns marked with "a" can NEVER be stolen with Areagrab. If you 
want to use Color/DoublePoint, make sure you have more than one row.

IIIp. Cross Cancelling- A way to escape paralyzation!
Okay, we all hate getting paralyzed. Sure, when you get out of it, you get a 
free 2x to attacks due to Anger Mode, but it can seriously leave you hurting.
This is an important, IMPORTANT tip: going into a Cross, or changing them 
NEGATES paralysis. Meaning if you're paralyzed, and you go to the custom screen
and choose a cross, you're free to move again. Cross Cancelling (CCing) 
extends to more than just paralysis! You can CC out of being frozen, flinching,
stun, or even the middle of your own attacks (like when you stand still for
MachGun). This is a techique all competitive battlers will use, so keep it in
mind when you're using FstGauge and the like. You can even use FullCust with
Invis to CC out of a Rush.

IIIq. Staples to folders
Well, as in all games where you have to deal with randomly drawn hands, you 
have some things you want in ALL constructs. The same applies to EXE, so let's
see what some useful chips are. Some of these you should try to fit in if they
come in code, so they're "semi staple"

Killerman, Judgman, Elementman- Duh. These chips have a variety of good effects,
and are great.

ElementTrap- Honestly, even if it doesn't stop attacks, it's a viable source of
defense by punishing the enemy.

Invis and AntiDmg- good sources of defense. You always want SOME defense.

Areagrab- ...Come on, it restricts their area and increases your own. It's 
something that belongs in EVERY folder.

BubbleStar- The higher versions move fast, and the motion of it makes it hard
to dodge if used in the middle panel. It's stopped by obstacles, though. 
Anyway, the fact that it traps the enemy in a bubble is useful. If it's in code,
try it.

FullCust- Even in slow type folders, it can shorten a Beast Out. It can really
screw with an opponent's strategy, too.

ElecSword- Only if it's in code, but it does Elec damage, sword damage, and
paralyzes your opponent. That's always useful. Beast out makes this an evil

Barriers- Barrier kinda sucks, but it's useful for stopping some annoying 
attacks like Killerman or ElecPulses. Beware of wind.

IIIr. The Field Obstacle Limit, and obstacles in general

If you like to use obstacles, you might have noticed that when you put too many
on the field one of the obstacles goes poof and the new one replaces it. This is
due to the Field Obstacle Limit (FOL). That sounds odd, doesn't it? Well, it's
actually very simple. We'll say that every obstacle is worth a certain amount of
"points". There's a limit to how many points you can have- up to three. If you
exceed it, the previous obstacle is removed. It's important to keep that in 
mind if you play with Dust Cross, or an obstacle heavy folder.  The music chips 
such as Timpani are special cases as well, as they count as one point, but one 
music chip will always replace another. No more than three obstacles out at 
once-- Say, two RockCubes and on Silence. 

I'll also list chips that count as obstacles, and how many points each obstacle
is worth. I need to check with people to get all this ironed out, as this is
more of something you find out by testing a bear with me if I'm wrong.
I apologize for any incorrect listings. 

RockCube: 1 Point. 200 HP.
Airwheel: 1 Point. 200 (?) HP
Music chips: 1 Point. 60 HP. 
Timebomb: 2 Points (?) 60 HP
AirRaid1/2/3: 2 Points (?) 40/50/60 HP
Flashbomb: 1 Point (?) 10/50/70 HP
Sensor: 2 Points (?) 30 HP. 
Blackbomb: 2 Points (?) 90 HP
LilBoiler: 3 Points, no HP limit
Wind/Fan: 1 Point, 60 HP
VDoll: 2 Points, one hit limit
Guardian: 10 HP, 2 Points.
Anubis: 2 Points
Poison Pharaoh: 3 Points

BODY GUARD: 2 Points, no HP 
Oddly enough, BodyGuard counts as an obstacle! While the Shurikens are being 
thrown, if you place something like Sensor, the Shurikens stop falling. Thus it
is assumed Bodyguard counts as a 2 point obstacle throwing the shurikens. I 
tested with RockCube, which didn't stop the shurikens. 

Big thanks to Mercury Wing and xxSniperxx, and especially megarockexe for all
this information. You're amazing, rock.

IIIs. The Tides of Battle

Alright, as cliche as it is, battles have tides. How well you know the system,
your folder, and your own skill decides how it flows. Of course, there's luck
involved, but no one can control that. So let's forget about that. These are all
things to keep in mind when in a Netbattle. This kinda summarizes the things
I've said above, but more in depth and practical. Have fun, and thanks for

Field control- This entails both Areagrabbing, and the panel type. You want to 
control the field, because the ground you walk on influences everything. 
Grabbing their field gives you more area to run around and dodge in, makes most
attacks hit more often, and makes it harder for them to dodge. The panel type
is also important- Ice Stage seriously messes with their capability to dodge 
and move the way they want; allowing you to freeze them if your folder relies 
on it, or actually use thrown attacks the right way. Also note that panel 
BREAKING is a great way to defend yourself and mess with your opponent. Sensor 
too, though it was seriously toned down. On the topic of Field Control, make 
sure you know what chips can give you any degree of field control. The Dragon 
series in particular help; ElecDragon removes ice panels, which can be 
beneficial to dodging. Other dragons set their corresponding panel type, save 
Heat memory serving. ElementMan is also something to consider, especially if 
you're using an E-coded folder. The grass stage set can ruin your opponent's 
strategies; no ice on your field, but holes do remain. That might be shooting
yourself in the foot with Tornado folders, but this is more along the lines of
metagaming once you've fought a particular folder a few times. Also note that
wood chips remove Coming/Going Road. They seem to have the elec element. 
Thanks, RPGs rock and Megarock EXE!

Simply put, the one who controls the field controls the battle. MeteoKnuckle,
Meteors, ColonelForce and more are all supported by it.

Time Freeze Counter- Time freeze chips are nice, but they have a drawback. Time
freezing can be countered by other time freezing chips. Areagrab? AREAGRAB! 
Or any number of things. Keep in mind that chains of countering do happen, and 
if you keep using those chips, the original chip you counter with is used with 
no effect. Not that the person who activates the counter gets to use their chip
first, so countering a Time Freeze chip with Barrier can do a world of good.
As I've seen from my testing, countering with an AntiDmg doesn't work, as the
"????" of AntiDmg doesn't set until after time unfreezes, but it's open for
more testing.

Anger Mode- Most powerful attacks will leave your opponent angered, which can
REALLY screw you over. Lifesword? Anger. Powerwave ( never know)? 
Anger. But it has to be ONE hit. Multiple hits that add up to a lot of damage, 
even in time freeze won't do it. But those are iffy. Also note that if a 
Cross' elemental weakness buffs the damage to >300, it's not going to give 
you Anger. This also leads to...

Crosses- Of course, they support your folder, and make normal Megaman more 
powerful. But these negate many things. First and foremost, emotions. No anger,
no full synch, anything. Shield, AntiDmg? Can't be used. You MIGHT just be hit
for double damage, as every cross has a weakness. You can't leave the cross
once you're in it, you can only swtich to another cross. The only possibility
is Beast Out, but that leaves you with a glaring weakness. Switching crosses 
DOES remove paralyzation through Cross Cancelling. Be smart about that, 
though! You can FORCE them to Cross Cancel because people do NOT want to be 
caught in paralysis/bubbles. This gives them an elemental weakness, and 
removes the power of emotions; full synch and anger are both out the window. 
But speaking of Beast Out...

Beast Out- Its auto aiming is amazing. A little stupid sometimes, but for the
most part, you can rely on it. The special effects are also nice. Falzar's 
Omnishoes is absolutely amazing, and Gregar's SuperArmor is nice if you don't
want to waste NC space on it. The damage boost for null chips is also nice for
things like SuperVulcan or ColonelForce. The problem is that once you use it,
you have three turns to kick your opponent's ass. Which can really be screwed
over by FstGauge, and your opponent might have a FullCust waiting for the very
second you Beast Out. Beast Over is also nice in a pinch, if you somehow go to
the custom screen as an attack goes off. That happens a lot. Just realize, it 
leaves you SUPREMELY weak after it wears off. You'll reach 1 HP in seconds. 
And something I hadn't noticed before is that attack chips will have their 
damage doubled in Beast Over. Nice.

But speaking of custom screen counter...let's call it that!

Custom Screen Counter- Well, this is a new idea, but it's great. Let's talk
psychology for a second. Most people mash L/R the second the gauge fills. And
most people also try to squeeze off on last attack before the gauge fills. Now,
2+2=4, meaning that most of the time, the screen freezes with Megaman preparing
to attack, or one flying. This allows you time to prepare what you're going to
do, because you know what's coming. Press Select, see what's going on, then
set everything up. Hold a directional button so you can move the second the 
turn begins. Cross countering can be done too. This is a very powerful tool.

On this subject, take things like paralysis and BubbleStar into account. Try to
let the Bubble/Paralysis last as long as possible before letting another attack
go off, so the custom gauge fills more. That way, YOU control the rhythm of
battle. They'll be worrying about being caught in the bubble or paralysis, all
while you plan things to go your way.

Play the gauge- Gauge chips exist for a reason, folks. FstGauge
is usually your best bet, but this is because most folders are very direct and
you want to attack your enemy faster. FstGauge has a ton of synergy-- turns
come faster, so you have more access to chips to attack with. This also lets 
you defend faster, too. But don't throw FstGauge into every folder! Some folders
actually benefit from a slower turn. If you run a poison folder, this is the
most obvious case. However, SloGauge also makes Invis a lot less worth while.
The turn won't even be half over by the time Invis wears off! But note that 
even in a SloGauge folder, FullCust is still as useful as ever; it can slay
the beast, allow you to finish off an opponent once he's worn down, and still
lets YOU set the pace. 

FstGauge users actually tend to burn through their folder very quickly. This
isn't just because they have more turns-- they actually tend to throw chips
away because the turn ends before you can use them all. SloGauge allows the 
time to do what you please. But note that when coming down to the metagame that
someone might even wait for you to use SloGauge to counter it with FstGauge; 
better a NormGauge than a pace you like to work with. So try packing two if 
the folder allows it. Take flinching, time freezing attacks, and anything that
can waste time into account when deciding the pace you like.

Thrown attacks- Thrown things, such as Seeds, Bombs, and whatever all take a LOT
of time to land. Train yourself to react to that by moving under it the very
second you see Megaman rear back to toss something. Taking a little damage to
stop whatever they're chucking is better, because you're interrupting their
strategy. Also note that Seeds can not be stepped under if your opponent is
flinching. You might want to force flinching to toss an IceSeed. You also have
about a second (maybe half of one) to attack while the object is flying, like
Blackbomb with a FireBurn. Thrown attacks are hard to rely on, and require a lot
of setup. Keep that in mind.

