Battlefield 1 Giant's Shadow Release and Update

The December Update for Battlefield 1 has been released with a free new map, game mode and a range of other game fixes and tweaks.

Giants Shadow

Based around the Battle of the Sell that took place in 1918 the map features open ground and river banks along side the Cateau-Wassigny railway.

The giant in question is the wreck of a massive crashed airship that casts is shadow over the field of battle. The map is out now for those who pre-ordered the game or have the premium pass. And will be available for everyone else on Dec 20th.

Standard Issue Rifles

This is a new Custom Game option. "In SIR all kits are granted access to their faction’s standard issue rifle. For example, the British are granted the SMLE MKIII. These rifles are not equipped with optics, and are intended to provide players with gameplay inspired by the WW1 trenches."

This custom game type has the option to be enabled or disabled with other weapon types and so deliver a variety of experiences.

Spectator Mode

A spectator mode, previously missing from BattleField 1, has been introduced to allow players to join maps and view the game in progress as an observer. Following feedback on previous Battlefield game spectator modes the system has been updated to improve usability and make it easier to create game play content with a variety of camera movement, depth of field and filter options.

Game Fixes

A range of game play fixes and changes have been included in the update. There are too many to list but they include:

- Updates to the controls and input handling for your soldier to make some responses quicker and easier to handle, and tweaks to the aim assist responses.

- Vehicle updates including some improvements to the use and armour of the Landship, and fixes for Air Vehicles.

- Change to the performance and balance of weapons including Shotguns, LMGs and Bayonets

You can read full details on the update on the Battlefield 1 site here

Let us know what you think of the new map, or if you have tried out the new game mode. I hope to see you on the battlefield.

Posted: 14th Dec 2016 by testuser
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