Free to play Mech Shooter Hawken now on Xbox and PS4 soon

Hawken is a free to play first person shooter game from Reloaded Games that puts you in control of a range of mechanized war machines. The multiplayer game pits you against other mechs in various deathmatch and assault game modes. Released initially on Steam a few months ago it is now out on Xbox One as a free download and will be out on July 8th on PS4.

With a similar structure to World of Tanks the game allows you to earn points while playing to purchase Mechs, upgrades and cosmetic items and also to buy credits with your money to be able to progress faster and to purchase some more exclusive items.

Set in a near future where the ability to terraform planets has resulted in a war between corporations over control of one with valuable resources. Some aspects of the game are not perfect, the menus are a little hard to navigate, matches can take a while to get into and from recent experience the team balancing is not the best. But the gameplay is great fun, the mechs themselves are easy to play with small differences in their abilities and weaponry that means you can have subtly different game play experiences with each, but in general none of them are overpowered. Most impressive though are the maps.

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The mechs all have the ability to speed rush and hover (short flights) which gives them great maneuverability around the environments. And a self repair option that keeps you in the fight. The maps are nicely varied and different looks, lots of cover and corners to hide, lots of choke points and lots of options for battles. They also all have a lot of elevated areas that you can reach with the hover ability and in some cases boost jump spots so you can get a height advantage on your opponents.

As a free game, this is well worth a look.

Posted: 4th Jul 2016 by testuser
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