Chaining- As simple as it might seem, some people don't get it. You want to
chain your chips so that more attacks connect, my friend. Too often do I see
people planning their attacks to be Killerman-Judgeman-(Atk Chip), when it 
should be Killerman-(Atk chip)-Judgeman. That way if the attack chip flinches,
you'll be able to knock them out of it and keep more attacks coming. This can
be fused with forcing a Cross Cancel and playing mind games using the custom
gauge as well.

Attack Priority- This is kinda of adapted from SSBM's view on it. Priority 
means which attack will be victorious if both are launched at the same time.
Though that's not going to happen a lot, you want attacks with strong priority
nonetheless. Swords are fast, but limited in range. Thrown attacks have 
HORRIBLE priority, and leave you open. Things like Spreader are quick, as they
launch quick, travel over a panel in .02 of a second, and are distanced. 
DollThunder is laggier than Spreader types, as the Doll opens. Tornado comes out
as fast as Spreader types, but in its restricted range. BubbleStar 2 and 3
move very fast, and in that parabolic motion. As such, launching it in the 
middle row means it'll be hell to dodge, especially if you put some holes into
their field. Dragon chips, while limited to two copies, have great priority as
they begin in the column of your enemy and travel back one. You just summon 
them and they do their magic. I'm sure you get the gist of it by now; think of
the priority of the chips you use in your folder.

Bugstop and the NC- Most people pack the NC with as much as possible. That means
they're using Bugstop. But remember, Static is good, and the emotion glitch can
be a great asset. You also want the NC to support your folder, as Airshoes works
well for folders like Hole-y Hell. SuperArmor is also staple, since you don't
want to be caught in one place for too long. HP+ can be done, so long as it's
PART of your NC, not the entire damn thing. Buster+ is recommended if you have
some spare space, because you never know when the buster might save your rear

On the topic of good glitches, the warp step glitch can actually be very good!
It makes it like you have a constant IceStage, without even touching the center
row/column. This makes dodging BubbleStar easy, and other attacks as well. It
comes at the cost of precise maneuvering to aim your own attacks, but it's yet
another thing to keep in mind. This also entirely stops your ability to step
under thrown attacks, which can be deadly.

More to come? Maybe. Depends on if I get struck with a random stroke of genius.
If you see me stark naked and dripping wet screaming "Eureka!", then expect an
update! ...That, or I just finished a requisition from a king. =P


IV. Crosses and Beast out

For quicker reference, the abilities of the Crosses and Beast Out of each game
will be listed. Credit goes to Zidanet129 for all of the info, so make sure to
thank him. =P The cross beast listing under each Cross describes the charge 
shot you have when you use Beast Out and a Cross. Also note that you can not
use FUll Synch while in a cross, but you can while in Beast Out alone.

  IVa. Falzar

   Aqua Cross- The first cross of Falzar version, it's like the Aqua Soul of
old. Though it's not horrible like MMBN4's Aqua soul! Aqua Cross has a 
lightning quick Bubbler charge shot that hits the panel behind whatever is 
struck. It does 20 damage at Attack level 1, and +10 for each level higher. It
charges aqua chips for double damage, and fast as well. When used, aqua chips
heal you for 5% HP. You also won't slip on ice. Beware, elec attacks are VERY
common, and thus this cross is dangerous. Remember, you can NEVER charge time
freezing chips.

Cross beast: Launches Aqua Spiral, a water tornado hitting two panels ahead
              for 10+(10xAttack) non-flinching Aqua damage up to 5 times.

   Tengu Cross- This is one very nice, as wind has always been powerful. You 
have Airshoes, so you can walk over holes. It adds 10 damage to any wind chip
that doesn't freeze time. If you press Left + B, a fan effect brings the 
enemy to the front row, and if they're using a barrier/aura, that is blown
away. The charge buster, Tengu Racket, blows enemies to the back row. It does
40 damage to start with, and 20 wind damage for each higher buster level. 
Beware, Lifesword comes in * code in this game, and Slash Cross is common. 
This cross is powerful, but also very risky. 

Cross beast: Launches Tengu Storm, firing a tornado that hits two panels
               ahead of Rockman plus a WideSword range one panel following,
               dealing 30+(20xAttack) non-flinching Wind damage. Three hits for
               enemies caught in the WideSword-ranged area.

   Tomahawk Cross- I wish they'd have picked a new wood navi, but ah well. 
This cross can charge wood chips to do double damage, so long as they don't
freeze time. You can't be affected by negative status effects, like paralysis
and confusion. Your charge shot is the Tomahawk Swing, which is a slow swung
2x3 attack. It does 40 damage to start with, and 20 more for each higher level
and is wood element. Fire attacks will blast you out of this cross, but fire 
folders aren't very common. The worst you might have to watch out for is that
pesky Elementman *.

Cross beast: Launches Wing Boomerang, firing two Boomerangs that start
                  from the top and bottom and circles enemy's back area before
                  returning, dealing  50+(20xAttack) non-flinching Wood damage
                  to anything in the way.

   Ground Cross- Breaking chips that don't freeze time gain a +10 attack bonus
as well as Megaman automatically having SuperArmor equipped. Landing a hit 
with a breaking chip will cause up to three rocks to fall into the enemy area.
The charge shot turns into the Ground Drill, which starts off with 10 damage,
and does 10 more breaking damage for every higher buster level. It works like
DrillArm, so it hits multiple times. Weak against Cursor type attacks like
Killerman, so beware.

Cross beast :Launches Drill Drive, with Rockman charging ahead with a
                DrillArm, in green-glow INVINCIBILITY, hitting each panel a
                head of him with two hits of 90+(20xAttack) Breaking damage.

   Dust Cross- This cross is...wierd, to say the least. You can 'recycle' up
to five chips on the custom screen for new chips to use once per battle. You
can press Left + B to suck up any objects on screen, and shoot them with your
buster for 200 damage. The charge shot is Scrap Reborn, which does 50 damage
to start with, and 10 more for each buster level. It does breaking damage. 
Also weak against Cursor type attacks. This cross is hard to use unless you
build a folder around it.

Cross beast: Launches Dust Shooting, with Rockman flying into the air and
              raining 6 Scraps randonly into the enemy, dealing 80+(20xAttack)
              Breaking damage each and cracks Panels that got hit.

   Falzar- Falzar version's Beast Out is a very supportive transformation. 
Since you have a large set of wings, you obviously fly with the power of
Omnishoes-- that's right, holes and panel types have no effect on you. The
Feather Shoot is used while you hold B, which fires to the end of the row
Megaman is in, and two panels ahead in each other row above and below. It does
the damage as your buster rating, of course. Falzar Claw does two swipes in a
Widesword range that do 50 damage + 10 for each buster level. However, you 
MUST charge an elementless chip with A to use it, like every Beast charge 
buster. Elementless chips gain a +30 bonus. And like both Beasts, you auto
target which ever enemy has the cursor on them. Megaman will quickly go up to
the enemy and use the chip.

  IVb. Gregar

   Heat Cross- Mr. Match is back, what a surprise. Fire chips gain a +50 bonus
while in this cross, and the buster gains an automatic +1 to attack. The
charge buster is Fire Arm as always, which fires a flamethrower three panels
ahead, doing 30 damage at first and +20 for each buster level. Weak against
Aqua attacks, but they're not very prevalent just yet.

Cross beast- Launches Great Fire, spitting out fire on the panel directly
              ahead of Rockman and then a DreamSword range following it (so up
              to 7 panels) for 50+(30xAttack) Fire damage.

   Slash Cross- Ho ho, a nice cross! Sword chips gain +50 attack while in 
this cross. You can charge sword chips to fire a sonic boom to the end of the
enemy area, but they don't get the +50 bonus. Using a sword chip gives the 
charge shot, Wide Slash, +50 damage once per battle. It deals 60 damage at 
first, with +20 for each buster level in a range of up to two panels ahead.
Weak aaginst breaking chips, this cross is equal in its risks and benefits.

Cross beast- Launches Slash-X, executing a
               CrossSlash that does 50+(30xAttack) Sword damage (2x if the
               enemy is right in front of Rockman) to the locked-on enemy. If
               the enemy is not on Rockman's row, Rockman will only move enough 
               so the edge of the X would hit the enemy.

   Elec Cross- Cheese! Er...sorry, I love paralysis. =P This cross gives elec
chips +50 to attack, but more importantly...if you charge elementless chips,
they paralyze too! The charge buster is now Thunder Bolt, which strikes a 
whole row in front of you for 40 damage, with +20 for each buster level. Weak
against wood attacks, this cross' benefits far outweigh its risks.

Cross beast- Launches Big Thunder, spitting out lightning in the same range as
              Great Fire, dealing 40+(30xAttack) Elec damage

   Erase Cross- This was called Killer Cross in Japanese, which is just a much
better name. Getting to the effects, this Cursor type cross gives Cursor type
chips +30 to attack. Viruses with a 4 in their HP automatically die, and navis
with 4 in their HP are given an HP bug when struck with elementless chips. 
This is because the Japanese word for four also means death, and this is a 
little play on words. The charge shot becomes Killer Death Beam, which does
40 damage with +20 NORMAL damage for every buster level. It also pierces 
through enemies. Weak against Wind, this cross' benefits somewhat outweigh
its risks.

Cross beast- Launches Killer Tail Arrow, dropping a Killer Arrow on the
                locked enemy, dealing 70+(30xAttack) Cursor damage and causing
                Bugs to the enemy if it survived the arrow.

   Charge Cross- Choo choo? Another fire cross, you can charge heat chips for
up to 100 more damage. The longer the charge is held, the higher damage it 
will do-- it charges very slowly, though. With every passing turn, another
chip can be selected in the custom window. The charge buster becomes Charge
Tackle, which has Megaman dash three panels ahead. This does 30 damage at
first, with +20 fire damage for each buster level. Weak against aqua.

Cross beast- Launches Charge Bite, with a growl that stuns all enemies, then
                fires a Greiga face into the locked-on enemy, dealing
                70+(30xAttack) Fire Damage.

   Gregar- This heavy duty beast has armor, granting Megaman Super Armor while
in this form. Both Beasts give +30 to elementless chips, and Gregar Claw is
almost the same as Falzar Claw (2  swipes of 50+(10xattack) damage). 
However, this does a Longsword then Widesword range attack.The buster fires 
the Gregar Vulcan, which fires at a VERY fast rate dealing your attack rating.
Like Falzar, it has the autotarget. Refer to Falzar if you don't know what it

V. Folders

This is the main purpose of the FAQ, no? In this section, we'll list the 
contents of many folders, and run down how they're used. Some folders are made
to win without regard towards fairness, and some are made just for fun. 
Whatever you're here for, I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at all the ideas users
have created!

