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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

We have 29 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Bros. Deluxe please send them in here.

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Play As LuigiAt the map screen in Original or Ch..

Play As Luigi

At the map screen in Original or Challenge Mode, press select to play as Luigi

Better player on boo race

On the race against boo press select to change mario/luigi into big form or big fireball form.

Unlockable modes

Boo racing mode:get more than 100,000 points on Original 1885 mode which is basically Boo's amount of points.
Japanese Super Mario Brothers 2/the Lost Levels:beat Luigi's record of 300,000 points on Original 1985 mode.

Mario or Luigi?

At the map press the select button to change from Mario/Luigi.

To change your person when on the map screen pre..

To change your person when on the map screen press select.

If you do this in Vs Mode your person gets more or less powerful(your person does not change and you have do the power plus cheat on the level select screen).

GET A YOSHI EGG:Go to world 7-3. When you start ..


Go to world 7-3. When you start out, jump on the stairs and go up them. You should be on a grassy plain.

You should also see pillars under Mario that hold the plain up. After you go up the stairs, stand right on top of the 2nd pillar you come to.

Press and hold A and an invisible platform with a Yoshi egg on it should appear.

Jump on top of it and crack the egg to claim your prize!!!

SUPER FIREBALL:When you are in a world,find a mu..


When you are in a world,find a mushroom that makes Mario huge and allows him to take one more hit than usual.

Don't get hit by an enemy!!!

If you find another mushroom(The mushroom will be a flower if Mario is still huge)then grab it. Mario should now have white overalls on.

If you press B while Mario has the white overalls on, he should throw super fireballs!!! (this lasts until Mario gets hit by an enemy) ENJOY!!!

Go into Trials/Challenge Mode and play any level..

Go into Trials/Challenge Mode and play any level.

Find a Yoshi Egg and finish the level. Then go back to menu screen and go into toybox.

A yoshi head will have appeared in the bottom right hand corner.

Go into it and you can access hints on where to find yoshi eggs on all levels.

BEWARE though because it is a random select thing that when you press button A it will, randomly select the level to show you so you can spend ages looking for the level you want

In level 5-1 you can get fast very much points. ..

In level 5-1 you can get fast very much points. You do that by jump om the koopa troopa and shoot him to the right.

Follow him (you must run!) and after a few seconds he have get much points and a extra life(!). Than he bounds back and you are dead.

You start again and again. Everytime a life and much points.

You can do this forever and than you have broken the record and than you have extra levels and you can play against boo!!!

Play level 1-1 in trials and at the first set a ..

Play level 1-1 in trials and at the first set a blocks with a space in it(the one without a ditch)jump in and hit up at the very left to get a yoshi egg!

Warp Zne

On level 1-2 jump up on top of the ceiling blocks when you get the chance. Keep running and go past the pipe that leads you to the finish. Keep on going until you come to a Warp Zone that can take you to World 2-1, World 3-1 or World 4-1. Choose one, it's your choice.
On level 4-2 keep jumping until you find a some invisble blocks. Hit the blocks above it until you find a beanstalk/vine or whatever you want to call it. Climb up and go past the little 4-3 style course. You'll come to a Warp Zone that leads you to World 5-1, World 6-1 or World 7-1. It's again your choice.

Luigi vs. Boo

Yes you can play as Luigi in You vs. Boo. Just back out of it, go into Challenge mode, pick a course and press SELECT to switch to Luigi. Then back out by pressing the B Button twice and enter You vs. Boo again.

The Secret Room

When you save the Mushroom Retainers or Peach in the castles of Original mode, they will congregate in the secret room. This room can be accessed through the tunnel at the Toy Box screen. Select one of them for banners and sprites that can be printed out with a Game Boy Printer.

Begin with 10 lives

Before starting a new game you should go to the fortuneteller (toy box) and keep selecting cards until you draw the "Extremely Lucky" card. Then begin the game.

Select Mario's form

Press Select at "You VS Boo" bonus level on the mode selection screen to cycle Mario through his fire, normal and super forms.
This cheat can also be activated in Multi-Player game modes.

HELP WITH WORLD 7-3Having trouble getting the 2n..


Having trouble getting the 2nd out-of-reach coin on world 7-3? Well, I have the solution and here it is.

On world 7-3, stand directly under the out-of-reach coin and press and hold A. An invisible platform should pop up.

Jump on top of the platform and then jump to the 2nd coin.

play as luigi

to play as luigi all you have to do is select the luigi game play mode and press select when choosing the level (note:when doing luigi mode it is harder than normal mode) this does not work for normal mode or race boo mode

Unlimited Continues

You will need to hold A at the "Game Over" screen.

When you get the Luigi face on your mainscreen w..

When you get the Luigi face on your main

screen when you play that get to level


As soon as you get across the lake that big rock that you have to and when you get to the rock jump and hit the brick, go to another side kill the two mushroom guys go an the other side of the brick tower and mushroom.

Album Stickers (as far as I can tell)

First Page:
Each award is a sticker (Mario Award, etc)
Second Page:
Get Fireworks, rescue peach, Bonus Level (vine), 1-up mushroom, All Yoshi Eggs, All Red Coins, All High Scores beaten
Third Page:
Each different enemy is a sticker (Goomba, Koopa, etc)
Fourth And Fifth Pages
Each Bowser beaten with fireballs is 1/4 a sticker

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