How To Change Ultra Space Controls In Pokemon USUM

If you're like most of us, odds are you find the preset controls for traveling through Ultra Space in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon a pain. The 3DS Motion Controls makes it extremely hard to travel further and further into Ultra Space in hopes of finding both Rare Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon - it's downright frustrating!

But fear not! You see, you can actually change these controls at any given time by visiting the GameFreak Building found in Heahea City. Here, a certain character will gladly change these controls so you can use your Circle Pad instead. This method of traveling through Ultra Space much easier, allowing you to have a better chance at finding all the Wormhole Legends and Ultra Beast (as well as Shiny Pokemon)!

Posted: 29th Mar 2018 by Warrior13
Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Ultra Space