THEORY: Pokemon Sword & Shield Should Introduce Version Exclusive Cover Legend Forms

In recent times, the Pokemon Company has tried to be all the more innovative in hopes of making the Mainstream Pokemon Games not so dull and predictable. From the concept of Mega Evolutions to Alolan Forms, from Legendary Pokemon Pre-Evolutions to introducing new Pokemon within the same Generation, Game Freak has done its very best to keep the Series of Games as possibly fresh and renewing as the years continue to roll by. And one, whether an experienced Pokemon Trainer or new to the Series as a whole, should expect the same in the upcoming releases of Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Many fans believe a new concept known as Armored Evolutions will be released within Pokemon Sword & Shield, since the Pokemon Company has recently trademarked the phrase "Armored Mewtwo". Even though this has yet to be confirmed, it has gotten a few players thinking about what other new aspects will soon see life in the Pokemon Universe. One of which is the theory that Version Exclusive Cover Legend Forms could also be introduced.

Version Exclusive Cover Legend Forms, in the simplest of senses, would mean that the Wolf Pokemon found on both the Cover of Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield would, in fact, be the same exact Pokemon. However, there is a twist: this same Pokemon will have a different form from Pokemon Sword to Pokemon Shield. Basically, the Wolf Cover Legend (should it even exist and not just be a silhouette) would most likely represent a Sword in more ways than one within Pokemon Sword, being a more Offensive Pokemon because of it. On the contrary, in Pokemon Shield, the Wolf Legend would represent more of Shield and would be more Defensive because of this.

Like most theories floating around presently about Pokemon Sword & Shield, this is also just that - a theory. Whether or not it truly turns out to be the case remains to be seen. However, should this theory or any other later be confirmed, you will hear it here first!

Posted: 2nd Apr 2019 by Warrior13
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