Fae Farm Planting and Harvesting Crops Guide

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Farming in Fae Farm is an important mechanic that you need to get to grips with. This Fae Farm Planting and Harvesting Crops Guide will tell you everything you need to know to help you on your way.

Planting and Harvesting Crops

In Fae Farm you get seeds to plant by paying Holly a visit in Town Centre. From these seeds you will be able to grow dozens of interesting seasonal or regional varieties of fruit, trees, vegetables, and flowers that the townspeople will love.

  • How to Plant your Seeds

    You will be introduced to the game's farming mechanics during the tutorial by Mayor Merritt when she's teaching you the lay of the land in Azoria. She will give you nine turnip seeds for free and task you with planting them on your new farm.

    Like most crops in Fae Farm, you will be able to plant these seeds in Basic Soil Beds that are crafted at the Construction menu with one silt, one sand, and one beech log each. Once prepared you approach the soil beds you click to equip your seeds and click again to plant them. It is then essential that you water them daily.

  • Seasonal Soil Beds

    You can grow seasonal Crops in Basic Soil Beds, but this will depend on the current season. This is why you should invest in Seasonal Soil Beds as they enable you to grow a wide range of crops at any time of the year.

    Below is a complete list of all the Soil Beds you can unlock as you progress through Fae Farm and what crops they grow.

  • Basic Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Silt, Sand, Beech Log.

    What it Grows: Grows crops in the current season.

  • Flower Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Oak Log, Silt, Mulch.

    What it Grows: Grows flowers.

  • Hydro Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Rough Amethyst, Silt, Clay, Oak Log.

    What it Grows: Grows the same crops as Basic Soil Bed but requires watering less often.

  • Spring Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Peat Moss, Ancient Log, Ecto Dew.

    What it Grows: Grows Spring crops.

  • Summer Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Flame Salts, Ancient Log, Cinders.

    What it Grows: Grows Summer crops.

  • Autumn Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Peat Moss, Ancient Log, Amber.

    What it Grows: Grows Autumn crops.

  • Winter Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Volcanic Ash, Ancient Log, SnowFlakes.

    What it Grows: Grows Winter crops.

  • Fae Soil Bed

    Resources Needed: Shade Jelly, Flutterwood Log, Spriggan Leaf.

    What it Grows: Grows Fae crops.

  • When to Water your Seeds

    Watering your crops will enable them to grow a bit bigger each day until they are ready to harvest. Each seed needs to be watered for a specific number of days before it can be harvested.

    The period of time for Turnips for example is four days, but there are other crops that need to be watered upwards of twelve days.

    On the crops 'final' day they will immediately grow to completion after being watered and you will be able to click them to harvest. Keep in mind that there is no need to water your crops on days when it rains.

  • How to get More Seeds

    Once you have grown the nine turnip seeds that you were given in the tutorial you need to head to the town center where NPCs like Rosalind, Willow, and Holly sell seeds that you can buy. Some of the seeds they sell however can't be purchased until you reach a certain farming level.

    You will be able to find Holly right of the market tables between Will and Aspen and she only sells Turnips, Cauliflower, and Beans at first. When your level increases she'll begin selling more seeds.

  • Purchasing Seeds

    Before purchasing seeds make sure you hover over them in the merchant's stocks to check how many days of water they will need before they can be harvested and the season they are best suited for.

    It is important that you do this because any crops planted in Fae Farm will die immediately if they aren't finished growing when a new season begins. You can however avoid this happening by purchasing Zippy Fertilizer and spreading it over your crops to speed up the growing process.

    In Fae Farm there are technically only six kinds of Seeds:

    - Turnip Seeds

    - Cauliflower Seeds

    - Bean Seeds

    - Potato Seeds

    - Corn Seeds

    - Pepper Seeds

    Each of these seeds can be transformed into a different variant for each of the four Seasons along with an additional 'Fae' variant through the use of Fertilizers and specialized Soils.

The video below shows you how to get all the crops in Fae Farm

How to get all the crops in Fae Farm

  • How to get Fertilizer

    Fertilizer in Fae Farm is purchased from Holly who can be found on the right side of the vendor's booths in the Town Center. All you need to do when you find her is speak to her and select 'Open Shop'.

    Doing this will allow you to see the fertilizers she is selling. They will be in green, gold, and purple bags and you will need to have reached farming level 3 to use any of them. Each fertilizer bag cost 35 Florin, except the Magic Crop Swap which is 50 Florin.