Va. The Fourth Spell: Custom
3 Bubblestar2 V
3 DollThunder3 V
3 Areagrab * (Tag 1)
3 Whitepill *
2 FireBurn *
2 Elecdragon V
2 SummonBlack2 V
2 Invis
2 AntiDmg * (Pre)
1 MachGun1 *
1 FullCust * (Tag 2)
1 Atk+30 *
1 Killerman *
1 Judgeman *
1 ElementMan *
1 Supervulcan V
1 CrossDivide D
Cross: None, Beast Out

Before I go on, much thanks to Sniper. He and I debated on this customization 
a lot, and it couldn�t have been done without him.

Alright, this is a tweaked version of my TFS. As always, it packs quite a
 bit of damage in its combos. BubbleStar2 + DollThunder3 stack to do 420 
damage. Flinching had always been a problem with that combo and things like 
ElecDragon, so that�s why I added another Whitepill�while it doesn�t solve 
everything, it sure helps. Here�s part of the beauty of this folder, though. 
It forces a lot of Cross Canceling in practice. WhitePill, BubbleStar, the 
paralyzing navis�they all force the opponent to cycle through their crosses 
more often than not. Some people might even use a Cross Cancel to escape 
flinching. And in this folder, we have a lot of elements. Fire, Aqua, Elec, 
Cursor, Sword (to a little extent, unless you�re fighting a Tengu user, and 
thus use SummonBlack). ElementMan and Killerman add one Wood/Breaking attack 
in, but that�s not worth a lot in the grand scheme. All in all, this folder 
forces a lot of Cross Cancels, and then also breaks crosses quite efficiently. 

Not only that, MachGun can remove traps quite easily, but due to its lack of 
accuracy and leaving you open, we have MachGun and Killerman for that. Traps 
can be sprung with a simple Areagrab anyways. FireBurn is usually used in 
tandem with Beast Out (or panel breaking from other means) to knock out 
Tomahawk Cross, or attempt a decent rowlock. Without a need for crosses on 
your side, you can just use them defensively if you ever need to. Without 
them, though, we can use fun programs like Shield or AntiDmg, which are very 
nice. We even have things like Anger Mode or a potential full synch. I don�t 
usually use FstGauge, because I tend to let my opponent use it. If they don�t 
want to, it�s no problem for me. The turn lasting longer only makes my panel 
breaking strategy a tad less ineffective, but also lets their defense wear off.
With that, I either preset AntiDmg, Invis, or you can preset whatever you�d 
like. Toss in the two clinchers we have with CrossDivide and SuperVulcan, and 
we have a very potent folder. The SummonBlacks can waste their defenses in 
order to help other attacks hit, too. This works great against Falzar, as it 
can crush every cross the game has.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
We need a new one!

- Good damage stemming from attacks that come from many directions. This allows 
you to attack in many different situations.
- Panel Breaking, along with the defensive chips gives this folder quite a bit 
of defense.
- Lots of different elements, making it adaptable.
- Mind games, anyone?
- No need for crosses means you can use emotions, defense NC programs, and lack 
of weaknesses to your advantage.
- This folder can use chaining to its advantage, but doesn�t need it. Think of 
something like BubbleStar, MachGun while it flies (removing a trap, and 
keeping them still providing no Invis/SuperArmor), DollThunder+WhitePill, 
BubbleStar. That�s an optimal scenario, but I�m trying to open people�s
minds to other kinds of chip combos.

- Flinching
- Someone with AirShoes disrupts a lot of this folder�s premise. Same goes for 
Tengu, though that�s a big risk for them with CrossDivide.
- Not enough multiples on some chips (ElecDragon, FireBurn, MachGun), making 
a NC that uses ChipShuffle better suited for this folder. And that negates 
things like Beat and HP boosting.
- The clinchers have a decent chance of missing. You almost NEED a rowlock 
with SuperVulcan, even with a WhitePill. TFC can potentially stop 
CrossDivide, and with all the BodyGuard spamming, Antidmg and AntiSword 
make things annoying. 
- StatusGuard can also be a huge pain.

Vb. Einherjar's Judgment
3 ElecPulse1 J
3 ElecPulse2 J
2 ElecPulse3 J
2 Sword *
2 WideSword *
2 LongSword *
3 KillerSensor1 J
1 JusticeOne J
4 AreaGrab *
1 Fastgauge * (Preset)
2 Recover300 J
1 Judgeman J
1 JudgemanEX J
1 JudgemanSP J
1 Killerman *
1 CrossDivide D/Bass F
Crosses: Elec, Slash, None

Well, this folder needs a new rundown. The main intent here is to string 
all the paralyzing chips we have to create a constant chain of death. With the
entire Judgeman series, Killerman, the Pulse series and Sensor, it seems like
this folder has paralysis set. But alas, there's no such thing as a perfect
folder, and this is no exception. The best ways of actually paralyzing someone
are Judgeman/Killerman. Considering you have only four of those in your folder,
it's not something to highly depend on. Not even with an eight chip draw 
bolstered by Search Shuffle. Next up we have Areagrab + ElecPulse1. That's two
chips, and the pulse can be dodged. Worse yet, AntiDmg is NOT broken by any
Pulse chip. Only Killerman can do something about it, and we have one of him.
The folder is a good folder, and when played well, can be pretty devastating.
However, against an experienced opponent who makes the best use out of things
like Time Freeze Counter and Cross Cancelling, you're going to have a lot of 
trouble. Personally speaking, I'd also nix the Lifesword. Waiting on two PAs is
just annoying. JusticeOne is a fun chip, but if not hit by the fist itself, the
surrounding explosion only does 100 damage. The panel breaking is the desired
effect, though. Sensor by itself doesn't restrict area too well because of the 
lag time installed since EXE3-- its eye opens after it's set, and THEN it will 
shoot. In that time, it's very easy to dodge it (by holding up, as always) and 
then hit it with a wide attack. Without a string, Sensor isn't too good. 
Even then, the rest of the folder's damage per turn is kinda...lacking, because 
more often than not you'll have to restart the chain.

Note: It's best to list the optimal set up to go for. Start off with Judgeman or
Killerman. Follow up by laying a Sensor. Continue with your pulses, preferrably
using one of your 2/3s while they're paralyzed by Sensor, followed up by an
Elecpulse1. Then try to assemble the Destroy Pulse PA. On your next turn, your
opponent will NOT be paralyzed if they know what they're doing, so Judgeman or
Killerman will be needed again. But by this time you SHOULD be able to finish 
them off if you have a clincher stored for the right time.

- The chain starts fast
- The pulses have such nifty effects! 1 Paralyzes, 2 sucks them in like Fan and
removes flinch/Invis, and 3 gives an HP bug.
- Quite fluid

- Sensor's lag is terrible. It's nothing like it was in EXE3
- Even though Judge/Killerman are great, the time freezing is also a double
edged sword. Not only is there TFC, bad timing will screw you
- Very dependant on a certain flow of chips
- Cross Cancelling and AntiDmg. 'nuff said

Vc. Hole-y Hell!
5 TripleShoot *
2 SummonBlack 2 H 
3 MachineSword H
3 Snake H
1 HeatmanSP H
1 HakushakuSP H/HeatmanSP H or Elementman * for North American Players
1 Killerman *
1 Judgeman *
1 GiantHook H
3 WhitePill * 
4 AreaGrab *
3 Barrier100 H
1 Attack+30 *
1 FastGuage * (Preset)
Cross: Elec

Synergy galore, folks. With five TripleShoot * in the folder, we can see that
removing panels is the main point of this folder. What's more, you can charge
it with Elec Cross, making it paralyze. That leaves open many attack 
opportunities: the hole in front of Megaman allows him to use SummonBlack, a 
nice 200 damage chip. WhitePill or Elec Cross's paralyzation allows for
MachineSword to be used-- so long as an enemy is paralyzed, it will hit for
another 200 damage. All of these things can be chained into one another; once
all of those things are said and done, you can let loose with Snakes for even
more pain. The two piecers of the Terrible Trio are there, along with the 
great defense of Barrier 100! And finally, even more synergy comes in with
defense--all those panels being removed makes it hard for them to maneuver.

Update: ...I'd change this revision if I really thought it needed it. This 
folder focuses on panel removal, one of THE best strategies in this game. It
has nice defense, sets up its means of attack quite well, and the chips are all
quite strong. There's some dependance on WhitePill, which I don't like. Not to
mention that AreaGrabbing is NEEDED; even though you can TripleShoot, move onto
the panels you shot and grab again thanks to AirShoes, TFC wars still screw you
up. Just keep some things in mind and you'll be fine.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Hole-y Hell is the perfect example of what a synergetic folder is.  This
folder may flow as well as any other folder EXE6 has to offer.  With Shoot
chips setting up virtually every attack in this folder, and with it being
in abundance, you'll be laying out damage on the opponent in no time.  This
folder was built for the Japanese version, the reason why HakushakuSP was
put in.  But HeatmanSP or Elementman will suffice enough, and also help you
against TomahawkCross users who try to take advantage of you being in Elec
Cross.  Defense is great with the Barrier100's and there's plenty of damage
to be given out.

- Synergy gold mine
- Many means of attack, all unlocked by a single chip which you have many
multiples of
- Versatile, with all the attack types. Invis pierce, breaking, paralyzation,
and more! Heatman also takes care of pesky Tomahawk users
- Fast. All those chains will destroy an opponent
- Has good defense. Go go TriplShoot!

- Dependent on chaining paralysis
- Without the chains, these are one shot chips with moderate damage
- The above is only worsened by Cross Cancelling

Vd. Twisted Tantrum
5 Tornado T 
4 AirWheel2 T 
3 AirWheel3 T 
3 Flashbomb1 * (Tag 1) 
3 AreaGrab * 
1 FullCustom * 
3 Invis * 
3 WhitePill * (Tag 2) 
1 Elementman * (Preset) 
1 Judgeman * 
1 Killerman * 
1 TomohawkmanSP T 
1 TengumanSP T 
Crosses: Tengu

Yet another Tornado folder. As it has in the last few games, under the right
conditions, Tornado can become one monster of a chip. WhitePill now makes 
hitting with this one panel attack chip much easier, but that's only part of
the madness. First of all, Tengu Cross has the nifty ability of sucking the
enemy to the front row when you press Left + B. Then you can use your preset
Elementman's elec attack in your front row, which breaks their back row. Then
Airwheel or Tornado can be used even easier! Beast Out auto-aims Tornado, 
which is given +10 by Tengu, and can be doubled if you use Elementman's wood
type attack to do 480 damage. That's a lot of damage from just a few chips. 
And it all works together with AirWheel; when Airwheel is hit by a Tornado, it
spins EIGHT more times! That's a lot of damage, really. It can do 660-720 
damage under the right circumstances. However, Beast Out negates the Tornado +
Airwheel combo, since you'll automatically aim for the opponent Megaman.
Behold, the power of aero.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Tornado folders in past EXE games have been criticized for their lack of 
accuracy.  In EXE6, however, we were introduced the auto-targetting power of
Beast Outs.  By using Tornados in Beast Out, the Tornado WILL hit, and if a 
WhitePill is tacked on, the opponent will take all the damage.  That is the
main idea of Twisted Tantrum.  Elementman is interestingly preset to help the
AirWheels in the folder hit much easier, an ingenius idea on the folder
builder's part.  The combos work together very nicely, but the downfall may
come with the setting up the combos themeselves.

