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Follow the dark path or use the light
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Pack Shot

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


Bosses And How To Beat Them

by 1122andyozz33

Castlevania:Aria of Sorrow
Bosses And How To Beat Them


NOTE:This Walkthrough was made while I was playing Boss Rush

1.Creaking Skull
3.Great Armor
Unlockable Bosses
Boss Rush Mode Faq and Hints!

1,Creaking Skull



Description:A giant corpse whose body has
collapsed under its own weight.

Soul:Supports a battle from behind

First guy, not too hard. Alls he does is crawl
towards you, swings his giant boner, and shoots fireballs.
He is most vulnerable when his Bone is beside him and not over
his head. when he has his bone hovering over his head, run out 
from under him and then continue attacking once he puts it away.
If you happen to be under him during your ducking phase, ATTACK!
He'll be dead in no time at all!!
Weakness:Sword, Dark, Stone



Description: A monster with the body of a lion, the wings 
of a bat and a scorpion's tail.

Soul:Transform into a magical beast that
rushes at enemies

Okay, this guy is a little harder! His attacks are:
Shooting Fireballs and stabbing you with his tail.
When he shoots his fireballs, just jump over them or
swat them with your sword. Attack when he isnt doing anything.
Notice that his tail starts to move. This means RUN!!!
If you get hit by the tail, you will become poisoned which
decreases ATK and DEF! So, don't get hit. Just keeep whacking him.
Thats really the initial strategy for all bosses.
3.Great Armor



Description:A heavily-armed built out of
the corpses of great warriors

Soul:STR is increased by 120%(percent)

his guy is a little tougher than the first two bosses.
When he hovers his sword over his head, move out of
range in order to dodge the attack. His next
attack, he will put the sword by his side and try
to stab you. You should notice that there is
a gap between you and the floor. When he
puts the sword to his side and you are close to him,
just duck and keep attacking. If you dodge his moves
and keep hitting him, he'll be gone in no time.
4.Big Golem



Description: A man-like figure molded out
of soil and animated by magic.

Soul:Punches Enemies

The legendary Golem. You know that you were gonna see 
this guy somewhere in here...if you are a true 
Castlevania fan. The Golem is a truly a hard
boss if you are just starting out. He's
pretty much cake for us Experts, isn't
that right, Zenalasca? Anyways, He works
kinda like the Great Armor. He only has like
two basic attacks. He punches you and throws up
rocks all over your new sweatshirt. Thats basically it.
watch out for the darker leg in the background becuase
even though its in the background, it will still
hurt you if you get too close to it. You
can still attack it though. Also, watch out 
for his arm becuase it sways back and forth across the
freakin arena! When puts his arm up to his mouth,
rin away becuase he is about to puke on you. When
he kneels down and stretches his arm out, run becuase he's
about to puch you. Just dodge his arm and attack when he's vulnerable
and you'll kil him in no time!



Description:This demon collects the 
severed heads of its victims

Soul:Collects souls to increase Strength(STR)
This one is a TOTAL PAIN. One reason is becuase she's
harder to beat and another reason is becuase...well...
sh has 3 forms!

The first from is super easy to beat.
Alls she does is she tries to stab you. If you
keep your distance, she will only attack when you hit her!

2.Old Dude Mage
The Old Dude Mage casts 2 spells. He makes fire demon
heads float around for a little and try to attack you.
to dodge this, just stay away from the guy wheen he is
casting the spell. same with the other spell. The secon spell,
he casts little lightning bolts in the vicinity of himself.

3.Lizard Man/Woman/Hermaphridite

This is the final form of the Headhunter. But, its the most annoying!
Why? becuase IT clings to the freakin ceiling! While IT is chilling
on the ceiling, IT decides IT needs an afternoon snack. So, IT decides
to try and eat you. The tounge luanching range isn't very long though.
Then, IT will come down and try to lick you on the ground! This means that
you have to jump onto the pedastals in order to dodge IT's attack! The  best time
to strike is when IT is on the ceiling. But, after the first time on the ceiling, IT
will spit poison powder at you and yes it WILL Poison you! So watch out!



Description:Dracula's confidant

Soul:Attacks enemirs using sickles

Congrats on makng it this far. Many people are stuck on this 
boss. This is the reason why I decided to join Supercheats.
Not just to expand and share my gaming knowledge, but to help those in 
need of knowledge to get unstuck and continue their gaming progress.
This is one of the hardest bosses! First off, start by attacking his scythe 
becuase you can't hit him yet, and along with attacking, you have to dodge the fying
sickles. Also, when you see the beams of light, run the OPPOSITE way in order to dodge them.
Once Death's scythe goes into flames, you should notice that Death himself becomes opaque, 
which means you can't see through him. NOW you can do damage by hitting him. Death will
swing his scythe at you and also boomerang it across the room. In order to dodge this,
wait for the right time and jump. Sometimes he will throw it even faster so be prepared for that.
Death is most vulnerable when he is not trying to hit you and is just floating in mid-air.



