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Medabots: Metabee Version Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Medabots: Metabee Version

Last Updated:

We have several cheat codes including one to unlock all Medaparts.

More Medabots: Metabee Version Cheats and Tips

We have 3 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Medabots: Metabee Version please send them in here.

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Medabots: Metabee Version GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Medabots: Metabee Version Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Hachiro as a Rematchable Opponent after Partsun Rally

Due to a bug, Hachiro cannot appear at his house at Partsun Rally at all, unless you get his Medapart at Kodine Island during the Rally before proceeding to get the part at Rosewood School in Medaropolis. If these are done in order, you can now robattle Hachiro at his house for infinite times.


Using the codebreaker for European version will not be a problem if your using the master code for the US version. The original code is not mine but it's working and tested with the US Master code.
Codebreaker for US and euro version
USA master code
0000FD60 000A
1000084E 0007
European Master code
0000417B 000A
100002AC 0007

MISC code
Infinite Cash:
83002B70 C350
Always Run no encounter
3300643C 0001
No Battle timer
33001856 000A
Stop game Time
83002B88 0000
83002B8A 0000
1000/1000 wins
83002B84 03E8
83002B86 03E8
Have all Medaparts
43004C40 0001
000001E0 0002
(BATTLE only)
Infinite medaforce
33000651 0050
Partner 1:
33000751 0050
Partner 2:
33000851 0050
Head max/infinite Hp
330005DC 00C8
330005E9 00C8
Partner 1:
330006DC 00C8
330006E9 00C8
Partner 2:
330007DC 00C8
330007E9 00C8
Right Arm max/infinite Hp
330005F4 00C8
33000601 00C8
Partner 1:
330006F4 00C8
33000701 00C8
Partner 2:
330007F4 00C8
33000801 00C8
Left Arm max/infinite Hp
3300060C 00C8
33000619 00C8
Partner 1:
3300070C 00C8
33000719 00C8
Partner 2:
3300080C 00C8
33000819 00C8
Leg max/infinite Hp
33000624 00C8
33000631 00C8
Partner 1:
33000724 00C8
33000731 00C8
Partner 2:
33000824 00C8
33000831 00C8


Master Code:
5E52F21A 4B75405F
1B124ACE 2BAF3993

99 of All Medaparts
6277FECE C3C6E119
39092A73 A462A76D
40347E30 F582A002
F456F0FE 9D9D33F7

1 of All Medaparts
6277FECE C3C6E119
7098B228 49D59220
40347E30 F582A002
13A4DB16 8DCCC23B

All Medals-Lv.100- Can not name.
B7B6908E 0BF333AD
62502495 728C5BEE
A4991FD7 7C52F088
4EC896E3 3B3E1937
3854CC1D DB61C3EA
97996ED0 183AD933
17AB3C62 FC263A53
C0E305AA 662364E5

If you enter the All medals cheat the medal cheats need to be put in as well.
Corrected Pics for lv.100 Medals
9D0C8814 F247BA4B
AAF9D7F8 CA780248
9911250B 12AFF34A
5FE5103F E56AE8C4
1E7861FB DE3609F7
37F6DC2A 8591638D
5844B262 4474441D

Max stats for all Medals
2E6974FB 0C46E4DD
9C9D0887 7645312D
78A17E35 D25AE5A5
9C9D0887 7645312D
5FBDEC2F 5277B162
9C9D0887 7645312D
CD23C2C7 4C07AC78
9C9D0887 7645312D
002DF63D 8E722562
4B415F5E 3DB38C80
002DF63D 8E722562
9FCC9EC8 21C59624
002DF63D 8E722562
DDDCBCDF 38159776
002DF63D 8E722562

Corrected Attributes for all Medals
F2B7775A BFF52A35
AF163A88 7518D515
4AF99728 B5B7528F
Corrected Aim for all Medals
002E53DF 68196B8E
084ECBD0 3ED29456
1D194F2B 3B316E87
A28CDD64 1BFD98A4
1D194F2B 3B316E87
4E83279C 3DEB1B8C
65F1BD3C 5D250CD2
6CD7E5BF 9991C0D3
3DFD0D8D 76C0966E
F36A5C63 C29F78BA
770ED316 E1A31CFF
5F41B9DE 84BD1418
BEE3F30F 9B869451
96080ACF C51B46A0
377D2AED 1E51640F
276E6AC6 A7E70C59
88920682 D357C9AB

Corrected Compatibility for all Medals
7180536F C1352A8E
8F156E85 0BA1C3BE
E0D85C57 0F67FA1C
D1DAD2F8 26079FA4
9A178235 3CCE129C
4714A0A0 8F900067
E26358AD D95F6082
4488D2EA 2A6D2200
ADE797BF 5013A05A
E7365AA5 50D00A58
3D7C871F FE2D9369
30DCE069 A4854FEE
80B2735F DA4FA213
40C7A479 CBEDAE58
9517496A 8341C848

Inf Cash (Money always at $999.99)
093E1B1E D6476256
No Random Robattles
D2D04670 38C27E93

Inf Time in Robattles
9329D4DB 97BECCD8

Team Current HP 200 (All Medaparts)
430005E9 C800
00000003 0100
43000601 C800
00000003 0100
43000619 C800
00000003 0100
43000631 C800
00000003 0100

Team Max HP 200 (All Medaparts) - if you used the above code, then you MUST use
This one too!
430005DC C800
00000003 0100
430005F4 C800
00000003 0100
4300060C C800
00000003 0100
43000624 C800
00000003 0100
Head Attacks 99/99
430005E8 0063
00000003 0100
430005E0 0063
00000003 0100

Medaforce always Full
43000651 0050
00000003 0100

That is all the cheats I have so far and all do work. But they are CODEBREAKERS NOT GAMESHARKS.


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