- Both combos support one another
- High damage from either combo
- Good aiming with Beast Out and WhitePill, and supported by Tengu Cross' fan

- Still not easy to hit with
- Dependant on paralyzation
- Not the easiest folder to use
- Very dependent on getting the right setup early

Ve. Silver Weapon
3 ElecSword K
4 VarSword K (Tag 1)
3 KillerSensor3 K
1 Barrier200 K
3 FlashBomb2 K
4 AreaGrab *
1 FullCustom *
3 Invis *
3 Whitepill * (Tag 2)
1 Killerman K/*
1 Judgeman *
1 Elementman * (Preset)
1 KillermanEX K
1 KillermanSP K
Cross: Slash

And we thought the power of swords was downgraded in this game. This Slash 
Cross folder doesn't even use the Lifesword components, which might seem a bit
strange at first. Sensor3 K is great, because it will keep them in one row for
a bit, enabling you to use Slash Cross' sword wave ability very well. VarSword
can be charged to a wave and then use the button combo for Widesword as well,
merely by charging with A, releasing, then hitting A and inputting the combo
very quickly. ElecSword paralyzes, amazingly enough, making it GREAT for this
folder. Flashbomb of course removes Invis/flinching and keeps them still as
always, and so forth. The only qualm I have here is the defense chip, but
this is an 'in-game' idea. If you want, remove it for AntiDmg or whatever 
floats your boat. All in all, this folder takes advantage of Slash Cross very
well. And don't forget about Beast Out; mix Slash Cross with it, and you'll go
up to the enemy's face and slash, still keeping the +50 damage! Finally, 
it has a lot of defense piercing with all the Killerman (Eraseman) chips, and 
Judgeman to boot. Sword lovers rejoice!

Note: Chips that don't have the sword element in their picture will NOT get
the +50 bonus. This means elemental swords, Machinesword, and so forth will
do their normal damage.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Silver Weapon tries to make use of the abilities of SlashCross, and it succeeds
rather nicely.  Using Killerman and other paralyzing chips to hold the opponent
down, Swords will be easy to hit with.  Flinching isn't a problem, as Killerman
and FlashBombs both pierce the opponent and paralyze.  The synergy in the 
folder is incredible, but the defense is lacking.  If an opponent gets his
strategy moving before yours, then you might be in trouble.

- Lots of powerful chips
- Low flinching
- High synergy
- Elecsword just owns. >_>

- The attacks are separate, but that's not always a bad thing
- Hard to use effectively all the time
- Defense?
- Sensor's lag. LAAAAG.

Vf. Atlas
3 Yo-Yo * / MagCoil * ~
3 ElecSword N
3 Sensor2 N
3 BlizzardBall N
1 NeoVariable N
1 AssassinSword N
1 NumberBall N
1 FastGauge * [Preset]
3 IceSeed *
2 Invisible *
2 AntiDamage *
1 ColorPoint * ~
1 DoublePoint * ~
1 AquaMan * (You might want to sacrifice a Sensor for another of these)
1 KillerMan *
1 JudgeMan *
1 ElementMan *
1 (Whatever you want, perhaps ElementTrap)
Cross: Tengu

I've heard so many complaints about this folder. It looks odd, I give you that.
But that doesn't mean it sucks, people. The main point here is to use the 
Vertical SensorSlide combo. Just toss an IceSeed (set it up through the usual
methods), set a Sensor, and use MagCoil when they're on either their top or 
bottom row. This will make them move up and down, all the while hitting Sensor's
beam multiple times. Note that if you try to freeze the opponent afterwards, it
will make the opponent flinch and waste the ice panel. Possibly a glitch. 
Pulling off the Horizontal Slide involves using Tengu Racket and its fan 
ability, but that's murder to pull off. BlizzardBall is a time freezing aqua
chip like Aquaman, and both are useful for freezing the opponent; allowing you
to place a Sensor to shock them, dealing Breaking damage to boot. Throw in
those powerful N coded chips, and this folder is definitely fun and powerful.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Atlas uses one of the more unique combos found in EXE6.  We have always known
Sensor for its area control, piercing, paralyzing abilties, but never for it's
ability to multi-hit.  Amazingly, Atlas is able to get multiple hits off with
Sensor with quite some ease, meaning it should be a sure source of damage.
And instead of wasting the Sensor to just leave the field, you can use it 
with BlizzardBall to cause even more damage.  Plenty of backup damage as well
in NeoVarSword and Numberball.  It's an interesting and fun folder to use, and
I suggest everyone give it a try.

- Quick damage source
- Lots of ways to stop the enemy: Sensor, Elecsword, BlizzardBall on ice 
panels because it freezes time, and the usual two stunning navis.
- Powerful chips! NeoVariable, AssassinSword, Numberball. 

- The glitch with Sensor Slide
- If the enemy uses Falzar Out, or some incarnation of Float Shoes, you can
be in trouble. Though it does make hitting with the Sensor in the middle row
- The other slide combo might work better

Vg. Diamond Weapon: Absolute
3 BlizzardBall N
3 KillerSensor2 N
3 AirWheel3 N
3 ElecSword N (Tag 1)
1 NeoVariableSword N
1 AssassinSword N
3 AreaGrab * (Tag 2)
1 FullCustom * 
3 Invis *
3 IceSeed *
2 Aquaman *
1 Elementman * [Preset]
1 Killerman *
1 Judgeman *
1 MeteorKnuckle N
Cross: Dust, Dust Beast

I know, I know. This looks a lot like Atlas; but it isn't. It focuses on 
something very different. Basically, you have Elementman preset for a very
good reason-- use his Meteor attack to make the opponent flinch. That way,
when you toss Ice Seed, the enemy won't stop it from spreading out if they
step under it. After that, you have a lot of fun with this folder. ElecSword
does nice damage, and paralyzes. This lets you lay down a Sensor, which will
hit your opponent and paralyze them. While they're paralyzed, use a Blizzard
Ball to freeze them. Then finally, toss out an Airwheel for more damage. Now
for a few things you might've missed-- BlizzardBall will roll up the Sensor
for an extra boost. While they're frozen, you thrown the Airwheel-- and as it
ends, use Dust Cross to suck it up. Then shoot it back out for 200 BREAKING
damage. Remember what breaking does to frozen enemies? That's a shot for 400.
This can be done with other chips, too. MeteorKnuckle fits in with the 
strategy for everything, and we have some fun dual-element chips. Elecsword
is of course electric and sword. Killerman is breaking and cursor. Sensor is
breaking and electric. All these chips fit within the basis, and make it 
stronger as time goes on. Don't forget that Beast Out will make your swords
auto target and paralyze, which is ever better. Beware, it makes using the
Dust Absorption harder; you have to press Left and B at nigh the same exact

Finally, you can use any of the three powerful N
coded chips: Assassin Sword works on ice panels, Neovari does high damage, and
Numberball just hurts. Absolute zero.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Diamond Weapon: Absolute may use DustCross more effectively than any folder
in EXE6.  Instead of using Rockcubes and Instruments, why not use obstacles
that deal their own damage, and THEN suck them up for even MORE damage.
That's the idea of Diamond Weapon, with Sensors and AirWheel both able to be
sucked up into DustCross' vaccuum.  The folder can be very hard to use, as it
is more precise than others.  You would need to practice how to place the 
obstacles so you can use them with DustCross also.  The learning curve is
high, but the rewards are great.

- Many means of attack. It depends on strings, but you don't HAVE to use the
strings of attacks to hurt a lot.
- All of the attack types have synergy.
- Strong chips, many ways to stop your foe in his tracks
- Many types of damage; cross bane!

- Strings can be hard to set up
- Learning how to wield the folder is hard
- Without Iceseed, things can be hard

Vh. Mad Train Runnin'
3 TrainArrow2 M
2 TrainArrow3 M
3 MagnaCoil *
1 Muramasa M
3 MegaBoomerang M
4 Wind *
3 PanelGrab [TAG1]
4 AreaGrab[TAG2]
1 FullCust * PRESET
2 Whitepill *
1 Element Trap *
1 Attack+30 *
1 Killerman *
1 Judgeman *
Cross: Aqua (there is no such thing as Spout)

Aqua version of Silver Bullet! Whee! Looking at this folder, the basis should
be very easy to pick out. Train Arrow 2 and 3 do high damage from the back 
row; and that's why we have Wind. Areagrab, Panlgrab, place Wind in their back
row, and they're rowlocked. They also have Wind pushing them to their back 
column. Aqua Cross, go! Train Arrow 2/3 will do 200/250 unboosted, uncharged
damage normally. When charged, that's 400/500. Very nice! Tack on a Whitepill
for some paralyzation, and it all works. Megaboomer can't be dodged if they're
locked, and deals high wood damage. Muramasa comes in for 500 damage in a
pinch, if you need it. Magcoil brings them to your row, too. The rest? By now,
I hope I don't need to explain all this. =P Save Element Trap, though. As you
might notice, you're very exposed to Elec Cross and its paralyzation. The trap
will reverse it back at them, even if you get hit with it. An all out assault
type folder, it's fun to use.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Mad Train Runnin' makes the best use of a very effective and popular combo:
AquaCross + TrainArrow.  TrainArrows fire more arrows depending on how many
panels are between you and your opponent, meaning you want to row lock the
opponent.  With plenty of Grab chips, and Wind to help you out, it should
be very possible to do so in this folder, setting up easy hitting TrainArrows
boosted up with AquaCross.  But as always, row locks are hard to come by,
and one AreaGrab back by the opponent may lead to the folder failing.  In
any case, the folder should work well in most cases, so give it a try.

- High damage from a single chip, with a little setup.
- Healing from using the chips, too.
- Many types of damage; Megaboomer might even whap Elec Crossers out of that
evil cross!

- One Areagrab back, and the enemy can escape
- You NEED Rush in your customizer
- Even Magcoil might not set it up perfectly

IVi. Siberian Sentence: Ice Breaker
1 Giant Hook H
3 AuraHead 3 H
2 Aqua Dragon H
3 Barr 100 H
2 FlashBomb3 H
2 IceSeed * PRE
2 Invis * (-1)
3 AreaGrab *
2 WhitePill *
1 AuraHead 1 B TAG2
1 AuraHead 1 C TAG1
1 AuraHead 1 D 
1 Blizzard Ball H (-1)
1 BlizzardBall H/ Aquaman *
1 Heatman SP H
1 KillerMan *
1 Judgeman *
1 ElementMan *
1 Aquaman *
Crosses: None necessary, use what you want. Beast Out is always good

Ah, the beauty of H code. This folder is quite nice for what it tries to 
accomplish- freezing and breaking. When an enemy is hit with an Aqua chip on
ice panels, the enemy freezes. And when a frozen enemy is hit with a breaking
type chip, it does double damage. Much like hitting something frozen solid 
with a shovel; like Kenny. Anyway, this folder does that well. Aquadragon sets
ice panels quickly, and it can't be stopped. With that, Iceseed and Flashbomb
are supported by the sliding. Aquaman and BlizzardBall freeze time, as well as
freeze your opponent. After that, chips like Bighook or to a lesser extent,
Meteorknuckle do great damage. Auraheads, and their PA Stream Head also do 
very high damage to a frozen enemy; not to mention their +50 damage boost from
barriers and auras, and this folder packs great synergy in defense and attack
with Barrier100. HeatmanSP just does high damage, as well as possibly removing
Tomahawk Cross, and Elementman can set more ice, or whatever else you want him
to do. I personally might switch Invis for Antidmg, but it's up to you. 

