Gaming Tech on show at CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas has, as usual, a huge range of tech and gadgets on show from Ultra thin TV's to Credit card sized computers. A lot of innovations and updates for our home or work lives. But what about gaming? Here are a few of the highlights being demonstrated.

Project Valerie
Gaming laptops are out in force at CES with various experienced manufactures showing off new models and one new entrant to the field, Samsung, launching its first gaming laptop, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey. But possibly the most eye catching model is their concept lapton know as Project Valerie. It has been designed with three (thats 3!) 4K resolution screens that amazingly all form part of the single laptop form factor.

The two additional side screens slide out via an automatic mechanism and when folded in the device measures just 1.5 inches thick. This is large compared to most of today's super thin laptops but not excessive compared to many of the gaming laptops available. All three screens measure 17 inches and boast 4K resolution. No price of release date has been announced yet but this will clearly be an expensive piece of kit. I have no doubt that there will be some interest in it though.

New Virtual Ground
VR is big news of course and there are a range of headsets and systems on show. Including a walk in Virtual Reality booth that allow you to move around freely without a headset. Its uses a probably going to b limited for your home gaming. But it does offer a different way to offer VR to businesses and for gaming as an attraction at a Theme park or Arcade.

But for a true new experience in VR innovation you have to try on some new shoes. Taclim from Cerevo is a new haptic feedback system featuring hand held control devices and shoes that will provide vibrations to your feet to simulate the experience of walking in different environments.

"Experience the feeling of wearing shoes in a VR space, the senses of walking on ground such as desert, grassland or water on the soles of your feet. Imagine walking in a VR game and kicking enemy character, when you hit the enemy’s body it naturally feels soft, and when you hit enemy's shield, it feels hard. "

VR shoes certainly sound a little odd but for those seeking the most immersive experience that can get then this will certainly seem like the next 'step' forward. (sorry)

Posted: 6th Jan 2017 by testuser
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