Lycanroc To Receive New Z-Move

It has just been announced that Lycanroc will also be a recipient of a new Exclusive Z-Move in the upcoming games of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. It's Z-Move shall be called Radial Edge Storm, and, like all other Z-Moves, it will do an incredible amount of damage to opposing Pokemon. This Z-Move will work on all three forms of Lycanroc - including its new Dusk Form - but it can only be done if said Lycanroc knows the move of Stone Edge. With that being said, it's clear this Z-Move will do Physical Damage and will be Rock Type. But what makes this move all the more special is its secondary effect that eliminates all Terrain Effects currently in play!

Posted: 13th Sep 2017 by Warrior13
Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Sun, Lycanroc