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Ice Breaker tries to utilize the boost ups that occur when the opponent is on
ice panels, and when they are frozen.  By freezing the opponent, breaking
chips will do 2x damage to the opponent, and with chips like AuraHead3 and
GiantHook at your expense, this can lead to your opponent's destruction.  The
downfall of this folder is it's major dependence on freezing the opponent.
With only a limited amount of aqua chips, freezing the opponent may prove
difficult and can make your breaking chips useless.  Make sure once you get
the opponent frozen to bombard him with all the breaking power you have.

- Nice synergy
- One of the best ways to set up ice panels-- Aquadragon!
- Great defense, coupled with decent attack force

- Time freeze counter is painful
- Dependant on freezing 

Vj. Noise Wheel
3 Vulcan 3 G
2 Bubble Star 3 G
3 Static G [Tag]
3 Flash Bomb 2 G
3 Air Wheel 1 G [Tag]
1 FstGauge * [Preset]
1 Full Custom 
3 Invisible */AntiDmg *
3 White Capsule *
1 Uninstall G
1 Attack+30 *
1 Killerman *
1 Groundman EX G
1 Groundman SP G
1 Judgeman *
1 Elementman *
1 Cross Divide D/Bass F
Cross: None needed, but Tengu/Beast helps

Note: Lack of Areagrab in this folder. I'd toss one Vulcan and the GroundMen for

When Tornado hits Airwheel, it makes the Airwheel spin eight more times. Now,
Static is a fun tornado-like chip. When you have two glitches in your NC, it
spans the area of a Lifesword. Think about it; if you toss an Airwheel out,
then use Static, both hit at once, for more hits. The damage seriously racks 
up in this folder, and has a lot of support. Groundman and Killerman can rid 
us of pesky Slash/Sword users, and Flashbomb2 and Vulcan3 come in for support.
Bubblestar holds them in place, so everything can be set up, and the attack
bonus chips only add to the fun. We have plenty of piercing, and even the 
power of Uninstall; this chip will make the chip used after it uninstall the
left-most program in the opponent's navi customizer. If attached to a multi 
hit chip, this will uninstall more. This folder can seriously debilitate the
opponent. And as in any folder that relies on multiple hits, the giga chips
come in for a clinching finisher. The black wind howls! ...And this time, it
ISN'T in your eyes. Note that when using this in a netbattle, use Antidmg over

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Noise Wheel utilizes the special effect of Tornado on an Airwheel.  By using
Static however, you can get both of the chips to hit at once, causing even
more damage to the opponent.  The folder provides much support for all
different types of situations you can encounter in a netbattle.  Uninstall
is in there to try and get rid of the opponent's SuperArmor in their NC, 
since SuperArmor can hurt this folder a lot.  All in all, it's a great, if
not best, high multi-hitting folder EXE6 has to offer

- The entire premise of this folder is synergy
- Static, Airwheel and Vulcan3 do great damage; attach Uninstall to it, and
your opponent will be in for a shock
- Many plans to cover weaknesses

- SuperArmor, as always, will hurt folders that rely on multiple hits
- Feels a bit lacking in the destruction department-- you will probably need
to practice with this a bit to use it effectively.

Vk. Crossed Blades
2 Sword * 
3 Wide Blade B 
3 Long Blade B 
2 StepSword B 
1 Full Cust * (preset) 
1 Anti Navi * 
2 Anti Sword * 
3 Anti Damage * 
3 White Capsule * 
3 AreaGrab */B
2 Silence B/MachGun3 B
1 Killerman * 
1 Protoman * 
1 Protoman SP B 
1 Colonel * 
1 Colonel SP C
Crosses: Beast Out


You'd have to be blind to not see the potential of B code in this game. This
folder is similar to USE THIS, in that it's a folder that can effectively use
PAs. Sword, WideBlade and LongBlade form Lifesword. This works well in any 
folder. WideBlade, LongBlade and ProtomanSP form Double Hero, which does 600
damage to the entire enemy field-- but if you add attack boosters to it, it's 
the same. ColonelSP, AntiNavi, and Protoman * form Twin Leaders, which does
600 time freezing damage...but I say it's not worth it, as AntiNavi is more
useful in Bodyguard. All in all this folder gives you four Program Advances to
use, along with the defense of AntiDmg, and Beast Out can use the extra Blade
chips. Since attack plus chips don't work on Double Hero, I nerfed 
DoublePoint and Attack+30 for two different support chips-- what you
want to use is up to you. Silence blinds the enemy, which is always useful.
MachGun3 is there as a Cursor chip-- it removes traps.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Crossed Blades is, in essence, the rival of USE THIS.  It utilizes the power
of Program Advances to take out your opponent, and with 4 of them at your
expense, this should be relatively easy.  Unlike USE THIS, however, the chips
that make up the PA's, are relatively useful outside of the PA's themselves.
The PA's also don't need to be aimed, which is also a bit of a plus from
USE THIS.  The power may be slightly less than USE THIS, but the accuracy
that Crossed Blades has makes it a great folder in any netbattle.

- High time freezing damage
- Decent defense, and no need for Fstgauge
- The PAs hit almost anywhere

- Cheap? >_>;
- Time freeze counter

More folders coming soon! Please keep trying, people! And look forward to the
Fun Folder section!

Vl. Searing Cold
4 Little Boiler 3 S
3 AreaGrab S TAG 
3 IceSeed * TAG
2 TrainArrow3 S
2 BubbleStar3 S
3 ElecPulse1 S
2 AquaDragon S
2 AntiDamage *
3 WhiteCapsule *
1 FastGauge * PRESET
1 AntiNavi *
1 AntiSword *
1 DiveMan */AquaMan *
1 ElecMan */Killerman *
1 JudgeMan *
Cross: None needed

Little Boiler is a fun chip. It absorbs damage done to it, and explodes, 
dealing Aqua damage to panels surrounding it. The chip itself is obstacle
type, though. It's easy enough to make, and not bad to set up. The best way to
go about this is AquaDragon-- it will flinch the enemy, and set up 6 ice
panels. This way, not only can your seed go through the enemy, even if they
solidify, they'll be sliding on ice. Then you can throw the boiler with little
to no worry. Grab one of their columns, and you're in business. Elecpulse will
paralyze, and Trainarrow can freeze the enemy. Even if they somehow move
out of the way, you can hit the boiler-- you'll wind up doing the same damage
in the end, as well as freezing them. Bodyguard comes in with support damage, 
but I think it can be replace for something better. It's your choice. The main
problem I see is that the boiler seems a bit superfluous.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
The advantage of Searing Cold over a lot of folders is the fact you 
don't need to hit the enemy to do damage.  It is much easier to hit the 
stationary Kettle that you throw than to run around trying to hit your opponent.
This makes things much simpler for you, and also provides a quick, efficient 
way of inflicting damage on the opponent.  With the opponent sliding on ice,
he wont be able to get to the Kettle in the middle center panel, thus making
him vulnerable to all the damage the Kettle takes.  The opponent will be
sliding helplessly as you do all the damage to him as you want.

- High, dependable damage
- Easy set up
- Freezing and paralyzing

- Boiler might not be needed
- Bodyguard is kinda tossed in there
- Floatshoes?

Vm. Seventeen Soldier Salute
3 FlashBomb1 Q 
1 Sword *  (Tag1)
1 WideSword *  (Tag2)
2 LongSword * 
3 MechanicalSword Q 
3 Sensor3 Q 
2 Recovery200 Q 
4 AreaGrab * x4
1 FastGuage * (Regular)
3 WhiteCapsule * 
2 Invisible */Antidmg *
1 Attack+30 *
1 DoublePoint *
1 EraseMan *
1 Judgeman *
1 ColonelForce Q
Cross: Elec

PENDING REMOVAL. Find something to put in its place. @_@

Vn. Lightning Elemental
1 FastGauge * PRE
3 BubbleStar2 L
3 ElecPulse1 L
2 ElecDragon L
3 MachineSword L
1 Uninstall L
3 Flashbomb1 L/*
2 TripleShoot L/*
3 AreaGrab *
3 Invis */Antidmg
1 FullCust*
2 TomahawkMan *
1 ElementMan *
1 Killerman *
1 Judgeman *
Cross: Elec

Brother in arms to The Fourth Spell and Mad Train Runnin', we bring another
elemental folder. Yes, this is yet ANOTHER Elec Cross folder. I knew this 
cross would be broken. But this one focuses on the boost to elec chips, too.
Basically, even without Elec Cross, our simple combo of BubbleStar2, Elec
Dragon, ElecPulse, Machinesword does 680 damage. With Elec Cross, 830 damage.
That's pretty formidable. As always, Machinesword can be charged by Elec
Cross for a paralysis chain, and Tripleshoot is almost unavoidable and can
paralyze. My only qualm is that Uninstall works better with multihit chips.

H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
Lightning Elemental is yet another ElecCross folder.  It's main combo of
BubbleStar2, ElecDragon, ElecPulse, and MachineSword does provide A LOT of
damage.  But with only 2 ElecDragons in the whole folder, you will not
always have the right hand to do the maximum damage.  That may hinder the
folder a bit, unless you can keep up the chain of paralysis using Flashbombs
and ElecCross + TripleShoots.  Keeping the chain of paralysis is ket in this
folder, but at least there is some form of defense against TomahawkCross
users in Elementman *.

- Use of Elec Cross that is NOT dependant on paralysis chains
- Many ways to keep your opponent where you want them
- Fast attacks

- Loss of Elec Cross makes damage in this folder lower
- Low defense without paralysis

Vo. Conflagration
1 Bass F
1 ElmntMan *
1 JudgeMan *
1 KillerMan *
3 AntiDmg * 
3 Invisibl * 
1 FullCust * [Regular]
3 AreaGrab F/*
2 VDoll F/* 
4 WaveArm1 F 
4 GrasSeed F/*
3 BlkBomb F [Tag]
3 FireBrn1 F [Tag]
Crosses: Elec, ChargeBeast

Ah, our old fire folder of yore. Alas, I don't think it's as good as it used
to be, but this is still a VERY powerful folder. It's just a bit hard to use
at times. Basically, Elementman is our hope in this folder, since his wood
attack sets grass on the whole field. After that, Elec Cross and Wavearm 
become essential-- Wavearm travels very fast, and in most circumstances will
paralyze your opponent. Then you can toss the Blackbomb, and as it flies, let
Fireburn rip; just make sure you're not in the same row as your opponent, so 
you don't make the enemy flinch. You can use Darkness too, as with grass 
panels, it can do a nice 900 damage. The plan B in this folder is a bit odd,
so let me give it to the folder creator: Psycho K.

