Zeraora Officially Revealed!

Instead of waiting until June as originally planned, the Pokemon Company has decided to go ahead and reveal the brand new Pokemon as promised. As many of us expected, this Pokemon is none other than Zeraora, the third and final Mythical Pokemon apart of the 7th Generation. Even though Zeraora has technically never been officially announced by the Pokemon Company before this time, players have known about Zeraora for quite awhile since it is in the data found in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

On top of being set to appear in the next Pokemon Movie over the summer, Zeraora is also expected to be released by a WiFi Event around that same time. Zeraora is a pure Electric Type, Pokemon #807, the same who is a speedy offensive sweeper. Like most other Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora also knows the exclusive move of Plasma Fists.

Posted: 9th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Zeraora