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Mission 7 Walkthrough part 1

At the start of this mission, activate the Optic Scanner and zoom in. Aim it at the guy in the suit to confirm you have the right guy. Clearly you do. Who the F else would be dropped off this building by a chopper and a guarded squad?

Drop down and use the zipline launcher, then hook yourself up and slide down the building. Move down a level and waste the guy behind the laptop, then move right and take out the remaining guy (the second is taken care of by your buddy). Move down one more level and stafe to the left to take out the guy(s) in the kitchen. After this, move back to the right to take out the others. Go all the way down to the lowest possible level and enter the building.



Before following Keegan, first head down the left side of the hall and go into the offices to the left. You'll find this piece of intel on one of the desks to the right side of the office. Its screen is turned a bit away from you, so the green glow isn't directly visible, but when you get closer and inspect the desk you'll easily spot it.


Follow Keegan to the servers and approach the flashing panel. Use it and keep doing what you're doing even with enemy soldiers approaching; you'll be able to finish just in time. Hide in the alcove and let the soldiers pass, then head back to the windows and slide down to kill the soldier on the balcony below. Throw a knife at the guy coming at you and everything'll be fine. Well, except for him perhaps, but he's just an AI anyway.

Follow Keegan downstairs and kill the two soldiers in the room with the elevator before proceeding through the hall on the right. Follow through the door and take out the five soldiers in the offices up ahead. Proceed through the large hall until you reach a fairly dark room. Shoot the TV and turn on your demonic strobe light to exterminate everything that moves in this room.

Again, follow Keegan through the doors up ahead, then meet Hesh at the end of the hall and fiddle with the monitoring room. Enemies enter the hall you just left, so start sweeping it. Be sure to stay well covered; these bastards know where it hurts. When you've cleared out the area, hook up at the railing and slide down the rope to the floor below (while taking out several more guys as you're hanging there, Die Hard style).

When you crash through the window, quickly take cover and start taking out any enemies closeby before pressing on. Your goal is to make it to the end of the area, but seriously, ignore the dumb comments from Hesh such as "Quickly" and "We don't have much time". Don't do anything stupid and stay covered, taking out enemies from safe positions. When you finally reach the other side you'll have found Ramos.

After the scene, quickly follow your teammates downstairs and flee from the building. When everything collapses and you fall out, take down any enemies you can and use your parachute to end the mission.

Mission 7 Walkthrough part 2
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17 comments, latest first.
Oct 29th 2015 Guest
I'm on the balcony and I've killed one guy with a knife but i can't kill the other 2
ID #620720
Sep 13th 2015 Princesskiyomi
Read the comments before commenting...some of your problems have already been solved.
ID #608027
Sep 7th 2015 Guest
I'm on the balcony after killing one soldier and I can't throw my knife at the other, tried everything. I'm on Xbox 360
ID #606284
Sep 13th 2015 Princesskiyomi
Press the RT button (The same button used to shoot at your enemies) ~Kiyomi
ID #608014
Mar 7th 2015 Guest
how to throw knife at others ...please tell pc controls ?
ID #525265
Dec 4th 2015 Guest
I have the same problem on PC I can't throw knife.
ID #630764
Dec 24th 2014 Guest
Hold down x to rappel down does not work, what to do?
ID #489565
Sep 13th 2015 Princesskiyomi
Try holding down A not X
ID #608026
Nov 2nd 2014 mohammadreza28657
I have problem kiling soldiers on the balcony. When I kill one by knife I can't throw knife to the others.
ID #466692
Oct 21st 2014 Guest
i have probleme in lunch federation day
ID #461282
Aug 18th 2014 Guest
Target the enemy by pressing right click and press G finish...
ID #437818
Jun 2nd 2014 Guest
same problem here buddy!
ID #392985
Mar 25th 2014 Guest
ID #368209
Jan 13th 2014 Guest
I'm on the balcony after killing one soldier and I can't throw my knife at the other, tried everything. I'm on Xbox one.
ID #343292
Nov 28th 2013 john hunter
After doing your bit with the server and while you are sliding down the side of the building to drop onto the soldier below,,go slow,,and look into the windows as you descend,,the "sleeping guy"is three floors below.Whaalaa,,trophy!
ID #322928
Nov 28th 2013 john hunter
Had same prob but found you have to aim sights at mid chest ,press R1 and down he goes
ID #322921
Nov 14th 2013 Guest
Hey I got one for ya, I'm stuck on the balcony after knifing the one guy I can't seem to throw my knife at the other. What gives.? I'm on pc fully able to run game
ID #319527
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