"Plan B is used only if ElecCross is lost. It is riskier and less reliable, 
but still formidable. Activate ChargeCross and simply make the field grassy 
if you can. If so, refrain from using the charge attack. You do not want to 
burn the grass just yet. Next turn, you use a Beast Out for ChargeBeast. 
Select Grass Seed/ElementMan (unless you made the field grass the previous 
turn), Black Bomb, and Wave Arm. Note that you don�t need Fire Burner, so you 
can select it and just not use it to make space for new chips. Notice that 
you choose Black Bomb before Wave Arm now. Toss the Black Bomb into their 
area from whatever position you like. As it flies, charge and release Wave 
Arm which will come out as Charge Bite after your roar immobilizes them. If 
they are in another row, you will chomp the bomb setting off the explosion 
for 500 damage. If they got in the way, they still take 440 damage, which
 isn�t too bad at all. Darkness requires JugdeMan or KillerMan to keep them 
steady for positioning if you are forced to use plan B."

- High elemental damage, with decent set up difficulty
- More than one strategy
- Darkness on GrassStage is actually very useful

- Thrown attacks are hard, as always
- Plan B isn't completely reliable
- Need to time it perfectly

Vp. Endgame
5 Area grab *
4 Thunder *
3 Bubblestar1 E
3 ElecPulse2 E
3 ElecSword E
3 AntiDamage *
1 ElementManEX E
1 ElementMan SP E
1 FstGuage * (preset)
1 Machinegun2 E
1 KillerMan *
1 JudgeMan *
1 ElementMan *
1 SuperVulcan V
1 CrossDivide D
Cross: None, Beast Out
Okay, this is an odd looking folder. It goes against some 
rules, but it actually does quite well. This folder is 
Areagrab heavy due to the NC used being stacked to the brim 
with HP programs. It packs a decent amount of defense as well. 
BubbleStar, ElecPulse, and ElecSword all chain pretty well, 
because they all leave the opponent open. The only thing that 
stops them is AntiDmg, and even then, the point is to power 
through that. ElecPulse to ElecSword is one combo, as it breaks 
Invis/flinch. Elementman can also mess with the stage--but beware, 
he does not ever repair panels with his Wood attack. MachineGun2 
moves in with Killerman to remove traps and do decent damage, 
since the enemy will likely somewhat boxed in. Thunder keeps the 
string going as well. All in all, quite an effective folder, for 
something that doesn't look too beautiful on paper.

And the name is an homage to Wily's "Endgame" plan in EXE1, to boot. =P

- Strings, but doesn't always NEED it.
- Quite a bit of damage
- Lots of ways to interrupt strategies and play mind games
- Stage control of sorts with Elementman

- Needs a pretty exacting NC Setup with lots of HP 
- Lack of Custom+ can hurt
- Necessitates Areagrabbing quite a bit
- The defense it packs isn't always good enough

Vq. Cataclysm Spiral
4 HiBoomer B
3 WindRack * (Tag 1)
3 FireHit3 B
3 AntiDamage *
3 Whitepill *
3 PanelGrab *
2 Areagrab * (Can be subbed with 3 Areagrab B) (Tag 2)
2 Lance *
2 MachGun1 *
1 Fullguage * (Preset)
1 Judgeman *
1 Killerman *
1 Elementman * (Secondary Preset)
1 CrossDivide D
Crosses: Tengu, Tomahawk, Beast Out


Finally, a new folder! And believe me, I battle tested this baby with my very
own TFS:C to see whether or not it should be in here. Anyways, you have two
Crosses that are useful for this folder. Depending on how the battle starts,
you usually want to go into Tengu Cross first. This is because the opponent
usually starts with FastBarrier, so you want that gone. Then you can Rack them
back so you can Areagrab and Panelgrab them (or two Panelgrabs. Either works),
which sets everything up. Even if you don't grab them, you can Lance them,
which stuns them, allowing you to attack even more (like with FireHit, but let
me go on first). Providing you do grab them, you're going to want to use those
HiBoomers--though perhaps MachGun first, if you see they've used a trap-- to
do some good damage and set grass. You can potentially charge them up for more
damage if you're in Tomahawk Cross. Once the grass is set, you can then do
just about anything-- whether it's Lance them forward, probably onto a grass 
panel, or plain FireHit them. The FireHit will do a damn lot of damage, and
can even be WhitePilled for even more pain following. 

The beauty of this folder is that it messes with so many strategies at once,
as well as goes in your opponent's face without making you move much at all.
Tengu stops holes from inhibiting you, though you might be open to a Cross
Divide (you should be defending anyway), and then Tomahawk stops you from
being paralyzed or even bubbled. From there on, you can attack using Lance
and HiBoomer, both of which ignore Shield (they come from the back and side
respectively), which both chain well into FireHit because neither of those
cause flinching. WindRack can be used at will for more damage if they're 
cornered, which can happen easily in this grab heavy folder, or to corner
them in the first place. Opposing Tomahawk users are just going to get burned
worse than normal for standing on grass panels, so trying to avoid the
paralysis with that is shooting yourself in the foot. AntiDmg works fine, 
though you can easily use Invis since Rush won't paralyze a Tomahawk user,
and all you have to do to use Firehit is move into the right row (memory 
serving). Elementman can also crush an opposing Tomahawk, or more likely
use its elec attack to break the middle column to trap your opponent. The
rest of the trio is self explanitory, as is CrossDivide. All in all, this is
a deadly fast and fluid folder with quite a bit of synergy, as well as a lot of
power. ...And the name fits perfectly, but that's between me and the one who
made this folder unless you play games with me on IRC. =P

Note: NC usually would consist of HP+400, FstBarrier, and some Custom+.
Whatever else you decide to use is up to you.

- Grab heavy. Your area is rarely going to be stolen
- You can probably attack from a lock box if it does happen, and you don't
need to move much to attack
- Takes down a lot of strategies with Tomahawk Cross
- Hi, mostly non-flinching damage
- Hard to defend against
- Lots of time freezing

- Fire folders will take away something big from this folder
- Lots of time freezing chips are just as much as blessing as a curse, so
this is both a pro and a con
- Without grabbing or someone who spams Invis, a good portion of attacks miss
- Tengu Cross is very risky

Vr. Hellz Rolling
4 AreaGrab */F [Tag1]
3 RollingLog3 F
3 Magnum F 
3 MachineGun3 F
3 AntiDamage * / Invis *
3 WhiteCapsule *
2 MagCoil * [Tag 2]
2 MachineGun1 *
1 FastGauge * [Preset]
1 Atk+30 *
1 DoublePoint *
1 JudgeMan *
1 KillerMan *
1 ElementMan *
1 Forte F
Crosses: Killer


Again, after battle testing, this folder proved its mettle. There's a good
amount of synergy in this folder, with MagCoil. Bringing them into the center
row allows you to use RollingLog3 F and the MachGun series to their fullest.
Both do the most damage when the opponent is in the middle row. You can even
use MachGun while the logs roll, and WhitePill paralyzes-- though I see 
problems against someone using Tomahawk Cross and Invis, as this folder does
not have much to insure against those other than the terrible trio. The
MachGun series will remove traps, so AntiDmg users are no worry, and the same
goes for your aimable time freezing Magnum. Toss in an on code giga chip, and
you have a fast flowing folder of fun, since Killer Cross adds to all of this
with more damage to MachGuns and the ability to potentially pierce Invis with
the charge...but don't depend on it a lot.

- Synergetic
- Traps are no problem at all
- Fast
- Don't need to move much to attack

- Two holes on the field column-wise will stop the logs, so you lose a LOT of
damage that way
- Tomahawk users
- Invis users
- Shield users might have a good adavntage here.

VI. Fun folder section

This section is dedicated to fun folders. They might not be the strongest
folders in the game, but they ARE dedicated to a certain theme, making them
very fun to play. Some of them will use under used crosses to their fullest,
and others might be puns on other games; others might just not be Renowned
Material, but still worth a spot in here. Have fun. =P

VIa. Snakes on a Train
3 TrainArrow2 M
2 TrainArrow3 M
3 Snake M
2 Geddon *
3 WindRack *
5 AreaGrab *
1 FastGauge * [Preset]
1 FullCust *
3 AntiDamage *
3 WhiteCapsule *
1 Attack +30 *
1 KillerMan *
1 JudgeMan *
1 Uninstall L
Cross: Aqua, if you want, Falzar Out

This is a funny folder. It patronizes the movie "Snakes on a Plane", since 
this is using Snakes and TRAINarrow. As always, you want to have as much
area as possible when using Snakes. This is why we have Windrack; the best
possible situation would be to use Windrack then Geddon. Most enemies won't
be able to fly at that exact moment, so you can grab their area. This is also
where Uninstall comes into play. Alas, it can't beat Falzar out, but they 
shouldn't be able to activate it if you use this at the beginning of a turn. 
Anyway, after this, let loose with Snakes. While they're hopefully stuck to 
one panel, they shall also be prone to Trainarrow's assault, which is just 
damn painful. We can boost the power of Snakes with our plus chips, and even 
make them paralyze with Whitepill. BEWARE THE SNAKES ON A TRAIN!

- Decent synergy and attack power
- Pretty fast for a Snake folder

- Uninstall can't be tacked onto much...
- It needs a lot of grabbing, which is still never good

VIb. C-SPAN (heh, VIc is for C-SPAN! *shot*)
1 FastGauge * PRE
2 FlashBomb 1 *
5 AreaGrab * TAG 1 TAG 2
2 Whitepill *
2 WindRack *
1 Atk+30 *
1 DblPt *
2 GunDelSol1 * 
2 Timpani *
3 Invis */Antidmg
2 BubbleStar2 C
1 PanelReturn *
1 KillerMan *
1 Colonel SP C
1 CircusMan SP C
1 ChargeMan SP C
1 ChargeMan EX C
1 ColonelForce Q 
Crosses: El zilcho! Beast out, if you'd like

Ah, behold the power of C coded chips. These chips work best if your enemy is
in the back row-Areagrab will power up ColonelForce, help Chargeman, and 
support Circusman. Timpani and Flashbomb support each other, and Windrack
knocks the enemy to the back row when you need it. BubbleStar keeps the enemy
in place as well. Our Attack plus chips make our navis stronger, too. The
Chargeman chip works like Trainarrow in reverse, doing more hits the closer 
you are to your enemy. This makes it very strong, and it can be boosted.
Circusman also does a lot of hits. Gunsol can be used while they're in the 
Bubble, but that's a bit of a weak combo. All in all, I think this folder has 
a few flaws, which is why it's in the FFF, but it's also very powerful.

