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Beginner Tips and Tricks

Cat Cafe Manager Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Cat Cafe Manager Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you in Cat Cafe Manager.

Train your Staff
Make sure you have a plan for your cafe and tailor your staff and kitties to meet that goal. This means investing the Skill Points you gain by hiring staff and bringing in more stray cats accordingly. For staff, skill points can be spent on improving their cooking, serving, repair, and cleaning skills while for cats they can be used to improve their bathroom routine, independence, and even their compatibility with certain customer classes. You will accrue Skill Points quickly in Cat Cafe Manager and you should invest them as soon as possible to make your cafe better. Look at the star count in the top left corner of your screen to see how many Skill Points you have at your disposal. Take a look at our How to Hire Staff guide to find out how you can get help at your cafe.

Increase your Cats Skills
Don't forget that your cats can earn Cat Training Points which can be used to increase their Skills. In Cat Cafe Manager the 'Skills' your cat can increase refers to how well they are able to fulfill the needs of a specific Customer subgroup. Every cat you adopt automatically comes equipped with a a Trait and a Cat Skill and by increasing the level of your cat you will be able to select additional Traits for them which you can put to good use in your cafe.

Invest in Chair Slots First
Once you meet Grimalkin, the black cat, he invites you to visit the Shrine in the village. The Shrine represents your skill tree and where you can work on projects that unlocks things like new menu items and cat toys. The most important unlockable in the Shrine is the number of chair slots you have. The more chair slots you have the more customers you will be able to seat in your cafe which can result in increasing your revenue exponentially. Make sure this is the first project you invest your time in.

Invest in Staff Second
Once you complete the first chair slot project the next thing you should do before you go on to unlock more chair slots is invest in being able to hire staff. It is important that you do this as you will need help in managing the influx of customers when your cafe starts to become busy. Make sure you hire the right person for the job by checking the note board in the town center.

The Stock in the Gruff Decorations and Appliances Shop Changes
Keep in mind that the stock in Gruff Decorations & Appliances, a shop that sells furniture, appliances and decorations in Caterwaul Way rotates daily. Items however eventually return, you just need to regularly visit it until what you are after is available to purchase.

Make Friends for Rewards
Over time some of your customers will become Regulars and you will be able to grow your friendship with them. The more you talk to them, the higher your friendship level climbs. You will even be able to call them from the payphone just outside your cafe and invite them to visit. Make sure you do this whenever the option becomes available as doing so will not only increase your chance of obtaining Friendship rewards like free furniture but also guarantees you will earn some currency from that Regular's customer subgroup.

Always have an Objective Active
One of the first features you are introduced to is the Shrine, this is the skill tree mechanic that enables you to progress in Cat Cafe Manager by allowing you to unlock various things that will help you in the game. You can only have on Shrine objective active at any one time, so it is important that you always have one selected, the best time to do this is straight after you complete an objective.

Advertising is Important
Although there is the possibility that every type of customer will visit your cafe, you can increase the chances of attracting a specific subgroup by advertising. Take a look at our Advertising Guide to find out everything you need to know about this feature in Cat Cafe Manager.

Different Recipes and Beverages
Keep in mind that different recipes and beverages appeal to different customers so you need to make sure your cafe menu has something on it that caters for everyone. There are six different subgroups of customers in Cat Cafe Manager - Artists, Businesspeople, Fisherfolf, Punks, and Witches, and each type pays a different sort of currency. Not having the food or drink a customer wants will affect your rank at the end of the day.

Manage your Time
In Cat Cafe Manager time does not move in real-time. Instead, it moves at an in-game rate that allows for multiple days to pass in one real-life day. Each morning will see you opening the cafe, and it will close at night. During the day you can pause time by opening the town map. Use this to your advantage by taking a moment to restock on necessary ingredients at Bonner's Market or getting more Lures from Carla-lala at the Pet Goods store.

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