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Game Reviews for Crash Nitro Kart


Quick Reviews

Dingo_Dile's reviewAdded 10 Jan 2005, ID #12468
It's a good game. I am very disappointed with Dingodile being locked though.

I'd give it a 9/10.

The game has fairly good graphics (certainly improved from Crash Team Racing) but it's a bit repetitive and people who have played Crash Team Racing before may actually find this fairly easy.

Filled with funAdded 16 Oct 2004, ID #11149
Crash is a 10/10 game because every new game improves but this improved too well and it's so fun!

Crash Nitro Kart!!Added 4 Jul 2004, ID #9638
Crash Nitro Kart is not the best Crash bandicoot game yet although it has many great qualities such as how you can pick which team to go on to.

This game would be given seven and a quarter out of ten.

The Immortal is now gaining Power!Added 16 Jan 2004, ID #6343
For aeons, I have been trapped in this website.

It has become my prison. But, as long as people keep reading my reviews of poor games, I gain power, until I will create my own website!!!

Crash Nitro Kart would be an average game. That is, if it hadn't been done before by NaughtyDog (Crash Team Racing). The game is so simalar It's hard to see the difference.

It really feels like you're playing a PSone game. It is not good value for money.

As you progress through the game, you will meet new characters. Mind you, even if it's been done before, the courses and characters are good enough.

It is a shameful attempt to cash in on a previously fresh franchise. Fans of the Bandicoot may lap up the ability to position items in levels as you please, but anyone in their right mind should avoid this.

Graphics: 59% Functional, good characters, but a bit PSone.
Sound: 68% PSone. Which wasn't bad.
Gameplay: 75% same as above
Longevity: 47% It depends on your attention span.
Overall: 53% Very similar to PSone version. (Which is in no way a recommandation)

FunAdded 25 Apr 2004, ID #1684

Racing ReviewAdded 26 Jun 2005, ID #4151
I'll give Grand Theft auto: Vice city 1313 out of 10! it has it all bikes, car, guns, and big money!

Good game play! good cheats! good name! it's the best!!!!!!!

Thats a good 10 4 buddy. over and out

Its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!Added 22 Jul 2004, ID #2917

Not too GoodAdded 30 Apr 2004, ID #2299

It's alrightAdded 22 Apr 2004, ID #2234

What is there to say which hasn't already been said. The graphics, gameplay and sheer depth of this game are truly phenomenol!

When you first begin the game as snake, everything seems identical as the first MGS, however, it soon becomes clear that it isn't. The way that the characters react is realistic to a believable point. If they spot your shadow they will follow it ect.

The plot is very stylish and the character development is very good. The many actions which your characters can perform are done with the greatest of ease.

There are many weapons in this game. There effects are very believable on the soldiers in the game. The most pleasing is definitely the Stinger. When a guard isn't willing to give u anything, stick that in his face to sort him out!

This game may be quite short (12 hours first play) but it has so many little touches of excellence that keep dragging you back for more.

One other thing that has to be mentioned. This game has the funniest moment in all of gaming history. After you have defeated the harrier do this. Drop onto the orange pipe as normal and run forward. Raiden will run over some bird muck, slip and fall to his is very amusing.

Greatest game ever made? DEFINITELY

Score: 10/10

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