- Multi hit madness! High damage with just a small boost
- Many types of attack in Chargeman, Circusman, Colonelforce and more

- AntiNavi? A bit rare, but it can easily turn the tide.
- Dependent on navis for most damage

VIc. Ruby Weapon
3 GunDelSol2 E
3 HellBurner3 E (Tag 1)
3 ElecPulse2 E
3 VoodooDoll *
3 AreaGrab *
1 FullCustom *
3 Invis */Antidmg *
3 MagnaCoil * (Tag 2)
3 WhitePill *
1 Killerman *
1 Judgeman *
1 Elementman * (Preset)
1 ElementmanEX E
1 ElementmanSP E
Cross: Heat, Heatbeast

Ah, a folder that uses our good old Gospel-style heatbreath. This folder is
odd, but fun indeed. That's why it's here. Elementman and his counterparts
are here mainly for setting GrassStage. After that, toss a Vdoll into their
area. Preferrably the back row, so they can't hit it. Elecpulse2, Magcoil
and Killerman help support our doll. The NC for this folder includes three
Atk+1, and with the Atk+1 granted by Heat Cross, the Heatbreath does 400
damage on grass. If you grab their area and hit the doll, that's 800. The
Gunsol, pulses, and everything else also does enough damage to end the battle.

- Easy to set up grass for those fire attacks
- Gunsol pierces defenses, along with our usual two navis

- Hard to totally set up the combo
- Low damage for a combo that involves a throwing chip

VId. Spectrum
5 GunSol1 *
3 GunSol2 E
3 BubbleStar1 E
2 FlashBomb1 *
3 ElecSword E
4 AreaGrab * (2 AreaGrab * + 2 Fan * is an option.)
1 FastGauge * [Preset]
2 Invisible *
2 AntiDamage *
1 KillerMan *
1 JudgeMan *
1 ElementMan E
1 ElementManEX E
1 ElementManSP E
Cross: Tengu, if any

Another aptly named folder, this is a pun on the spectrum of light; and we 
have a lot of "light" in this folder with all the GunDelSol. GunDelSol is a
very potent chip that goes through Invis and Flinching, and does high damage.
However, it doesn't immobilize an opponent at ALL, and Whitepill doesn't give
chips without a damage rating paralyzation. This is why we have Flashbomb,
Bubblestar and Elecsword, as they all stop the opponent in their tracks. 
Elementman is a good cross crusher, and it has plenty of defense. I personally
might remove an Invisible for Fullcust, and transfer Invisible for an Antidmg,
but it's all up to you. With apt defense and a nice means of attack, this is a
good folder. The main reason it's in the fun section is because the means of
immobilization don't last as long as the GunDelSol's beam lasts, so some 
damage is lost. 

- The basis goes through a lot
- Nice support in Tengu and the immobilization chips
- Pretty good defense

- Tomahawk Cross. The only way to stop it is Elementman
- Swords kill your Tengu, leaving Beast as the only option
- Enemy can move out of the beam unless you column lock

VIe. Come Pollinate Me
2x Elec Pulse 3 A
3x Risky Honey 3 A
2x Fire Hit 3 A
2x Aqua Needle 3 A
1x AntiNavi *
2x AntiDmg *
2x Antisword *
2x AreaGrab *
3x Attack+10 *
3x White Capsule *
1x FstGauge * [pre-set]
3x Invisible *
1x Attack+30 *
1x Double Point *
1x KillerMan *
1x JudgeMan *
Crosses: Tomahawk

A TOMAHAWK FOLDER? OH MY GOD! We can see this folder was made by Taoto, since
its name has sexual innuendo, and Bodyguard. Basically, the premise is "Screw
me and I'll screw you back ten times harder"; if you get hit with a multi hit
attack while Risky Honey's honeycomb is out, it will counter a damn lot, doing
a ton of damage. However, this folder relies a lot on intuition. The only 
damage source other than the Honey is Bodyguard which has no support, and
Master Cross/its parts. Still, it's a nice and fun folder.

- Fun to use
- Nice amount of damage

- Have to use the comb at the right time
- No set up for the bees
- Low damage outside of the honey/PA

VIf. Hematite Weapon
5 Air Hockey M (Tag 1)
3 Drill Arm M
2 TrainArrow3 M
3 IceSeed *
5 Area Grab * 
1 Full Custom * 
3 Invisible *
3 White Capsule * (Tag 2)
2 Aquaman *
1 Killerman *
1 Judgeman *
1 Elementman * [Preset]
Cross: Ground, GroundBeast (And yes, we WANT beast.)

Nuz wanted to make folders for each cross, and decided to name them the 
Weapon Series. Hematite is a fun folder, as it actually takes advantage of
Ground Cross. Your reason for presetting Elementman is different this time;
we want to use his Meteor attack and then immediately thrown an Iceseed. This
way, the seed will always land. A seed cannot be stopped by standing under it
when the opponent is flinched. After that, we also want to grab their first
column, and ONLY that column. This is for Airhockey, of course. It will hit
the most when there's only two columns in the enemy area. Trainarrow can
freeze the opponent, making your breaking chips stronger; but those are 
pretty much support. Charge them for the whole "rocks fall, people die" bit,
but the power of this folder comes from Ground Beast. Make sure you have an
attack level of five. Freeze with TrainArrow, and then use Ground Beast's
charge shot-- the first of two hits breaks the ice, but all in all, it adds up
to 570 from the charge shot. It can be repeated and such for more damage, if
you want. Fullcust sets it up easily, so this folder gets rolling (spinning?)
quite quickly.

- Ground cross is a pretty defensive cross. The Mole-Drill type charge attack
can dodge things, and Super Armor is always good!
- Lots of support damage, supported by a single Areagrab. Those Areagrabs can
also be Beast Fodder
- Quick to start. I'm considering whether this should be a fun folder, or
Renowned Folder

- Freezing chips include your two TrainArrows and two Aquaman chips
- If you can't freeze, you're boned

VIg. Shifty Eyes
4 Boomerang K
3 RollingLog1 K
3 Windrack *
2 Lance *
3 KillerSensor3 K
2 WhitePill *
1 Barrier200 K
2 Antidmg *
3 Areagrab *
1 Fastguage * PRESET
1 Killerman *
1 KillermanEX K
1 KillermanSP K
1 Judgeman *
1 Elementman *
1 CrossDivide D/Forte F
Cross: Tomahawk, if you'd like

This is a funnny and interesting concept, and a joke on me. Cause I use too 
many shifty eye emoticons. >_> anyway, the idea here is to keep the opponent
constantly guessing with attacks that force them to move. Rollinglog and
Boomerang are immediately supported by laying down a single Sensor, and do
very nice damage once charged. Sensor itself does decent damage, and having
the entire Killerman series in the folder is DEFINITELY a selling point. I've
never minded having one off code for a giga chip, and this folder does need
that finishing blow; just use the chip your version offers.

- Many attacks, many directions
- Great synergy
- Nice defense
- Killerman galore!

- The attacks are a little...lacking. Without that giga chip, you might not be
able to kill your opponent
- Well...there's not a lot of cons other than that, but that's a big con?

VIh. Liquifier
4x Thunder *
4x CornSht2 E
4x AreaGrab *
3x ElecPulse2 E
3x ElecSwrd E
3x AntiDmg *
3x BblStar1 E
1x FstGauge *
1x EraseMan *
1x JudgeMan *
1x ElementMan *
1x ElementManEX E
1x ElementManSP E
Cross: Charge

...Yeah, a Charge Cross folder. It actually works pretty well, though. The focus
here is to use Charge Soul's nifty charge with support for it. It has two 
elements- Breaking and Fire. That way, CornShot or Elementman can set Grass so
it does 260 damage. ElecPulse2 brings the enemy to the front row, while Bubble
Star can hold them in place. ElecSword does the same, and is supported by things
like ElecPulse and BubbleStar, which even increases its damage. Thunder is 
support. Now note this: if you hit with Elementman's ice attack while in the 
front row, they're automatically frozen. If you somehow manage to get them 
frozen on grass, that SHOULD be 520 damage from a single charge! 130x2 from 
grass and fire, and 130x2 for breaking on ice. Throw in the usual staples, and
this is why this is a Fun Folder.

- NC space not wasted on Custom+ because of Charge Cross
- High synergy
- Support is done well

- Low in defense
- A bit choppy, even in the best situations
- Relies on a charge shot. It might work without it, but it lacks a punch. You
might want to toss Bass into this folder. 480 damage could be the clincher it

NOTE: Look at the NC Setups section, this folder requires a specific setup 

VIi. Rattle Snake
3 Snake M
2 WhitePill *
3 AntiDamage *
4 AreaGrab *
3 MachineGun3 M
4 MachineGun1 *
2 Geddon *
2 Longblade M
1 Muramasa M
1 FullCust * (Regular)
1 Attack+30 *
2 MagCoil *
2 Windrack *
Cross: Killer

Alright, a bit of an odd folder. The premise is brilliant, though. MachineGun
chips only do well if your opponent is in the center row. And if you break all
their panels while they're in that row, what can they do? Unless someone 
actually uses the Shoe programs, you might just force their Beast Out if you're
playing a Falzar user. Simply put, MagCoil brings them to the center row, then
WindRack pushes them back, Geddon, AreaGrab. This leaves for MachGun in Killer
Cross, which can do high damage-- MachGun1 doing 240 and MachGun3 doing 400. 
This removes traps, along with setting up for Snake. LongBlade and Muramasa
come in for support, and seriously help. All in all, a folder that actually
focuses on Killer Cross! Nice. Even if they use Invis, your charge shot goes
RIGHT through it. Unless they shield.

- Decent synergy
- Good damage sources
- Trap removal 

- Only two Geddons! Two Magcoils!
- MagCoil -> Windrack -> Geddon is a choppy combo, might not work the right way
- Falzar/Airshoes users kind of shut the entire premise down

NOTE: Look at the NC Setups section, this folder requires a specific setup

VIj. Mercurialism
5 Area Grab *
3 Poison Seed *
3 Circle Gun P
3 Flash Bomb 3 P (tag)
3 Anti Damage *
3 Fanfare * (tag)
2 SlowGauge * (preset)
1 Anubis P
1 ProtoMan *
1 Colonel *
1 JudgeMan *
1 KillerMan *
1 Life Aura U
1 CrossDivide D/BugThunder V (Bass F or whatever for Gregar)
1 Full Custom *
Crosses: Killer (Gregar), anything else depending on situation though

Definitely an interesting folder considering all that can be done 
against poison in this game. This folder has two SlowGauge chips to make 
sure that even if your opponent counters yours, you can keep it going at the 
pace you want. This folder is quite adept at playing mind games with an 
opponent. All the obstacle chips here do what you intend them to do-- FanFare 
defends you (maybe even your area), and Anubis poisons them without regard for 
panels. This might just make your opponent use Dust Cross, which you can cancel 
out with a well and easily aimed CircGun. LifeAura can force a Tengu Cross, 
which you can cancel with Protoman, Colonel, or CrossDivide if you have it. 
Fanfare can draw your enemy's fire while you throw a Flashbomb, which is why 
they're tagged; and Flashbomb has that nifty blinding along with paralysis. 
Finally, PoisonSeed might just force an early Falzar Out. It seems like most of 
the defense here are against Falzar, so it could fall short on a Gregar
opponent. This is one folder that I've seen makes good use of the BugThunder 
chip, as the enemy tries to frantically run around destroying obstacles 
while on poison panels, and this folder's Areagrabs can restrict the 
ability to run. Of course, an opponent with Floatshoes can easily be 
your undoing, which is why this is a Fun Folder.

