How to Upgrade Tools in Fae Farm

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How to Upgrade Tools in Fae Farm

In Fae Farm you will be doing activities such as mining, bug-catching, and fishing which will rely on the tools you have in your backpack. In order to get the best out of your tools it is crucial that you upgrade them. This How to Upgrade Tools in Fae Farm guide will tell you everything you need to know about the process.

Upgrading Tools in Fae Farm

In order to make the game less tricky and grindy it is essential that you upgrade your tools whenever you can so they are as effective as possible when you gather lumber, mine for ores, and forage for items. To upgrade your tools in Fae Farm you need to visit Cinder the Blacksmith who can be found just south-east of the Market Square.

    Farming Tools

    You have five farming tools: Axe, Pickax, Scythe, Shovel, and Watering Can. They can only be upgraded by Cinder the Blacksmith in exchange for ores and Florins. When you add upgrades to each tool in Fae Farm you will also add new abilities related to that tool.

  • Scythe Upgrades

    These chop down different types of grasses, which become tougher to cut as you progress into more difficult dungeons.

  • Shovel Upgrades

    These help you dig up more stubborn kinds of dirt in the various areas of Azoria and in its dungeons.

  • Ax Upgrades

    These allow you to chop thicker, tougher kinds of wood for your Logging skill.

  • Pickax Upgrades

    These break apart stronger, more valuable ores. These are critical for your dungeon-crawling success and the building of your Mining skill.

  • Watering Can Upgrades

    Although these aren't critical to your Farming skill, they will allow you to hold more water and use less energy when tending to crops and flowers.

Whenever the tool you are currently using is not strong enough for the task a pop-up dialogue appears recommending you upgrade it.

Smelt Ores Into Ingots

The upgrades you can give to your tools depend on the resources you currently have. This is why it is important that you stock up on ores while you are in the dungeons. If you don't gather ores you will find yourself doing a lot of backtracking.

Once you have the ores you need for an upgrade you have to smelt them into ingots using the Stone Forge. The Stone Forge can be constructed on your homestead for 25 Stone and 10 Coal if you haven't already done so. It takes 10 ores to make one ingot.

It takes time to smelt ores into ingots, but when finished you can collect them from the Stone Forge and take them to Cinder the Blacksmith where you will be able to exchange them along with the required amount of Florins for an upgraded tool.

Requirements for Resource Based Tools

Listed below are the requirements necessary to upgrade each resource-based tool in Fae Farm.

  • Basic Tool

    Requirement: N/A

  • Copper Tool

    Requirement: 1 Copper Ingot and 100 Florins

  • Iron Tool

    Requirement: 2 Iron Ingots and 500 Florins

  • Feyrite Tool

    Requirement: 3 Feyrite Ingots and 1500 Florins

  • Silver Tool

    Requirement: 4 Silver Ingots and 2500 Florins

  • Orichalcum Tool

    Requirement: 5 Orichalcum Ingots and 3500 Florins

  • Gold Tool

    Requirement: 5 Gold Ingot and 5000 Florins

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