How to Get Skill Points in Assassin's Creed Mirage

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How to Get Skill Points in Assassin's Creed Mirage

Assassin's Creed Mirage is different to previous titles in the series in that it uses Skill Points to improve Basim and his abilities rather than XP. This How to Get Skill Points in Assassin's Creed Mirage guide will tell you what you need to know about them.

Assassin's Creed Mirage harkens back to the early days of the franchise in that it focuses on Stealth and by using the game's skill tree you can turn Basim into a deadly assassin. Listed below are the different ways in which you can acquire Skill Points.

Story Missions

The most typical way of getting Skill Points is through Story-Missions. This is also the best and easiest way to get them. When you complete Story-Missions you will always be rewarded Skill Points, as the story moves forward the amount you receive will increase. You won't be able to unlock all the skills simply by progressing in the game. In order to get even more Skill Points you will need Contracts and Lost Books.


Contracts in Assassin's Creed Mirage are extra missions you can choose to take on to earn the rewards they offer, one of which will typically be Skill Points. Make sure you check what the rewards are before you undertake the Contract as not all of them give you Skill Points.

Every Contract is put out by one of the three factions - Scholars, Merchants, and Soldiers. Completing a Contract will give you rewards corresponding to that faction. The faction of a Contract is denoted by its color and symbol (blue for Scholars, green for Merchants, red for Soldiers). Contracts are posted on Contract boards which can be found conveniently in every Bureau.

Most Contracts will typically be escort missions where you must find a character's general location. An easy way to do this is to use your falcon to zero in on them, and then escort them to a predetermined spot after talking with them. During these missions, you will have to deal with guards and blocked pathways.

A sub-task will be given to you during the mission which if you complete will allow you to earn additional rewards. These sub-tasks are called Contractor's Requests and usually require you to complete them while either taking no damage or not killing anyone during the mission.

Lost Books

Lost Books in Assassin's Creed Mirage are collectibles that give you one Skill Point each when you find them. Lost Books are cleverly hidden throughout the game and the only way to find them is by searching the world thoroughly. If you don't want to waste time exploring the list below will tell you where to find them.

  • Harbiyah Lost Book #1

    Location: Nestorian Monastery

    Book title: Al-Tabari: Tafsir of Al-Tabar

  • Harbiyah Lost Book #2

    Location: Great Mosque

    Book Title: Kalila Wa-Dimma

  • Abbasiyah Lost Book

    Location: Random house near the Observatory and House of Wisdom

    Book Title: Al-Kwarizmi: Al-Jabr

  • Karkh Lost Book

    Location: Harbor Camp

    Book Title: The Banu Musa: The Book of Ingenious Devices

  • Wilderness Lost Book

    Location: Pomegranate Gate/Tuesday Market

    Book Title: Suleiman Al-Tajir: Accounts of China and India

  • Round City Lost Book

    Location: Palace of the Green Dome

    Book Title: Al-Sikkit: Diwan Abu Nu'as

How to Unlock the Skill Trees

The skill trees to spend Skill Points on become available after you complete the tutorial. There are three skill trees and each specializes in a different area of the game.

The Phantom skill tree focuses on movement and combat, Trickster on resources, Predator on stealth and the eagle, Enkidu. It is important you think about your playstyle before you start spending Skill Points so you are able to choose accordingly.

Listed below are the skills in each of the three skills tree.

      Phantom Skill Tree

    • Kick Back
    • Breakfall
    • Assassin’s Focus Capacity 1
    • Chain Assassination
    • Assassin’s Focus Capacity 2
    • Air Strike
    • Focus Boost
    • Counter Roll
    • Trickster Skill Tree

    • Auto-Collect
    • Extra Tool Capacity 1
    • Elixir Pocket
    • Extra Tool Capacity 2
    • Knife Recovery
    • Extra Tool Capacity 3
    • Pickpocket Master
    • Engineer
    • Predator Skill Tree

    • Pathfinder
    • Enkidu Acuity 1
    • Enkidu Acuity 2
    • Eagle Sense
    • Emergency Aim
    • Vision Boost
    • Stealth Recon



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