- Poison damage goes through defenses
- CircGun can crush Dust early as well as remove traps
- The mind games in this folder do a great job. You can force crosses, 
draw  fire, and even blind 
- Great defense. AntiDmg, LifeAura, Fanfare's invincibility is 
impossible to go through; Tango is a suggested program

- Floatshoes, anyone? A well timed Falzar Out can be deadly too
- A folder with enough Areagrabs can diminish Poison Seed's utility
- ElementMan's Grass Attack
- Not many ways to directly damage an opponent, mind games don't 
do much against a Gregar player


VII. Navi Customizer Setups

Of course, there's more to a netbattle and your folder than just the chips.
Another big part of it is your navi customizer, and what you have in it. With
it, you can have up to 8 chips per turn, of 15/16 with Chipshuffle (since it 
won't shuffle your preset on the first turn), Super Armor, buster plus, HP
and more. So of course, we need to have some killer Navi Customizers for use
with each folder! Here, I'll list some setups I think are quite good, and what
folders work best with each. Let's get on with it. =P Honestly though, most of
these work with pretty much every folder-- what you use is up to you.

S = SearchShuffle
2 = Custom2
1 = Custom1
B = BugStop
A = Attack+1
C = ChargeMax

[S][S][1][S][B][2][2] <---- Command Line

Recommended for: Any folder. Cookie cutter CustMAX, Shuffle, and buster plus

B = Bugstop
U = UnderShirt
A = AttackMAX
+ = Rapid+1
C = ChargeMAX
F = FastBarrier
1 = Custom+1
2 = Custom+2
S = SuperArmor
H = HP+400

[1][B][U][F][S][2][2] <---- Command Line

Recommended for: When you know your opponent has rush >_>


B = Bugstop
X = FastBarrier
S = SuperArmor
U = UnderShirt
F = FloatShoes
1 = Custom+1
2 = Custom+2
A = AttackMAX
R = RapidMAX
C = ChargeMAX
H = HP+50
[1][B][U][2][X][F][S] <---- Command Line

Recommended for: Anything. With this, you have FloatShoes, max buster, max 
custom, Super Armor, and FastBarrier. This is INSANE.

G - Bug Stopper
S - Super Armor
1 - Custom+1
2 - Custom+2
B - First Barrier
F - Float Shoes
R - Rush
A - Attack+1(x4)
3 - HP+300


Recommended for: When you know your opponent likes Invis.


1 = Custom+1
2 = Custom+2
3 = Bugstop
4 = FastBarrier
5 = SuperArmor
6 = Rush
7 = Beat
8 = HP+500
9 = HP+50 (There's 2)

[1][3][4][2][6][7][5] <---- Command Line 

Comment: Just a great netbattle setup. You'll have CustomMAX, no bugs, begin
with a barrier, SuperArmor, stop your opponent's defense, and even null a mega
chip. ...Not to mention you'll have 1600 HP. Evil.

6. Liquifier's Setup

1- Custom1
2- CustomShuffler
3- Bugstopper
4- AttackMAX
5- ChargeMax
6- HP+50
7- FastBarr


8. Rattle Snake's setup
o = Empty Space
1 = Custom+1
2 = Custom+2
3 = Bugstop
4 = UnderShirt
5 = Air Shoes
6 = AttackMAX
7 = ChargeMAX
8 = HP+50

[1][2][7][4][5][3][5] <---- Command Line


VIII. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Well, we obviously have quite a few questions that need answers. Let's see
what I can pre-empt now. If you have any more you feel should be included, be
sure to e-mail me.

VIIIa. Japanese-North American name changes

Well, to be honest, I've never been one to favor Japanese names. I live in the
US, so I tend to be complacent with what I'm given. But some things are just
TOO STUPID. Here's exactly what you might be wondering.

Aquaman: You might know him as SPOUTman, but I will never, ever refer to him
as such. He was Aquaman in MMBN4: Blue Moon, and Aquaman he will stay. This 
idiotic name change was due to the anime calling him Spoutman. Stupid NT 
Warrior...Notice, his chip code is A.

Killerman: You would know him as ERASEman. Again, I will never call him this.
They shouldn't have changed his name to something so...kiddy. I blame soccer
moms and their aversion to the word "kill" for this one. HE'S A FRIGGIN' 
ASSASSIN NAVI FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Notice, his chip code is K.

Chip names: NaviScout = Antinavi
Kawarimi = Antidmg
Shirahadori = Antisword
Areasteal = Areagrab
Waraningyou = Vdoll
Hakushaku = The Count (A la Boktai). Though our friendly Capcom translated
this as "Hackjack"...
Ryuuseigun = Meteors (Ryuusei = shooting star. Shooting star gun. Get it? =P)
Engetsu Kunai = Moonblade 
Fuumikomizan = Step Sword
Fuujin Racket = Windrack

VIIIb. North American Removals

Sadly, some things were removed from the North American version of MMBN6. This
is frustrating, but what can we do about it? These areas have been REMOVED
from the game, and cannot be reached by conventional non-cheating methods.

Undernet 3
Immortal Area
Graveyard 1

Undernet 3 is just plain gone. Immortal area was the usual Boktai side quest
in EXE games since four. We think it was removed because Boktai wasn't 
popular here, so Boktai 3 was never released here. Graveyard 1 might seem odd,
but the Japanese version of MMBN6 had two areas. The first JP area was cut.
This area had tombstones for every EXE game in the past, like the stones in
the area we see.

VIIIc. Supervulcan

This chip can be found by beating the final virus battler program. To do that,
you have to find and beat every battle (1-4) before that. This is very hard,
and on my personal suggestion, find these viruses:

Starfish- Aquarium 3
Haunted Candle- Graveyard
Cattack- ACDC area
EarthDragon- Graveyard
DarkMech- Undernet 2, I think
Armadill- Green 2

All of them are very useful. Use virus placement strategically-- if you want
to use Mettaur and Earthdragon against the dual Pulsebulbs in Virus Battler 4,
try sticking the Mettaur in front and Earth dragon in the middle column. This
way, the Mettaur absorbs their fire, and can chance a double hit from the
Earthd dragon. Just a little advice from me.

VIId. Glitches in game

Okay, Capcom did screw up a bit in game. The Boktai chips were "removed", but
they can still be obtained. The golden mystery datas you'll sometimes come 
across on the net sometimes yield DjangoV1/2/3, and "Hackjack". Use of these
chips WILL FREEZE YOUR GAME. If you come across them, either toss them in the
trader, or keep them in your pack for the collection factor. Just don't use 

The "Crossover" PA formed by using Django V1, V2, and V3 still works from what
I've heard, but Django is replaced with a white dot. Hehe, white dot of doom.

VIIe. E-readers

Sadly, there are many ploys for money used by our friendly game creators. One
of these would be e-reader cards. Yes, e-readers. See, there are lots of 
cards for MMBN, but we never get them. There's an entire system for these
cards, and can power up Megaman like crazy. Each card is a certain amount of 
"MB", and can take 80 MB of modification. These include Bass Cross Megaman
(Forte Cross Rockman) from MMBN5, just without the look change; as well as
BassBX (ForteBX), which combines both cross powers. There's even more fun 
stuff, and we don't get a bit of it. If you see someone with unusual powers,
like beginning battle with a Lifeaura and such, you know you're facing a 


IX. Credits

Yes, people get credit. I avoided putting people's names by the folders up 
top, but everyone deserves a little something for making kickass folders and

- Dark RPG Wizard 06, as always, for inspiring this FAQ so long ago with his
Renowned Folder and Combo List. As well as teaching me most of what I know.
As this is the last FAQ, here's a big thanks to you, Wiz, for helping me all
the way through.
- Lord Yawgmoth, for inspiring section IIIn. Pill popping, and how it's 
bad for you.
- Zidanet129 for use of parts of his Cross Guide.
- Hotshotz1627 for Einherjar's Judgment and Hole-y Hell, as well as his
second opinion on folders. Oh, and the current take on Crossed Blades; so 
many have done it, but I liked his version.
- Nuz for Silver Weapon, Diamond Weapon: Absolute, and Twisted Tantrum. AND
Ruby Weapon. AND Hematite Weapon
AND all those navi customizer setups. This guy is a MMBN demon. 
- Taoto for USE THIS: "Undesignated Solar Eclipse Torments Hypocritical 
Island Surfers", Come Pollenate Me
- superSonic01 for "Searing Cold" (Boilers on Ice was his name, but I thought
it was a bit lame. >_> sue me)
- Psycho K for Conflagration
- Shadow4747 for Liquifier and its NC setup
- The Tamale King for Rattle Snake
- Articanus for Seventeen Soldier Salute
- RPGs Rock for Atlas, Snakes on a Train, and Spectrum
- Zephyr Delta for Mad Train Runnin' and Shifty Eyes
- AJAQ for Siberian Sentence, C-SPAN, Lightning Elemental, and Hellz Rolling
- Shinobi for Noise Wheel
- ChaosPotatoHead for Endgame
- Mercury Wing for Mercurialism, and a whole lot of netbattle videos that 
have helped me educate my opinion on folders.
- Megarock exe for the HP and points of all the obstacles. You're an amazing
- Yen for Cataclysm Spiral
- XxSniper for all the debate needed to help me think of the 
Tides of Battle section.
- GameFAQs, for hosting this guide, and all it has done for my life.
- CJayC, cause he created this site. Duh. =P
- The boards of both GameFAQs Falzar and Gregar version, and all of 
"The UnderSquare" (TUS) for all the contributions.
- And finally, myself; for "The Fourth Spell", and taking all this time to
create the FAQ. Thanks for all your appreciation, critiques, and any time
spent looking through this FAQ. I can hardly believe I wrote all this!


X. Contact info

Contact me here at:

[email protected]

For any questions, possible submissions, or anything. Thank you for all your


XI. Legal Jargon

All information in this FAQ is copyrighted to Jared Ramos and respective 
contributors listed in the credits section, the exact date being 7/12/2006,
This FAQ may only be posted on GameFAQs or The UnderSquare. If you would like 
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