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Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout

Game Reviews for Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout


Quick Reviews

ID #1863

This game is the first to be shown in 3D from all the dbz games i think this a major advantage also this game has tons of moves and trics i like this game very much

I would give this game 9/10

ID #1862

This is the best dragon ball game that I have played.This game has almost all the awsome moves that are in the episodes.

The best thing I like is that you can have blast battles.the game does't has the best graphics but the characters and the moves are just awsome.

I will give this game 9 and a half out of 10.

ID #1861

ok, it makes sence that only people who actually like the game are writing these reviews. But face it guys, allthought this game is from 96 (is it? maybe 97 or so) those graphs aren't quite perfect, and the only nice thing about the game is that you finally can build up your strenght with build mode.

Another mistake: why the f*ck didn't they place yamcha or tien in the game, or garlic jr. or that stupid small white clown: chiotzu (don't know how to spell it) I mean, the have as far as I know 6 types of goku!!!!!

damn, who needs them. just 2 or 3 would be waaay enough... right???? nuthin is more fun then beating the sh*t out of a weakling as yamcha with, let's say... android18!! Whahgaha die...die!!!!!

sorry, let's continue the review. I'll be honest with you, I play the game a lot!!! That's because I am a very very big DBZ/GT fan. BUT,IF YOU ARE NOT, THIS GAME STINKS!!!!


And just to compare some words from the former reviewers on ths site, the music is OK, and the moves are great.

I admit... there.... final rating: somewhere between 6 and 9 (fan or not a fan, see)

ID #1860

There are only a few problems with this game. First, the graphics are a little sketchy.

Secondly, the characters, there are alot of characters but they dont have the other characters that make the story go along.

For example, Tien, Yamcha, Goten, SS4 Vegeta, Brolli, and there are others. Also the good characters are hard to earn like Gogeta and Gotenks.

I mean it must take alot of time and detication to get Gogeta, I mean you have to beat the game 20 times on hard mode!

I've had the game for 2 months and I play it like every day for like an hour and I still havent got Gogeta yet.

I have just recently got Gotenks like 2 days ago. Any way I still give this game an 8/10 because it is till a kick ass game!

ID #1859

This game is alright, but the graphics are a little screwed. Like when SSJ4(SSJ is for the Japanese)Goku wins, as he talks, it looks like there is a dress thingy on.

I like DBZ/GT so I play it a lot. What is up with those cheats, #17?,Nimbus Cloud?,Gogeta?,Gotenks?,Ubuu? are these cheats real? Gogeta i believe. I give this game 8.25/10, seriously

ID #1858

This game is one of the coolest games if those cheats are working and there are so many cheats well i'm gonna play it right now and look if the cheats are working.

Laters and a happy new year for everybody....

ID #1857

I've been playing on this game for about 1week and already it is my favourite fighting game because you can build up your characters levels to make the game a lot funnier.

The thing I think is bad about this game is that there are 5 goku's 3 trunkes and only 1 vegeta and one gohan and there are only 3 bad guys that I,ve seen and where are the othe z fighters?

The graphics are a bit sketchy but a good game I'd give it 9/10 oh and what the hells convert mode?

ID #1856

I have this game and tryed all the codes this game need more help like every character is Goku.

The only codes is the SS4,Uubu,gotenks,empiorpelof,thois saiyajins,and that krillin code my favorate code is the SS5 code. Igive this game an 9 outof 10.

ID #1855

This beat-em'up game is really cool if you are a REAL Dragonball Z/GT fan. The 3D work is average and the moves are quite accurate.

The controls are easy to understand and master. Also the special moves are cool and not that hard to do.

The cheats to this game are good if you want a wider variety of characters to choose from.

Overall, the game is good, but not so good if you are expecting plenty to do. It's fun shooting kamehamehas and beating the players up.

I say, wait until the new dbz games come out (and that's soon!) to get a better dbz/GT game! Rate: 7/10....!

ID #1854

I love this game, apart from the fact that theres only 10 characters, and when you unlock the rest, you cant save it even if you do have a memory card! overall, 9/10

ID #1853

I'm a DBZ fan from England and I suppose that I only really like this game 'cos of the heavy theme songs. I reckon Frieza's is the best. Or is it Vegeta's???

Oh yeah, i gots ss4 goku! (Do the all characters code right, left, down, up x2 and then press triangle 5x and square 9x)

If you haven't got the game, and if you aren't really into dragonball z/gt then i wouldn't recommend buying this game.

See ya's!!!

ID #1852
Personally, I only like it 'cos Dragonball Z is my favourite cartoon.

I think that there are too many Goku's!!! If you include Vegetto (Goku and Vegeta fused) that makes a total of 5 Gokus!

Plus, Vegeta's, Future Trunks' and Friezas theme are the best!!!

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