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Mega Man Battle Network Cheats for GBA

Cheats and Tips for Mega Man Battle Network

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We have cheats that involve floating, meeting Bass and unlocking the secret boss Navis.

More Mega Man Battle Network Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man Battle Network please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation

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random boss navis

Sometimes when you are inside a specific network area you may encounter bosses you have previously defeated. E.g. If you jack in to the oven you might rebattle fireman. This is completely random however, and they are much stronger than before


Do you like rapidly tapping the B button? Then this is the cheat for you! Rappidly tap the B button and it looks like Mega Man or Lan is floating!

virus battling

The way I beat virus battling was with "heady a" "hntcandle" and "puffy" always use "puffy" and "hntcandle" against two "catacks" especially in the final virus battle mr prog...

Unlock Secret Boss Navis

When you have defeated LifeVirus you can fight four secret Navis if you meet the corresponding requirements
PharoMan - Internet Area 12:
Reached Level 70
MagicMan - Internet Area 14:
Defeat LifeVirus

ShadowMan - Internet Area 15:
Have at least 140/175 Chip Library
Bass - Internet Area 16:
Have ALL chips in Library excluding #127 (LifeAura)

Okay listen up all you Megaman Battle Network fa..

Okay listen up all you Megaman Battle Network fans, Once you've beat the original stroy mode and defeated Nebula Gray you should have at least 100
S frags which are Standard chips. Go to Undernet 2 there is a secret passage way that a gold program will be blocking.
In order to get to him you must travel to Undernet 3 and go back through a different exit that will appear when you've collectred atleast 100 standard chips. Once you reach him the gold prgram will say that you are worthy to pass, but once he opens the portal stronger viruses will be unleashed into the net.
A liberation mission will await you on the other side of the portal ( ShadeMan is the Boss. He was Revived.) Once you beat the liberation mission ( Doesnt matter if you beat it in the required turns needed.) A nebula area will open to you. Travel through the area and there should be a Geddon 3 A in a locked purple mystery data. The Geddon 3 A is very important you need it inorder to use the PiosPhar ADVANCE.
( poison pharaoh) There will be another liberation mission awaiting you at the end of Nebula Area 2. The Boss is CloudMan. When you defeat the boss another gold program will appear at the end of Nebula Area 3.
Once the portal is opened extremely hard viruses will be released in the net with HP's of 300 and more and damaging attacks that will delete you in seconds. Once the portal is opend once more stronger chips will be given away from viruses and green mystery data. You will need 140 S frags or 140 standard chips in your data library inorder to pass through.
I recommend that you try and collect all 180 standard chips because inorder to get to the all the DS Navis and Bass you will need all of them because a cyber door will block the way to the final liberation mission. A voice will speak and "Say collect all S Frags." The final liberation mission is very very very very very hard!!!
BlizzardMan is the mini boss that you must defeat inorder to get a key to get to the real boss CosmoMan. If your lucky and beat it two turns less than the required turns you will recieve Anubis A ( MEGA chip). Another piece to the PiosPhar ADVANCE.
PoisPhar -(Bug Bomb A , Geddon 3 A, Anubis A) Once completed the final liberation mission Nebula Area 6 will be unlocked. In this area lies all 6 DS Navis of your teamates. But you cannot fight them unless you have beaten the Omega versions in the net with a S rating. Yeah pretty hard right!! ( BE CAREFUL THE DS NAVIS ARE UNPREDICTABLE THEY DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WHENEVER THEY WANT, EVEN ALL 30 ADVANCES SO BE CAREFUL SERIOUSLY!!!!.)
Once you defeated the 6 DS Navis there is a door with flames. Open it only if you beat the 6 DS navis the boss is not Bass , not yet it is NEBULA GRAY with 2500 Hp. Destroy him. Then Jack out. Return to Nebula Area 6. All the DS Navis will be REVIVED!!
But by this time you should have collected all Standard, Mega, and Dark Chips. And all 30 Program Advances You need to defeat all 6 DS Navis in under 3 min.( Yes it is posssible to kill all 6 in 3 minutes.) Once you've accomplished that the flame door will reappear go to it but save before you open the door.
Instead of Nebula Grey appearing BASS the SuperNavi will appear. He is extremely hard with 3000hp and 500-700hp draining attacks that will kill you even if you use invisible chips *. Once he is deleted a Bass Giga class chip will appear in his place.
Jack out and do it all over again but The Omega Version of Bass will roam freely with 3500hp and 700-900hp draining attacks. I havenyt beaten the Omega version yet ao I'll let you know waht happens when you do.
See YA Hope I Helped!!!

Knowing monsters

It's better to know the monster before killing him, that's because that monster can appear again.
You have to know their abilities so you can kill him easily the next time you battle them.
Remember: You won't always be getting powerfull chips.

meet Bass

Collect all 175/175 chip except Dream Aura chip(No.127).
When you can get them all.Go to the deepest Internet Area(Internet Area 16 the area where you can get paradin sword).
Walk around that area until you find him.He can appear everywhere in that area.If you can beat him,he should give you the Dream Aura chip.
Please remember,he CAN'T give his chip to you[his navi chip]

When you reach the point where you have to get Y..

When you reach the point where you have to get Yai a present and have to defeat COLORMAN, heres a little hint.

When battling COLORMAN you want to have a GUTSMAN chip to crack the ground.

Since COLORMAN moves around so much it will stop him and his two helpers dead in there tracks.

Also, have some thing you can throw like a mini bomb or a Quake1 or Quake2 (which is way better). This way you can keep from getting hit and you can still get him from far away.

ANYWAY!! After you defeat him and go back home, go to Yai's house.

She will thank you for the present and give you !!!!!!10,000 ZENNY'S!!!!!

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