Entei & Raikou Events Now Live In Europe

One month after the Legendary Year of Pokemon continued with the Regigigas and Heatran Events, the Raikou and Entei Events are now live. These Pokemon can be obtained on Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, with Entei being exclusive to copies of Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun and Raikou being exclusive to both Pokemon Moon and Ultra Moon.

Much like the Regigigas and Heatran Events that were done in many locations around the world last month, players can obtain both Entei and Raikou through the Wi-Fi Mystery Gift feature on these given games. Just like the Legendary Events before it, these Pokemon vary from Pokemon Sun and Moon to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: if you claim these Pokemon in either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, they will come at Level 60 without holding an item; if you obtain these events through Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon, they will come at Level 100 while holding a Gold Bottle Cap.

Both Entei and Raikou can only be obtained until April 25th in Europe - coming to North America later this month - so make sure to get them while you still can!