Top 10 Scariest Moments From Resident Evil Series

Capcom's Resident Evil horror series is exceptionally popular and for a good reason. Even though it has some really scary moments, it still brings players back time and again and still leaves them hungry for a lot more. Actually, what keeps most players coming back are the epic scary moments that haves them jumping off their seats and can't seem to forget after that. These series features some of the most gruesome monsters and dead guys that tumble straight out of the oven. Listed below are the 10 scariest moments from Residents Evil series you might have gone through and if not, will look forward to…or not.

1. The First Zombie

The concept of zombies might be old, especially to seasoned Resident Evil players after encountering the irksome likes of Birkin but it’s a given that the original encounters are very effective considering the suspense that leads to that moment. The initial encounter of the infected zombie was a complete game changer because this is where the series actually escalated to actual survival horror.

The scene where the zombie is gnawing at the on the corpse of officer Kenneth J. Sullivan is horrific and unsettling especially when the zombie turns with blood dripping from its jaw. This was a ghastly experience gamers will not forget any time soon and becomes one of the scariest.

2. I want To Suck Your… Brains

Resident Evil Code: Veronica was quite more disturbing than scary but then again, it was bound to happen when the main threat was a psychopath who was extremely sweet on his twin sister. The game actually gave a few horrifying moments like the first sight of the imprisoned Nosferatu, who was the father of the household turned guinea pig. The sight was horrifying and killing him was pretty hard because the players needed to use scopes to peer through snow in the Antarctica in order to target his heart.

3. Crimson Heads

As if zombies are not scary enough on their own, the Resident Evil Remake came with even more frightening versions. These zombies could no longer be defeated just by being shot, players had to go to the extent of burning their bodies. This was to keep them from coming back because if they did, they were not only stronger or faster but even deadlier crimson heads.

The most scary part was that the crimson heads had to be burned with a certain kerosene that is a very scarce resource in Resident Evil. This means that a player had to be strategic whether to kill a zombie or not.

4. The Regenerators and the Pointy Cousins, The Iron Maidens

In Resident Evil 4, leaving the rural terrain for the freezing halls was a lot scarier than entering the home of the crazed monster woman. The naked regenerators are extremely eerie but as if that’s not enough, the iron maidens variants that sprout needles from their skin are a whole lot deadlier. In addition to that, they are extremely hard to kill and the players need thermal imaging to shoot them.

When Leon was in the autopsy room with one, it had to be one of the scariest moments. Actually, the mere breathing of those things before they even approach is enough to send any player running for their life.

5. Hunter Decapitation

As if zombies were not hard enough to beat, there was an addition of hunters that were bipedal lizard like creatures that had very powerful claws that could easily kill players with one swift decapitation. Their first appearance is quite tricky and a player could be decapitated and lose progress, as well as their head before even realizing what just happened.

6. Nemesis

Nemesis is one of the best but equally one of the scariest as well. There was this hulking monstrosity that was a lot smarter than the tyrant beasts in the past games with capabilities to use weapons like the rocket launcher. They were very good at relentlessly pursuing targets and in Resident Evil 3, Nemesis can burst through walls and more so when players least expect it. This made it an extremely scary and intimidating part for most players.

7. The Licker- Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil comes with some really gruesome monsters, some of the most horrifying in the gaming industry and even better or worse than that, they give these creatures epic introductions. When it comes to the Licker, the first appearance is foreshadowed by thick globes of drool drooping from the ceiling. This was one of the best, even though scary parts of the Resident Evil 2. Most people are actually looking forward to seeing what the remake will turn out to be, maybe even scarier than this one.

8. Villagers attack- Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil four might have veered out from the deep horror roots to a more action take but this does not necessarily mean it does not have its fair share of scary moments. Actually, one of the scariest moments of the series was when the players would come across a whole village of crazed villagers wielding pitchforks and axes. A player has to survive an endless onslaught from those villagers especially a very powerful one that comes with a chainsaw. Here, even the bravest players had to brace themselves.

9. The Zombie Dog Window Burst

If there is one thing players have to be ready about, even though they never are when it comes to Resident Evil, it’s the jump scares. Most people, especially who began the series had no idea what to expect. This is why nobody saw what was coming when the dog zombie came bursting through the window in a quiet hallway. The sound of the growls from the dogs and not to mention the shattering glass still unnerve players to date, even those who have played before.

10. Lisa Trevor- Remake

The Resident Evil remake in 2002 not only improved the graphics but they also expanded the lore and introduced Lisa Trevor. Lisa id the daughter of the mansion’s architect and she shows a very remarkable immunity to the viruses. She became a gruesome monster nearly invincible and she had this penchant to wear other people’s faces. She really was a scary moment for most players and destroying her was extremely hard.


Resident Evil had offered gamers numerous scares since it began about 20 years ago and players can be sure that there is plenty more to come. There is hope that the Resident Evil Vll will take back the series back to the more horrific roots and the scary scene will have more players than not jumping from their seats. Resident Evil players and fans ought to be excited for what's to come of the scariest franchise in the gaming era.