Fae Farm Dungeon Guide

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One of the features of Fae Farm are dungeons which you will need to tackle in order to find resources for your construction projects. This Fae Farm Dungeon Guide will tell you everything you need to know about fighting enemies and finding resources in these mines.

Fae Farm Dungeons

In Fae Farm there are three dungeons, each of which is located in a different region of Azoria. Inside these dungeons, you will discover a wide variety of different floor layouts, all littered with assorted amounts of stones, coal, ores, resources, and more. Each of these dungeons will have its own unique resources and enemies within.

  • Find the Glowing Switch

    To advance to the next floor of the dungeon you will need to break rocks and ore until you locate a glowing yellow switch on the ground that opens a door. Once you have found the switch you simply need to step on it to open the door. You will always find the switch for the door to the next floor on the northernmost wall of the current floor, with the exit always on the southernmost wall.

  • How to Activate the Pedestals

    Keep in mind that if you try to leave through a door to return to a previous floor the game will warp you back outside the dungeon. To return to a previous floor, you will need to use the Pedestals. These though require hard-to-find seals of a particular gem to activate, you can find out exactly what you need by interacting with the seal. This will either be a Topaz, Peridot, Aquamarine, or Citrine seal.

How to Craft Seals

How to Craft Seals in Fae Farm

To unlock and light up the pedestals that you find around Azoria you have to insert the seal of the specified gem it asks for. Listed below are the different seals and the resources needed to craft them at a Seal Crafting Station.

  • Citrine Seal

    - 5x Copper Ore

    - 5x Iron Ore

    - 15x Rough Citrine

    You will find Rough Citrene in Saltwater Mines from floor 5–11, with floor 8 being the best.

  • Peridot Seal

    - x5 Copper Ore

    - x5 Iron Ore

    - x15 Rough Peridot

    You will find Rough Peridot through floors 9–15 of the Saltwater Mines, with the gemstone being the most common on floor 12 specifically.

  • Aquamarine Seal

    - x5 Copper Ore

    - x5 Iron Ore

    - x15 Rough Aquamarine

    You can find Rough Aquamarine through floors 15–21 of the Saltwater Mines, with the gemstone being the most common on floor 12 specifically.

  • Topaz Seal

    - x5 Copper Ore

    - x5 Iron Ore

    - x15 Rough Topaz

    You will find Rough Topaz through floors 21–24 of the Saltwater Mines, with the gemstone being the most common on floor 24 specifically.


Fae Farm Combat

  • How to get the Magic Staff

    At the start of Chapter 2 Alaric the local wizard sends you a letter in the mail asking you to go to his house and speak with him about magic. When you meet the wizard he will give you a Magic Staff to help you clear the thorns around Azoria. This staff can also be used to swing as a melee weapon to combat enemies when they are in range.

  • How to get More Spells

    As you progress through the game you will unlock several spells which you can select from to deal different kinds of magical and physical damage. To unlock the spells you will need to deal with the Sprites that have been causing all sorts of problems around Azoria. Every Sprite unlocks a new major spell, this means your staff will be upgraded periodically the game.

Spells and Potions

You can also access temporary spells from Vera's Shop, which can be found to the right of the Central Town. Listed below are all the spells and potions that can be crafted in Fae Farm. The spells list indicates the Sprite that unlocks it.


  • Vortex

    Effect: Creates a whirlwind around your farmer to push Jumbles away or harvest crops.

    Sprite: Neppy

  • Faerie Fire

    Effect: Creates three fireballs that can be used as projectiles, or to light torches.

    Sprite: Boletal

  • Charm

    Effect: Temporarily stuns Jumbles and Critters within range.

    Sprite: Grell


  • Potion of Healing

    Effect: Replenishes health.

    Recipe: 1 Frog Sweat and 1 Nectar

  • Potion of Mana

    Effect: Replenishes mana.

    Recipe: 1 Flutter Dust and 1 Fae Dust

  • Fairbreath Potion

    Effect: Grants resistance to miasma damage.

    Recipe: 2 Steel Cut Clover and 1 Blob Globs

  • Fairbreath Potion

    Effect: Protects your farmer from miasma in the Fae Realm and Floating Ruins.

    Recipe: 2 Steel Cut Clover and 1 Blob Glob

  • Warmth Potion

    Effect: Grants temporary resistance to extreme cold.

    Recipe: 2 Shell Bits and 2 Spore Essence

  • Fireproof Potion

    Effect: Grants temporary resistance to extreme heat.

    Recipe: 2 Frost Fuzz and 1 Snow Flake

  • Zoom Potion

    Effect: Grants a temporary speed boost.

    Recipe: 3 Bug Juice

  • Gone Potion

    Effect: Grants a temporary invisibility effect (which ends if you attack).

    Recipe: 2 Ecto Dew and 1 Flutter Dust

  • Zaps Potion

    Effect: Attacks may create a chain of lightning between Jumbles.

    Recipe: 2 Fae Dust and 2 Steel Cut Clover

  • Confusion Potion

    Effect: Reduces the damage you take from Jumble attacks and stuns them if they strike.

    Recipe: 4 Bug Juice

  • Lifesteal Potion

    Effect: Drains Health from enemies when you strike them with melee attacks.

    Recipe: 2 Frog Sweat and 2 Ecto Dew

  • Manasteal Potion

    Effect: Drains Mana from enemies when you strike them with melee attacks.

    Recipe: 2 Flutter Dust and 2 Blob Globs

  • Bubble Potion

    Recipe: Forms a bubble around your farmer that absorbs a few attacks.

    Effect: 2 Shell Bits and 2 Frosty Beet Bits

  • Thorn Potion

    Effect: Forms thorns around your farmer that damage any Jumbles that touch you.

    Recipe: 3 Steel Cut Clover and 2 Shell Bits

  • Flame Petal Potion

    Effect: Surrounds your farmer with flaming petals that damage Jumbles that come near you.

    Recipe: 3 Ecto Dew, 2 Frog Sweat

  • Sadness Potion

    Effect: Creates a raincloud that follows your farmer.

    Recipe: 2 Frog Sweat and 2 Bug Juice

  • Whirlwind Potion

    Effect: Spins a cyclone out from the end of your staff for additional damage to Jumbles caught in it.

    Recipe: 3 Spore Essence and 2 Flutter Dust

  • Jar of Bees

    Effect: Throws down a swarm of bees.

    Recipe: 1 Worker Bee and 1 Bug Juice

How to Combat Jumbles

The enemies you encounter in Fae Farm are known as Jumbles. They take the shape of discarded items and they increase in difficulty and number the further into a dungeon you advance. Jumbles are found on set floors and will not spawn outside them. Each enemy in Fae Farm has their own unique attack pattern and you should familiarize yourself with it in order to combat it effectively.

Dungeons Tips and Tricks

The video below is a collection of tips and tricks you need to know about dungeons when playing Fae Farm.

Fae Farm Dungeons Tips and Tricks

0:00 - Intro

0:10 - Tip 1

0:51 - Tip 2

1:00 - Tip 3

1:22 - Tip 4

1:39 - Tip 5

2:15 - Tip 6

2:58 - Tip 7

3:11 - Tip 8

3:36 - Tip 9

4:39 - Outro

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