How To Unlock Ultimate Trick For Mantine Surf In Pokemon USUM

The more you earn first place in each of the Mantine Surf Courses found on every island that makes up the Alola Region in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, you will actually learn new tricks that you will be able to perform while riding on Mantine. However, did you know there is a secret trick, an ultimate trick that all players can further unlock?

In order to learn how to use this given trick, you will first have to achieve first place in each of the four Mantine Surf Courses. By doing this, you will earn the special prize of Surfing Pikachu from the Chairmen of the Surfing Association found in Heahea City. After claiming is very exclusive prize, you will also unlock the ultimate trick of Mantine Surf!

This move is called Over The Gyarados and yields trainers loads of point if used, being able to be performed by combination of Up, Right, Down, and Left while catching air in Mantine Surf. But be further warned: doing this move consecutively in the same session of Mantine Surf will actually cause you to lose points.