The Unofficial SuperCheats Top 10 Games So Bad they are actually Good...

The idea behind the conversation was to fill the time gap while we waited for the delivery guy to arrive with the Za! That is how this sort of thing usually happens - no planning or intent mind you....

Because it was lunch time and because they were busy, our pizza was going to take 'around 45 minutes maybe longer' so we started throwing subjects out there for the group to discuss while we waited for our food and someone suggested 'Video Games So Bad They Are Good?!' and it stuck.

What you are about to read is the list of the top ten video games that are so bad they are good, with the group conclusions condensed into what you read here -- to the best of my memory and ability!

You see sometimes great progress in games journalism takes place while you are waiting for your pizza, and sometimes it doesn't.

I leave the determination of the answer therein as an exercise for the reader.

Top Ten Video Games that are So Bad they are Good

(2014 Edition)

10. Duke Nukem Forever

Forget for a moment that this game was delayed for so long that it became an easy chuckle punchline because that is part of the reason that it leads off this list, coming in at the top -- which really means the bottom -- of the list.

Part of what makes it as bad as bad can be is the fact that it was written -- the creative and the entertainment side anyway -- so long ago that ALL of the jokes, on-liners, and innuendo in it is dated to the extent that you actually have to be a 40-year-old gamer to get ANY of the jokes!

Then there is the fact that the entire world view in gaming has matured and changed -- you see DN was originally created back when chauvinistic games that objectified women as sex objects and glorified beer and drunkenness and big guns were not only accepted, they were the norm! Now plop that into a gaming world in which, well, none of that is true, and what you get is an anachronism!

In fact what you get is a bad anachronism for more reasons than what we have already stated. You see there is also the issue of the structure of the game in terms of missions and their inherent challenge. Game development has come a long way since this game first began to be created, and gamers have come to expect far more than what it contains for their fifty-bucks admission price.

Having pointed all of that out, even if you are not a 40-year-old gamer, this really is a game that is so bad it is good and worth playing. Just get your dad to sit next to you to explain the jokes while you play, right?

Posted: 19th May 2014 by CMBF