7 Games That They Should Never Have Made

Games are appreciated by the people of all age group. In this digital world, video games are available in different models with different themes and that can suit well to the interest of every individual. Video games are a good combination of adventure, intelligence, and thriller. We can simply play these games for the fun purpose only. In fact, some of the games help to improve your brain power and intelligence. But all the games are not that entertaining and do not serve any purpose. If you start to play these kinds of games without any prior experience then your first reaction will be why this game has been made. This usually happens with most of the players. If you like video games, you must have gone through this phase. If you play video games more frequently and want to know which video games should be avoided then go through this article. This article will reveal the name of the seven video games that should never have made.

1. FBI Hostage Rescue (2004) PC

The name of the game itself states that it is going to be something adventurous and interesting. But in reality, you will get nothing except good looking graphics and the promise of making it good. The programming of this game is terribly bad. You will find everything in this game dreary. The hostages were just trying to achieve something impossible within a limited time. They are simply trying to disappear into walls to fulfill their objective. The graphics are very complicated and you will find it hard to understand the whole concept. The theme does not deserve any attention. At the end, you will find it difficult to play this game. So, better luck next time.

2. Shaq Fu (1994) System: SNES & Sega Genesis

This game is considered as one of worst games of all time. You will not find anything interesting and exciting in this game. This game does not have any solid theme, and the image only creates a negative feeling. The programming controls and everything in this game has received negative feedback from the players. And the worst thing is that a website is dedicatedly buying the copy of this game to destroying all the copies. For this game, you can rightly say that it should never have made. If you have already played this game, you might share the same opinion.

3. Adult Games by Atari

Because this is an adult themed video, we-ll just link to this one instead of embedding it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9pW35thXDY

These games are not only bad, these are certainly shameful. This is the worst game that you would have ever played. They are not trying to make anything exciting and impressive, but making it just like games without thought and theme. Both the theme and graphics are terribly bad. These games do not meet the purpose. You will not learn anything from this game and kids will only be able to see some bad examples. These games should not be played by the people of any age group and the kids should not be allowed to play this game. By playing this game, you will simply waste your time and will gather negative energy.

Posted: 10th May 2016 by Team SuperCheats