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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Cheats and Tips

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Find out how to instantly win with Freeza, what the secret final battles are and how to do the special power-ups.

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All Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

How to make gohan,freeza and krillin super.


[Gohan must be level 1 or 2 ,it will not work if gohan is level 3]If everyone in your team except for Gohan is defeated it will unlock it's rage.

Freeza: It will work in any level just power up your ki to 100% and press L+R.It's just like goku's kaioken.


It will also work in any level just power up your ki to 100% and press L+R.It's also just like goku's kaioken.

I hope my hints helped you.




STEP 3 charge your ki to 100

Step 4 hold r x y b a

Step 5 use this cheat wisely

Spirit Bomb!

To perform a powerful Spirit Bomb use Goku and charge up to 100% power. Now fly up until you can't go further. Now press are+A+B and instead of a Kamehameha, Goku will use a Spirit Bomb!

Special power-ups

To do this you have to have Goku(lvl1)Freiza(lvlorand Krillin(lvl3) charge your ki up to 100% and still power up and then press L

Easy Wins

How to win Easily!,

First you pick who you are best at (im best with gohan-1)

First do three or four little energy balls

Then fill up your KI (The Bot will wait) if the bot attacks dodge and then do your special move closely so it will be more visious!(if your lvl3 against a lvl1 it'll take 85% of your opponents health bar!

Extra power up

While playing as goku or frieza,max your ki out to 100%.whioe holding R, tap L.your health drains down but you're attacks do more and youll move faster.while playing as Gohan,do the same only you must be on a team and they all must be dead.

(personally,goku is best at this,frieza sucks at combat fighting and gohans only moves are kamehameha wave and some "full power" thing)

--hope to play some of you online on socom 3.-- �pEcTer

Strategies for easy wins

For all characters:

Before the round even starts hold down R + A + B. That way, the very millisecond the round starts, you will use your horizontal attack. It is impossible to dodge, unless your opponent timed his double tap perfectly, which only happened to me once out of a billion trys. You should do a lot of damage because you are at a pretty close range.

For characters that can teleport (or if you have a team):

You need at least 75% to do this trick. If your opponent activates his 50% or 100% attack, teleport behind him. You must do this fast. When you are behind him he should have barely activated his attack. Now that your behind him, activate your 50% attack. You wont miss, because your opponent is too busy missing his attack to move. By the way, this doesnt work with all special attacks, but it always works with kamehamehas or anything similar like piccolo's special beam cannon.

For krillin, vegeta, and level 3 ginyu:

You need at least 50% energy to perform this. Each of these characters has a grab attack that temporarily stuns the opponent. Grab your opponent, and during your grab, hold R + A + B. When your grab is done, you will instantly use your special attack. Your range is EXTREMELY close, so you will do major damage. Your opponent can't dodge, because he is in a stunned state. Vegeta will do an intense amount of damage if he is at 100%, because his horizontal attack is his ultimate attack. This sometimes will not work for krillin level 3 at 100%, because he takes alot of time to charge and throw his genki dama (spirit bomb).

For krillin level 3 and goku level 1:

Try to master their genki dama technique. You will find it very useful. If goku level 1 in kaoken mode uses and hits his opponent with a genki dama, it will take out more life than if he was a level 3 goku and used super kamehameha.

For trunks:

Use trunks's grab attack as much as possible. It is incredibly strong and does almost the same amount of damage as a 50% attack, but takes up no energy.

For Gero:

I would just not use him in the first place, but if you are, use his grab attack constantly. It is the fastest way for him to gain energy.

For level 1 and 2 gohan:

For those of you who didnt know, to activate gohan's kaoken, he must be on a team with his teammates dead.

For freiza:

When your too lazy to fight, just throw friezas death ball in the ground. Now just stall until the timer reaches 0, and the current opponent out will be dead.

For Majin Buu level 3:

There is barely any difference between buu's upward 50% attack and his upward 100% attack. Doing 2 50% attacks would do more damage than one 100%.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors cheats

Secret Final Battles:

Without losing once complete Story mode then wait until after the credits. Not all characters have a final battle. Challenge Mode Unlocks

Majin team:

Defeat Goku's team

Villain team:

Defeat Majin team

Saiyan team:

Defeat Villain team

Frieza team:

Defeat Heroes team

Andriod team:

Defeat Frieza team

Vegeta team:

Defeat Andriod team

Goku team:

Defeat Vegeta team

Moves for good and bad

For everybody on the game .You can do certain moves. Like for Goku if you go to 100% and don't let go of the r button and hold l button and let go andyou'll turn super kaio kan but it'll drain your and they'll have time after a while and your life will go down all the way except for a little bite .

Instant win with Freeza

Well, first you have to pick freeza. Next you have to charge up ypur ki to 100%. Then, get above your opponent and press "R, A, and B" all at the same time and he will use his death ball. If you miss it will go into the planet and a countdown of 45 seconds will start. once the 45 turns to 0, the opponent you are facing will die, but if you are facing a team, the person you were fighting at the time will be the only one that dies. Well I hope this helps.

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