Pokemon QR Codes

One of the newest concepts added to the Mainstream Pokemon Games is that of QR Scanning. This feature was first introduced in the 7th Generation Games of Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon, being later included in the second set of 7th Generation Games in that of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon. In all of these given games, a player can access the QR Scanner at any given time while playing via the lower screen on their Nintendo 3DS.

The QR Scanner works in a variety of different ways, but the main objective is to use it in order to better expand your Pokedex within these games. After catching a Pokemon Species, a player can actually view that Pokemon's QR Code by going into the Pokedex and viewing that given Pokemon's Information. Players can then share these codes with friends and others online, allowing those people to then scan the QR Codes so the Pokemon can be added to their Pokedex. After doing so, those given players can then try to hunt for said Pokemon using their Pokedex Entry (if that given Pokemon can be found within that given Pokemon Game).

At this point in time, all of the Pokedex QR Codes (including Regular Forms and Shiny Forms) for Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon can be found online. (Legendary Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon, and other certain Pokemon like Type: Null do not have their QR Codes found in their Pokedex Entries.) Looking for all the Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Pokedex QR Codes? You can find, scan and use all of the Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon QR Codes by clicking HERE!

What makes the QR Scanner in these Pokemon Games even more intriguing is the fact that you can also scan other QR Codes besides Pokedex QR Codes. You won't receive a Pokedex Entry if you do scan a random QR Code, but you will still receive another ten points (like you do for all given QR Scans) for scanning those codes. The Pokemon Company has even used the QR Scanner to give certain Event Pokemon to players when scanned, like the Mythical Pokemon Magearna in Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon.

After scanning 10 different QR Codes and acquiring 100 Points for doing so, your QR Scanner must take time to regenerate before being used again. However, after having 100 Points on your QR Scanner, a player can do what is called an Island Scan. With this Scan, the Scanner will scan the current Island in Alola a player is on and tell you were you can find a rare Pokemon with a special move on that island. There is one specific Pokemon for every Alolan Island per day of the week, meaning there is a total of 28 "Rare" Pokemon that can be found by using the Island Scan in Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun, and Pokemon Ultra Moon.