Description: He is many, he is one.

Soul:Fires an array of lasers.

now we're talking. An eaven harder enemy than Death! He doesn't
do much but float and follow you. But, he does pack quite a punch when you kand on him.
The key is to run away and attack from time to time. Run, turn around, attacl, run. Once all
peices are off of him, attack the core but watch out for the tentacles becuase they hurt you and shoot stuff.
to dodge the lasers they shoot, just make sure you aren't in any tentacle's way. 



Description:Demon with a fear inducing gaze.

Soul:Packs a deadly punch.

Wait, maybe Death wasn't the hardest boss. THIS GUY IS!
your instinct probably told you to start wacking the crap out
of the guys hands. Well, thats not going to work. You have to hit his EYE!
Go into the middle of the arena and start jumping and hitting his eye while dodging
the hands. Eventually, his hands will dissapear and his other eye  will open and
start glowing. You will also notice that the floor beneath you is now a thing of flames. 
don't run. Stay in the middle and everytime the flame comes near you, jump and while in mid-air,
hit the guy in the eye!

Tolerance:Poison, Dark, Stone


Description:A missionary gone amiss. Beleives himself to be Dracula.

Soul:No Soul

This is it, the final showdown. Or is it? Well, start off like you would any
final boss in a Castlevania game. Hit him in the head. When he says "kee-ah-meh-luyke" duck!
When he goes "Heyah!", duck and then jump. When he says "Doh-Shada!", jump over the fireballs!
After a while, he will transport to the middle of the room and will have sets of three  meteors
shrowd around him, hit him when the meteors are small but runn away as they get closer.
This next part requires alot of sliding. Slide to the middle and hit him in the chest whenevr he is vulnerable
and you don't have thath laser on you. Notice thatwhen his hands glisten, they are about tou move. This means that you should duck
in order to dodge the attack. Before the laser attacks, slide in order to dodge it. Repeat this and you would have  beaten the game!



Description:The most powerful Vampire
Hunter. Recently regained his memory.

Soul:No Soul

If you were lucky enough to have the Flame Demon,Succubus and Giant Bat Souls on, You will have
unlocked the dark area in the Floating Garden where you couldn't enter before.his attacks are
the basic Holy Weapon attacks. He uses Knife,Cross,Axe,Holy Water, and Grand Cross. The strategy here
is to just keep attacking and keep your distance. Never get too close or he WILL attack! I don't really
have much info on him so, just dodge and hit! Good Luck!




Soul:No Soul

First off, congrats. This is the REAL Last boss. The reason why I don't have any info
on Chaos is becuase he's not in the Enemies Index after you kill him. The best weapon to use will
deffinatly be the Valmanway(Obtained in Boss Rush Mode in under Four minutes) or, Claim Solas. First off
Chaos will take away ALL of your souls. To get them back, you must take out the corresponding colored sphere. The blue
sphere contains the Blue Souls. Get it? Now, watch out for the flying stuff becuase they hurt you. Attack all the spheres
multiple times until you get your Souls back. Now, with all of them dead, you will move on to Chaos' Second form.
If you played Lament of Innocence for PS2, you will notice that the Second form of Chaos is the First boss from L.O.I which
is the Undead Paraside. Same rules apply there and here. Take out all the eyes then attack the Core. You can start by
attacking tht Core but the eyes make the Core's Defense go down! In this part, the Valmanway comes in REALLY GOOD handy
becuase  you'll kill the eyes in like 5 seconds tops, depending on your level. Also, watch out for the floating balls.
Just hit them and they will float back a bit. Tale out the Core and youv'e done it!
Boss Rush Mode Faq And Hints!

1,How To Get Boss Rush Mode
To get Boss Rush Mode, you have to defeat Chaos. To get Chaos, you 
must equip the Flame Demon, Giant Bat and Succubus Souls before fighting Graham.

2.Whats a good strategy?
I made this strategy myself. You must play through the game on Hard Mode and get the
Chaos Ring. Then, get the Red Minotuar Soul and Black Panther Soul. The Chaos Ring
Keeps your MP at the Max at all times while equipped. The Black Panther Soul increases your Speed while holding "R".
Red Minotuar does ALOT of damage. With this set, you will speed through ALL bosses in no time at all. Do this
Three times to get Valmanway, Excalibur and the Pozitron Rifle!

Questions or comments?
Email me at [email protected]
Hope I Helped

Special Thanks to Zenalasca!