How To Obtain Shiny Celebi In Pokemon USUM

For almost two entire decades, it was impossible to have a legitimate Shiny Celebi in any of the Mainstream Pokemon Games after the original 2nd Generation Games of Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. Since Celebi is a Mythical Pokemon, players can only obtain it by a given Event. And since the Pokemon Company ran zero Shiny Celebi Events after the original release of the 2nd Generation Games - as Pokemon from said games had no way to be transferred forward to the newer Mainstream Pokemon Games - this meant there was absolutely zero possible way whatsoever to legitimately have a Shiny Celebi.

However, that all changed as a late with the Virtual Console releases of Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal on the Nintendo 3DS. You see, now after defeating the Elite Four in the Pokemon Crystal Virtual Console, you can actually obtain the GS Ball to activate the Celebi In Game Event. In order to obtain it after defeating the Elite Four and Champion Lance, first travel to the Goldenrod City Pokemon Center. Quickly go inside the building and then immediately leave, and after heading outside, take a step to your right. This will see you receive the GS Ball.

After obtaining the GS Ball, go to Azalea Town and give it to Kurt. Leave his house and return twenty four hours later in real time. If you do everything correctly, he will return the GS Ball to you and then you can find Celebi at the Shrine in Ilex Forest. In order to find a Shiny Celebi, save directly before reaching the Shrine in Ilex Forest. From here, you will have to Reset your Nintendo 3DS Software until one of the encounters with Celebi sees it being in its Shiny Form. Since the Shiny Rate back in Pokemon Crystal was roughly 1 in 8,000, it will take a bit of time to actually finding one. After doing that very thing, use the downloadable PokeBank App on your Nintendo 3DS to transfer your Shiny Celebi forward to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It will be well worth it, however, as Shiny Celebi is one of the rarest Pokemon in existence!