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Evil Hunter Tycoon Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Evil Hunter Tycoon

Last Updated: by Dennis

Evil Hunter Tycoon, is a semi-automated, town management and construction game where you have to build and develop a town of hunters by sending them into battle to gather resources to upgrade your town. It's really well made and has a variety of different elements to get to grips with. Check out our Evil Hunter Tycoon Cheats and Tips below.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Cheats and Tips

1) Play Through the Quests
The best way to get through Evil Hunter Tycoon is to play through the quests, that will guide you as to what buildings to construct first and what materials you will need.

2) Request Items at the Trading Post
Trading Post

What the game does not tell you however is to keep on using the Trading Post to request the items that you'll will continue to need throughout the game. Basically it works like this, the hunters go off into the fighting areas and come back and trade resources. They also need to be healed, fed and have somewhere to sleep. So you request that they bring back and trade with you the items that you need to make the things that they need... Hmmm.... Hope that makes sense!

Items that you will most need initially are:

Linen Cloths - To Make Bandages in the Infirmary

Soggy Flour - To Make Cake in the Restaurant

Young Lycan Fur - To Make Beds in the Inn

Keep these items well stocked and you'll be able to produce the materials that your hunters need to continue hunting and bringing in the gold!

3) Check your in-game mail
If you've just started the game, there could well be a ton of in-game rewards waiting for you to help you complete the quests.

4) Upgrade your Town Hall
Upgrade Your Town Hall

The most important building is the Town Hall, a higher level Town Hall will give you access to more upgrades and more buildings. Often you may be stuck on a quest because your Town Hall has not yet reached the required level to unlock a building.

5) Getting More Gold
While you are spending gold trading with the hunters for resources, you'll also need to find ways to acquire more gold to upgrade the Town Hall, construct buildings, and purchase more items. The easiest way to get more gold for free is to watch ads, you can tap the Orc that has the ad flag if you can find him. Don't forget, that while you purchase items from the hunters, they also purchase the crafted products back from you; the cake, beds and bandages.

You can also get more gold by crafting items at the Blacksmith, then selling them at the Weapons Shop. Once the item is made you just need to display it at the shop, then select the appropriate hunter to purchase it.

6) Scour the hunting fields for items
As you know, the hunters sometimes leave things behind, you can find a load of items on the hunter fields that will save some gold on acquiring them.

7) Log in Daily
You can get a daily reward from the game if you log in daily.

8) Level Up Your Buildings
After increasing your difficulty level you should aim to also level up all of your buildings to the next level otherwise they may not be selling or making the appropriate level items for your hunters and everything will grind to a halt. For example if you have gone from Easy to Normal, your buildings need to be at least level 2 as soon as possible.

We @Supercheats hope you have loads of fun playing this interesting app game, and if you need extra help, check out our Evil Hunter Tycoon questions page.

We also have more comprehensive help for Evil Hunter Tycoon in our guide: Evil Hunter Tycoon Walkthrough

Evil Hunter Tycoon Walkthrough and Guide


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