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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Final Fantasy IV Advance

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Cagnazzo's weakness

Upon looking at the bestiary, it says Cagnazzo is weak against ice. However, that is not true. It is basically a typo. He is actually weak against
Thunder spells. However, I have a friend that informs me that there is a time
When ice CAN and DOES to a whopping amount of damage.

Baigan, that horror

When the battle starts, immediately cast protect, shell and blink on your party.
During the battle, DO NOT cast ANY magic upon Baigan. He will immediatley counteract with reflect on his next turn. Just attack his right arm since it causes the most annoyance. Then beat the snot out of Baigan. If your characters have a high magic attack, then, if you don't mind that disable, then cast reflect on your weakest character. Then blast spells away on your reflected character. If your reflect man dies, cast life and cast reflect again. Remember, if Baigan loses both arms or after a while, if he only has 1 arm left, he'll cast Renew which will restore his arms.

A tip for Zeromus

Zeromus starts out with a spirit like body. Wait untils Cecil's turn and use his crystal from the items menu.
NOW the REAL battle begins. Start by casting shell and protct and blink. Have
Cecil and any other character attack normally. If Yang is in your party, use Power.
If Edge is in the party, he should have the *Masamune and *Muramasa.
Cecil should have the *Excalibur. Have Rydia, if shes in the party, cast *Bahamut.
Use Pheonix downs, X-Potion, *Elixirs, *Megalixirs, *Curaja/Curaga, *Holy and *Meteor if you have all those in your arsenal. This battle will be long and hard.
One more thing. If Zeromus moves around but doesnt do apparently anything, Have all your characters defend and brace yourself against a powerful BIGBANG which can do 2000~3500~ damage on all character. You should have the *Adamant armor too.

Muramasa-One of the 2 first blades you get in Lunar Subterane. When first entering with the crystal portal, look for a hidden passage to the left and follow.

Masamune-When heading down into the "crystal floor level" of lunar subtterane, there should be a swirling road that goes down stairs. Dont go down that stair. Take a small south path that leads to the sword thats guraded by Ogopogo, yes weird name, he looks and you should fight him exactly like *leviathan.

Leviathan- King of summons. Head down the cave of summons and go to the library. You should have *float while going down. Rosa lears float at lvl 35.Cast float on your party at every floor. You take 50 dmg everytime you touch lava. At the library, prepare for a battle against Asura, queen of summons. Simply cast reflect on her, protect on the party, as well as blink, and fight her WITHOUT ANY spells. She is basically suited up against magic. Asura will attempt to cast support spells on herself. With reflect, youll reap the rewards. Afterwards, heal ad save in the nearby room. Then talk to the old man. You'll fight leviathan. Just protect, shell and blink yourself and bust away with either Ramuh or Thundara/Thundaga- which you SHOULD HAVE by now.

Full-Life-Rosa lvl 45, Porom lvl 55
Holy-Porom lvl 50, Rosa lvl 55
Meteor-Rydia lvl 60? I think.. And Palom should be 60 too
Bahamut-cave of bahamut, near east end of map on moon. MUST have leviathan summon. Just cast reflect on party and fight. Dont use any cure spells. Bahamut will literally KILL HIMSELF!
Excalibur-during your trek down sylph cave, pick up the rats tail. Give it to the man in the cave south of mythril. He'll give you some adamant. Take it to the smithy who lives south-east in underworld. He'll craft your Sword of Legend into Excalibur.
Adamant Armor-Lunar Sub. B5, use a siren where you got the red fang. Fight Flan Princess until one drops a pink tail. Go to the cave near Mythril. Get the hovercraft. Give the tail to the man to get more adamant ore. Give to the smithy who lives at the south-east end of underworld. Must have already given him adamant orethe first time.

Added by: Harvest King
Jul 11th 2006, ID#8575


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