    If you don't have the money to purchase fertilzer you can always make your own. The only thing you will need is a Garden Bench to use as a work station. This can be crafted using the following resources:

  • Garden Bench

    - 3 Oak Lumber (requires Lumber Station)

    - 15 Clay

    - 15 Silt

  • Below are the ingredients required to create the different fertilizers in Fae Farm.

  • Zippy Fertilizer

    - 1 Mulch

    - 1 Bug Juice

    - 1 Sand Dollar

  • Bounteous Fertilizer

    - 1 Mulch

    - 1 Flutter Dust

    - 1 Coral

  • Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer

    – 1 Mulch

    - 1 Frog Sweat

    - 1 Ammonite

  • You will need the Lowlands Critter Conservatory to be able to get the Bug Juice, Flutter Dust, and Frog Sweat ingredients. The ingredients you require come from placing the specified critters in the Conservatory.

  • Bug Juice

    It can be produced in the Lowlands Critter Conservatory from butterflies (1 bug = 1 Bug Juice).

  • Flutter Dust

    It can be produced in the Lowlands Critter Conservatory from butterflies (1 butterfly = 1 Flutter Dust).

  • Frog Sweat

    It can be produce in the Lowlands Critter Conservatory Lowlands Critter Conservatory from frogs (1 frog = 1 Frog Sweat).

  • Seasonal Crops

    You will not be able to grow a seed in a Soil Bed and make it transform into the seasonal variety. In order to do that you will need to follow-up with Magic Crop Swap Fertilzer to give the crop a chance of transforming into the seasonal variety of that Soil Bed.

    When doing this you need to keep in mind that there are usually a hanful of seeds that don't transform so if you require a certain amount of any Seasonal Crop variety you need to make sure you plant and fertilize extras. Below is a list of the seasonal crops.

  • Turnip

    Spring - Radish

    Summer - Carrot

    Autumn - Beet

    Winter - Fennel

    Fae - Frost Beet

  • Cauliflower

    Spring - Asparagus

    Summer - Artichoke

    Autumn - Red Cabbage

    Winter - Broccoli

    Fae - Flame Heart

  • Bean

    Spring - Sugar Peas

    Summer - Eggplant

    Autumn - Pumpkin

    Winter - Acorn Squash

    Fae - Magic Bean

  • Potato (Requires Level 10)

    Spring - Leek

    Summer - Onion

    Autumn - Garlic

    Winter - Jewel Yam

    Fae - Azure Spud

  • Corn (Requires Level 15)

    Spring - Rice

    Summer - Wheat

    Autumn - Oats

    Winter - Rye

    Fae - Candy Corn

  • Pepper (Requires Level 20)

    Spring - Cucumber

    Summer - Tomato

    Autumn - Tomatillo

    Winter - Chili Pepper

    Fae - Crystal Pepper

  • How to Grow Fae Crop Variants

    There are two different methods you can use in Fae Farm to grow Fae crop variants. They are both listed below.

  • Method #1

    - Place Crop Seeds on your Farm in Fae Acres.

    - Water the Crop Seeds.

    - Use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on the watered Seeds.

    - Any fertilized Crops now have a chance of changing to the Fae variant.

  • Method #2

    - Place Crop Seeds on a Fae Soil Bed on any Farm.

    - Water the Crop Seeds.

    - Use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on the watered Seeds.

    - Any fertilized Crops now have a chance of changing to the Fae variant.

  • When these crops are planted at the Fae Acres farm or on any other farm with Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer applied to them Fae crop variants can grow from standard seeds. There is only one Fae form for each kind of standard crop, regardless of season.
  • Beans - Magic Beans.

    Cauliflower - Flame Heart (Note: Needed for 'A Spicy Encounter')

    Corn - Candy Corn.

    Peppers - Crystal Pepper.

    Potatoes - Azure Spud.

    Turnips - Frost Beet (Note: Needed for 'A Frozen Friend')

  • How to Harvest Your Crops

    When it is time to harvest in Fae Farm you simply walk over to your crops and begin to pick them so they are placed directly into your inventory.

    To begin with, you will have to pick everything by hand but eventually, you will unlock a magic spell that harvests all the crops in range. Once harvested those crops can then be used to either make meals on your cooking appliances to eat or sell or the crops can be sold outright.

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