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How to Unlock Trophies

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How to Unlock Trophies in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach
How to Unlock Trophies in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

There are a total of 29 trophies to unlock in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. In order to unlock every trophy you will need to create multiple save files and thoroughly explore the Pizzaplex both alone and while controlling the newly-friendly Freddy to uncover the various requirements. Take a look at our How to Unlock Trophies guide to find out how to earn each of the trophies in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

Trophy Time (Patinum)

Get all the other trophies in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. This trophy is the completionists' reward for earning every other achievement in the game.

Hide and Seek Master (Gold)

Never use a hiding spot. When you beat the game without using any of the hiding spots that allow Gregory to elude the animatronics you will unlock this trophy.

Shattered Dreams (Gold)

Shatter all four of the Pizzaplex's Glamrock animatronics (Chica, Roxy, Monty, and Freddy). Aside from Freddy you will be able to do this after their boss battles. Freddy can only be shattered in the Bad Vanny ending which requires finding her hideout above the Fazerblaster area and selecting the 'Vanny' option when you reach the exit at 6:00 am.

Sugar High (Gold)

Complete the Fizzy Faz Challenge. In order to do this you must find three of the four cans of Fizzy Faz hidden through the mall. You will find them in the Loading Dock security office, El Chip's restaurant kitchen, Roxy Raceway, and the main atrium.

Heckler (Gold)

Zap a performer in the theater. Find the S.T.A.F.F. bot 'performing' on the stage of the Daycare and shoot it with the Fazerblaster.

Are you Having Fun Yet (Gold)

Get the Good ending. This can be achieved by beating all 3 Princess Quest games located throughout the Pizzaplex. The third Princess Quest cabinet can be found in Vanny's hideout above the Fazerblast area, you can access this during the Vanny ending.

Very Important Person (Gold)

VIP - Find all prizes in the game. In total there are 89 prize boxes scattered throughout the Pizzaplex, and opening all of them will earn you this trophy. After obtaining Roxy's Eyes upgrade for Freddy, he'll be able to spot hidden items through walls, making it much easier to spot hidden items.

Lost and Found (Silver)

Find all collectible messages. Collectible Fazwatch messages can be found in duffel bags located throughout the Pizzaplex. After getting Roxy's Eyes, Freddy will be able to see them through the walls.

Superstar (Silver)

Survive until 6:00 am. When you make it to the Pizzaplex's exit at 6:00 a.m. you will earn this trophy. You do not have to leave the mall in order to earn it.

Security Breached (Silver)

Get the highest security access possible. Find all 10 Security Badges that can be found on the desks of the security offices located throughout the mall.

Up Up and Away (Silver)

Maintenance log: Balloon World - Out of Order. In the Daycare area, there is a poster of Pirate Foxy and the rest of his animatronic crew. Finding the corresponding Pirate cardboard cutouts throughout the mall and flashing them with the Faz Cam will unlock a hidden door behind the poster that will lead to the Balloon World arcade cabinet. The cutouts can be found in the West Arcadet, the Monty Golf Kid's Cove, the Daycare Theater basement, and the Backstage area behind Rockstar Row. During gameplay you will have to reach a purple glitch and touch it in order to unlock this trophy.

Speak No Evil (Silver)

Shatter Chica. Decommissioning Chica with the trash compactor will unlock this trophy.

See No Evil (Silver)

Shatter Roxy. Decommissioning Roxy with the go-kart will unlock this trophy.

Claw No Evil (Silver)

Shatter Monty. Decommissioning Monty on the Monty Golf catwalks will unlock this trophy.

I Am Not Me (Silver)

Freddy is shattered. In order to shatter Freddy you need to choose the Bad Vanny ending when you reach the doors at 6:00 am. These can be unlocked by finding her hideout above the Fazerblast area.

No Room for Dessert (Silver)

Enter the bakery for the first time. The bakery is an optional area that is located on the second floor of the atrium near the entrance to Monty Golf. You can reach it by following the Sodaroni hallway all the way to the end.

A Double Edged Sword (Silver)

Maintenance log: Princess Quest 2 - Out of order. Play the Princess Quest 1 and Princess Quest 2 arcade cabinets. Princess Quest 1 can be found in the Glamrock Beauty Salon, an optional area to the right of the entrance to Roxy Raceway. Princess Quest 2 is located in the West Arcade. You must complete Princess Quest 1 and survive the Music Man chase sequence before they can play it.

Say Cheese (Silver)

Stun 4 bots with a single camera flash. The Faz Cam can stun all bots within its range, and stunning four bots at once will unlock this trophy.

Surprise (Bronze)

Get jump scared. You will be able to easily unlock this trophy by getting caught by one of the animatronics.

Party Time (Bronze)

Find a party pass. The Party Pass is used to enter either the Monty Golf or Fazerblast area of the Pizzaplex, it can be found in a prize box on the vanity in Chica's green room.

Dodge and Weave (Bronze)

Successfully evade a bot in pursuit. Simply outrunning an animatronic that is chasing Gregory will earn you this trophy.

Opa! (Bronze)

Break at least 10 dishes. In the kitchen area of the Loading Dock where you make pizza for Chica you will find 3 stacks of dishes that can be knocked over as a distraction. In order to unlock this achievement you will need to reenter this area several times in order to get the plates to respawn and knock over at least 10 stacks.

Hazard Pay (Bronze)

Find the source of Roxy Raceway's problems. Once you have obtained all 3 upgrades for Freddy, you will be able to enter the secret area beneath Roxy Raceway and take the Old Elevator down to the secret area of the True Ending.

False Alarm (Bronze)

Escape the Prize Counter office. Once you have taken the security badge from the Prize Counter office, a lockdown will initiate. To unlock the trophy you need to survive until Freddy shuts off the alarm.

Wub Wub Wub (Bronze)

Escape the West Arcade. You need to reset all four breakers in the West Arcade area and survive the Music Man chase sequence.

Sleepover (Bronze)

Escape the Daycare. In order to escape and unlock this trophy you need to turn on five generators in the Daycare area when the lights go out.

Pizza Party (Bronze)

Make a pizza! When Chica traps Gregory in the Loading Dock security office, he will have to control a delivery bot to make her a pizza in order to escape before she breaks down the door.

Lazer Ace (Bronze)

Beat Fazer Blast. You will obtain the Fazerblaster when you beat the Fazerblast minigame, which will also reward youFun with this trophy.

Under Par (Bronze)

Get a low score on golf. You can unlock this trophy by playing the 'Monty’s Gator Golf AR-Cade' game in the Monty Golf area and getting a low score.

Take a look at our Unlock Endings Guide to see the requirements in order to unlock the multiple endings in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

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