Pokemon Sun & Moon Trademark Leaks?

It was recently discovered that back in February around the exact same time Pokemon Sun & Moon were announced, two names were trademarked that sound a whole lot like to-be Pokemon.

The names, Solgaleo & Lunaala, are being speculated to be the Mascot Legendary Pokemon for their given names. Solgaleo comes from the root word "sol" which means Sun in latin, while the suffix "leo" has many believing it will be some type of lion; Lunaala derives from the root word "luna" which everyone knows means Moon and latin, while the suffix "ala" has many Pokemon Fans thinking a genie of some sorts.

Unlike the vast majority of trademarks done so by Pokemon, these patents appeared to have been done by proxy. A man known as Yusuke Inui has appeared to have filed the two trademarks - not GameFreak, Nintendo, or Creatures Inc - who happens to be a lawyer in none other than Japan.

It is still up in the air whether or not these are the names of the Cover Legendary Pokemon for Sun & Moon that were covered in the recent CoroCoro Magezine, but it's looking very likely. One thing is for certain though: the Pokemon Company is going to great lengths to keep things about Sun & Moon hush-hush for as long as possible, almost too much compared to previous generations.

Don't forget to comment below with your thoughts! Are these the Legendary Pokemon we were missing in CoroCoro?

Posted: 20th Apr 2016 by Warrior13
Sun, Moon, Pokemon, Solgaleo, Lunaala