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Foregone Trophies for PlayStation


Trophies for Foregone


There are 50 Trophies for Foregone
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Buzzbot Deactivated
Destroy the Buzzbot
End of a Hera
Defeat Project Hera
Tectonic Hate
Defeat Tecton
Demeter Unchained
Defeat Project Demeter
Long live the Queen
Defeat the King of Calagan
Defeat Project Poseidon
Coming Through
Damage 4 enemies with one Surge
Combat Medic
Heal with Restoration in mid-combat
Screen Wipe
Damage 8 enemies with one Nova
Kick it into Overdrive
Kill 5 enemies with a single use of Overdrive
Safety First
Kill 10 enemies before Barrier's duration runs out
Hit 6 enemies with one Raze
You're in here with me!
Defeat an elite enemy inside Bastion
Hard Reset
Complete the Prologue
Discover a secret location
Déjà vu
Reminisce at the Courtyard
Acquire a collectible
Tough Choice Ahead
Acquire a Catalyst
Gotta Start Somewhere
Acquire a Skill Upgrade
Build 'em Up
Upgrade an item
Unlimited Power
Upgrade a Mythic item to Level 5
Jack of All Trades
Acquire all Skills
Captain's Log
Acquire all Commander's Logs
A Scientific Journal
Acquire all Lab Notes
Powerpoint Ranger
Acquire all Military Reports
Dear Diary
Acquire all Diary Pages
The Soul Collector
Speak to the Ferryman
Essence Well Spent
Allocate Essence into the Skill Tree
Complete a branch in the Skill Tree
Complete a branch in Skill Mastery
I know this place..
Discover all secret locations in a level
Equip a Mythic item in each active slot
Full Potential
Acquire all Skill Upgrades
Unlimited Potential
Acquire all Catalysts
Nimble Navigator
Acquire all Abilities
The Librarian
Acquire all collectibles
Max all possible nodes in the Skill Tree
Skill Master
Max all possible nodes in Skill Mastery
Dora the Arbiter
Discover all secret locations
A Foregone Conclusion
Collect all Trophies

Secret Trophies (10)
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