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Foregone Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Foregone

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Foregone is a combat focused 2D action-platformer where you collect an arsenal of powerful weapons and unravel a compelling story of regret and conspiracy. Years after a devastating war, the city of Calagan is once again besieged by an all-corrupting force known as the Harrow. As the city's strongest super-soldier, it's up to you to investigate the Harrow's origins and prevent its reanimated minions from destroying the world you have sworn to protect. Foregone is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Don't Scrap your Weapons

One of the worst things you can do in Foregone is scrap weapons when you no longer have room in your inventory. Instead go straight to the blacksmith whenever you die and salvage them for cash. The money you receive can then be used to significantly upgrade your best weapons. Just make sure that the weapons you decide to invest in are the strongest ones with the best stat modifier that fits your play style.

Skip Enemies

Don't be afraid to skip enemies, there will be instances where it will be more beneficial to dodge past enemies in order to find the next checkpoint than it is to engage in combat with them. The advantage of skipping enemies to reach the next checpoint is it helps you to make progress in the game when you are low on health and will likely be killed if you try and fight. You can always backtrack to enemies you skipped if need be afterwards.

How to Find Hidden Areas in Foregone

As you explore the world always keep an eye out for tiny cracks you can slide into as there is the possibility they will reveal a secret room that is full of goodies. Sometimes the gap is obvious while other times the openings are hidden. To perform a slide into these secret areas you need to press the Circle (PlayStation 4) or B (Xbox One) button on your controller. Once inside simply break everything, collect the cash, weapons and equipment and leave the area by sliding out.

Teleport to Waypoints in Foregone

Once you have reached a waypoint in Foregone you will be able to use it to teleport to your home base and upgrade. You will also be able to use it to return to that spot in the world after you die. It is essential that you reach waypoints so you can backtrack to them at any point to grind through the enemies you have already faced to get get more cash, weapons, equipment, and essence.

How to Easily Upgrade your Gear and Skills

When you are struggling to progress in Foregone you should consider grinding previously played areas in order to get the necessary materials to upgrade your gear and skills. Every time you return to the base the enemies respawn, this provides you with the opportunity to repeatedly farm previously visited areas for gold and upgrade shards. It is important that you continually upgrade your gear and skills as the enemies you will encounter in Foregone become progressively tougher. Regularly make a trip back to the Forge so you can upgrade items and the Oratory to acquire better skill passives.

Top Tips to Survive the Harrow

Facing a Group of Powerful Enemies?
Activate Barrier to summon 3 defensive orbs capable of negating the next 3 enemy attacks.

Are Enemies Getting in your Way?
Transform your kinetic energy into a devastating attack by dashing forward and dealing damage to all enemies in your path.

Overrun by Enemies?
Equip Nova to emit a burst of energy over a large area, dealing damage to all those caught in it's path.

Raze is Powerful
Use Raze with caution, it is possible to damage 6 enemies with one Raze so only use it when necessary.

Caught Between a Turret and a Hard Place?
Use Bastion, activating Bastion will create a defensive field which negates outside enemy projectiles and applies Stasis to enemies caught inside.

The Best Offense is More Firepower
Whether safe from a distance or up close and personal, as an Arbiter you're going to need to use every tool in your arsenal. That means not being afraid to rely on your trusty secondary weapon.

Use Melee Weapons
Melee weapons come in all different shapes, sizes, and even rarities. With the weapon of your choice you will be able to slice your way through hordes of enemies to save Calagan and uncover the secret of the Harrow.

Forgone Trailer

Reclaim your Money and Essence After Death

When you die in Foregone you will lose the money and essence you accumulated. The Ferryman in the hub area gives you the opportunity to get 50% of it back if you reclaim it. This is worthwhile doing during the early game as it enables you to upgrade your weapons and skills immediately rather than trudging through the level time and time again. However, when you finally get your footing, you should return to the hub as soon as you can if you see a waypoint.

How to Travel Faster

Having to backtrack in Foregone can be tedious, especially if you are on a corpse run to recover the loot you lost when you died. There is a way however that can make you travel faster and make the process of reaching your destination quicker. If you run, then slide, then finish off with a double jump, you will create a good momentum. There is an ability called Haste which will make you move faster but it is only granted if you ignore the Leech ability which is not recommmended.


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