How To Activate The Mohn/Lusamine Side Quest In Pokemon USUM

One of the more interesting and heartfelt side quests a player can activate within both Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon is the one that centers around both Mohn and Lusamine. If you followed along with the storyline, you should remember that Mohn, the husband of Lusamine and the father of both Lillie and Gladion, lost his memory after coming into contact with an Ultra Wormhole. (Much like Lillie temporarily had after Nebby teleported the two through one, as well as Detective Anabel back in Pokemon Sun & Moon).

In order to activate this special side quests, you must first defeat Gladion as one of your many final challengers in the Pokemon League. Unlike other challengers, you only have the chance of battling Gladion within the Pokemon League after a month since completing the Main Story of the games. Once you have done this, you should be able to find Mohn back at Aether Paradise.

If you approach Mohn, Lusamine will suddenly appear and spot him, and the two will have a short conversation. Mohn, still with amnesia, will compliment Lusamine on Aether Paradise, noting how he does similar things with Poke Pelago. Before leaving, Lusamine asks him if this is his first time coming to Aether Paradise, and he tells her it is. Realizing he still doesn't remember their lives together, Lusamine lets Mohn depart without saying another word. As he leaves, Gladion will appear and ask his mother if she's alright leaving things the way they are with her husband and their father. She will give a nod with a smile, noting that he seems happy.

Posted: 2nd Apr 2018 by Warrior13
Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon