Top Tips to be the Best in Beat Em up Games

Beat em games were a popular fixture in the arcades of the early nineties. The beat em up games and fighting games were largely played on 16-bit home consoles. However, as the arcade games culture diminished, the popularity of 16-bit consoles also diminished during the late nineties. It is acceptable to say that as the culture of video games increased from 16 bit to 32-bit consoles and 3D gaming consoles, the industry ended the golden era of the beat em up games.

The Essence of beat em up games

Beat em up games are mainly about imposing one’s will upon that of the opponent. The main aim is to complete a chain of intelligent moves, which constrict the options of the opponent and force them to make dangerous gambles until they commit a stupid mistake, which you can punish your opponent .The best beat em up game player will try to put the opponent in these situations repeatedly, until they do not lose. After that, you continue to make the situations worse and worse for them, until they want to forfeit. Beat em up games are essentially about making the opponent lose his life much before your character loses his life. The concept of the beating games is that the characters will take damage on being hit .The attacks are usually different combinations of kicks, punches, and throws.

How to become a top player

In order to become the best, one must compare how the top player plays in contrast with the beginner, intermediate and competitive fighter. In order to become the top player, one has to understand the mind games. Knowing how to strategize and bait a person is an important part of the conditioning process. The fundamentals are conditioning and baiting. Every tournament winner is privy to these fundamentals. These are what separate the top players from the trainees and the beginners and puts them in a league of their own. The seven key skills required to become a top player in beat em up games are:

Baiting: This is the creation of a situation in order to trick your opponent. It is the planting of an idea in your opponent’s head. This idea will lead him to do something that you are expecting beforehand. You can bait the opponent by knocking him down with a kick. While your opponent is lying down, he cannot do anything. This is the perfect time to charge up your special move. Because preparation for the next move takes some time, it is important to power up beforehand. Once he gets, up and you are ready with your move you have to make a flying jump and execute the move on the opponent. This will leave him shocked, completely unaware of what hit him. The maximum damage that he can do at this stage is to block.

Conditioning: Conditioning is the key difference between the players at the4 bottom and the players on top. It requires the deep understanding of a situation, which you have purposely set up, instead of mechanically performing tricks. An advanced player has knowledge of the situation, what the rules of the game are. The best player is able to segregate the game from the player and play him one on one. He can prey on the weaker opponent and display the lack of knowledge, which he possesses. For example, in the video

At 12 minutes 18 seconds, Justin Wong utilizes the situation, pressure and the health meter to effectively bait out the reaction from the Filipino Champ. In order to give the champion, the illusion that the pressure has diminished, Wong ends the combo early. This results in the champion to call on an assist and enables Wong to complete a punish on the new assist character. The rest of the match ensues, with Wong conditioning the Filipino champion to bring out the assist character when he thinks that the pressure is over. This enables Wong to punish the assist player, when he brings him out. The game is to be able to read the moves of the other player and beat him at his own game.

Footsies: this is a form of game play in, which none of the player’s advances towards each other. It is a scenario where both of the players are constantly dancing in and outside the sweep range and making efforts to execute a knockdown and gain momentum of the match. The terms footsie has no general sort of definition. Yet when you hear that somebody is especially good at foosties , it means that he is an expert at winning the exchanges in the neutral situation . This is essential to get a hold of the match.

Frame trap: Setting a frame trap is a way to leave certain gaps in the chain of blocked attacks to try to get the other player to counter attack. If the player setting the frame trap can get the player to make a counter attack he indefinitely takes advantage of the situation and punishes the unguarded opponent.

Focus on blocking: Learning how to block is imperative to winning a game. Even if you attack once or twice in a match and block most of the time, your opponent cannot deal damage to you. Blocking every attack inflicted on your character will enable you to win the game.

Hit Confirms: Learning hit confirming is an important skill to possess. Hit confirming refers to the strategy of performing a chain of damage dealing moves, which have the ability to form a combo. Many amateur players just perform single attacks on their opponents. What they fail to understand is that the inflicting of combos on their opponents is much more damaging and will enable them to win the game.

Avoid button mash: Button mash is the worst habit, which a player can inculcate. Newbies think that they will come up with a move that will inflict maximum damage. Button smashing will only slow you down. Executing the right move at the right time becomes extremely difficult when you button smash. Button smashing makes it impossible to block, as pressing buttons wildly leaves no scope for you to press the block button. Playing a beat em up game is like playing a musical instrument. Before starting, take a fresh breath, relax your muscles, and press the right button at the right time.

These are the seven ways to excel at beat em up games. In order to perfect your skills, improve by practicing constantly. Practice makes perfect.

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