How to Get Sardines in Fae Farm

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How to Get Sardines in Fae Farm

One of the first major quests you come across in Fae Farm is 'A Watery Wonder' and one of the items you need to complete it is sardines. This How to Get Sardines in Fae Farm guide explains where and how to catch this fish.

A Watery Wonder Quest

You will find the 'A Watery Wonder' Quest on the 25th floor of the Saltwater Mines. In this particular quest, you need to help a magical creature called Neppy gather a substantial amount of food to satisfy his hunger. This quest must be completed as it is essential for progressing the game and unlocking new characters, recipes, areas, and a powerful Vortex Spell.

To fulfill Neppy's hunger and complete 'A Watery Wonder', you will need to gather the following items:

    - 5 Steamed Fish

    - 10 Coral

    - 10 Sand Dollar

    - 20 Diced Roots

    - 3 Sardine

  • Steamed Fish

    You will need a Food Prep Table and a Cooking Heart in order to prepare steamed fish. Both of these items can be crafted on your farm.

  • Food Prep Table

    - 1 Beech Lumber

    - 1 Copper Ingot

    - 2 Stone Brick

    - 1 Oak Lumber

  • Cooking Hearth

    - 2 Beech Lumber

    - 3 Stone Brick

    - 3 Clay Brick

    - 2 Copper Ingot

Once you have crafted both of these items you will require 1 Fish Fillet and 2 Fresh Greens for every Steamed Fish. Fish Fillets can be obtained by cutting any fish on the Food Prep Table and Fresh Greens can be made from Arugula.


Coral can be found to the left of Eddy's shack and also near the entrance of the Saltwater Mines. You need to keep an eye out for pink, chunky branches on the rocks in these areas.

Sand Dollars

You will be able to find Sand Dollars on any beach in Fae Farm. They are coin-like objects that are easy to spot and gather.

Diced Roots

You will need root vegetables such as Turnips in order to obtain Diced Roots. Turnips can be grown by purchasing seeds from the market and then taking the harvested vegetables to your Food Prep Table where they can be transformed into Diced Roots. Each vegetable yields 2 Diced Roots so you will need 10 vegetables.

How to Get Sardines in Fae Farm

Sardines are the most difficult item to obtain to complete the 'A Watery Wonder' Quest in Fae Farm.

  • Where to Catch Sardine

    If you go to locations that are near the sea you will find Sardines. These locations include the Beach, the Docks, and East Town. You will need to be patient when fishing for Sardines as they will not appear right away, especially during the day. The best time to go fishing for Sardines is at night when they are more active.

    Where to Catch Sardine
  • How to Catch Sardine

    Follow the steps below to catch Sardine in Fae Farm.

    Step 1:

    Position your character close to the water, preferably near the shore or on a rock to get a good view of the fish.

    Step 2:

    Keep an eye out for a white and blue fish that swims as if it is drawing a figure eight. This fish is thin in comparison to other sea creatures.

    Step 3:

    When you spot a Sardine, take out your fishing rod and cast your bait close to it.

    Step 4:

    When the Sardine bites the bait, pull the rod and spin the reel to catch it.

    Step 5:

    You need to pay attention to the line when doing this. If it is red, stop pulling the fish towards you, if you continue pulling the line will break off.

    Step 6:

    When the Sardine is very close to the shore, you will fish it out and it will automatically be placed in your inventory.

Once you have gathered all the items that Neppy has requested you need to present them to him on the 25th floor of the Saltwater Mines. Interact with the fountain where Neppy resides and place all the items on the pedestal. Neppy will consume the food, and the quest will be completed.

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