Top 10 Tips for any Real Life RPG

In a different type of article for us here on SuperCheats, we thought we'd cover some hints and tips from Real World RPGs - You know... The ones you play over a table... Face to face Smile

There are very many RPG players in the world. RPG is a very fun hobby for most gamers and it is quite fun. However, it is not an easy game and you therefore require some tips to help you become an expert in this particular game.

Below are 10 Top Tips Which Are Useful For Any RPG. They will help you have some fun and also assist you when it comes to maintaining the game's stability.

1. Always Be Prepared
You can't succeed in any game if you don't prepare adequately. Preparation helps you to play the game with confidence and within a short period of time, you get to advance to the next level.

Being well prepared helps you to play the game smoothly and quickly without a lot of problems. As a player, you need to be well prepared by ensuring that you have stationery, character sheets, miniatures, snacks and dice.

You need to ensure that you have a character who is credible before a new game starts. This will help you review the notes of each character and by doing so, your always going to be prepared mentally.

2. Always Have A Way Of Interacting With The Imaginary World
When you have a way which you can interact with the imaginary world, you will find the game quite easy to play. You should ensure that you have a suitable vehicle for you to interact with the imaginary world at ease.

Don't create characters that don't suit the settings of the game. Ensure that you create a good character for you to have an incredible roleplaying experience.

The following ways will help you create a good character.
- Try to interact with other players for you to know how to create the best character.
- You can also create a character who is found near the game area or one who could be in the company of other characters who belong to the party.

3. Avoid Rules-Lawyers
Nobody loves Rules-Lawyers and you should try as much as possible not to come into contact with them. Rules-Lawyers try to argue with the GM in more than one occasion in the name of improving the game.

Try to avoid such individuals and you will basically succed in this game. These individuals can even stop a game by engaging players in many arguments which can have devastating effects on the game. Many games fail to survive due to such individuals who think that they know the rules of the game more than anybody else.

4. Never Forget That The Games Involve Roleplaying
What you basically have to keep in mind is that you play a particular role in the game.

It involves acting, where you create a character and control their decisions and reactions. The GM is responsible for gauging the party's attitudes and you should always try to ensure that you act your part.

You should always try to play in character so as to keep the game interesting and lively, not only to you but also to the other players. Try to maintain the idea that your character is alive and you will surely succeed in this game.

5. Always Try To Be Courteous
Respect other players
by being being polite and by showing them some courtesy. This will help you succeed in the game and at the same time maintain a good relationship with other players.
Below are ways to help you maintain a good relationship with other players.
- Give others their turn to speak.
- Never backbite another player.
- Before using anything that doesn't belong to you, like a snack, dice or pencil, always remember to ask for permission.
- Avoid getting into other people's ways and you will surely succeed.

6. Don't Destroy The Fun Of Other Players
Always remember that everyone playing the game is trying to have some fun. So it is of great importance to keep in mind that you should never disrupt or destroy the fun of other players.

Basically, don't destroy other people's fun and you will surely succeed in the game. You should avoid doing the following things.
- Avoid being abusive or throwing dice at your fellow players.
- Try as much as you can not to make fun of the characters created by other players.
- Avoid leaving the game table constantly since it is a distraction to other players.

You should also keep in mind that you're there to have fun and not to destroy it.

7. Always Obey The Words Of The GM
The GM makes all the decisions which can't be made by your characters. So it is of great importance to heed to their remarks.

The GM handles all the necessary rules and calculations. It is also the responsibility of the GM to give all the information concerning the game. You should therefore listen to the GM and avoid unnecessary arguments with them.

8. Always Try To Speak Your Mind
You should always speak your mind in the game. Avoid being shy and you will surely enjoy some benefits.

If you have an idea, try to share it with other players . If you have a particular argument which you think will benefit everyone, try to share it with the rest. The GM is not going to act against you because you have decided to speak out.

Sometimes it is right for you to disagree with the GM especially when he or she says something that isn't right.

9. Try To Have Some Fun And Enjoy The Game
The main purpose of participating in this game is not to waste time but to have some fun. Try to enjoy yourself in the game by always being interactive.

It is worth noting that there is no point of participating in any game if you're not having fun. Various games are tools which we should use to try and relieve some stress . They generally provide a platform for us to have fun.

Avoid burning-out and you will surely enjoy the game. You can avoid playing the game too often or requesting for breaks so as to keep the game enjoyable.

10. Try To Always Get Involved
Try to always involve yourself actively in the game so as to make it both fun and enjoyable. This can be done by using your character well and by taking charge of your character.

Try to offer assistance to the GM since they have a lot of work when it comes to ensuring that the game runs smoothly.

In Closing...
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Posted: 17th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats