Top 10 Best Video Game Franchises

2) Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is without a doubt one of the most successful RPG franchises in history. If you have ever wondered why it is called Final Fantasy when there are currently 14 numbered entries in the series, it is because Square Soft was close to going bankrupt in the late 1980's. They believed the Final Fantasy would be the last game they would ever produce and so the title of the game was changed from 'Fighting Fantasy' to 'Final Fantasy.' Luckily for Square, and for gamers, it became a hit.

Like other franchises on this list, one game stands out in the series as its crown jewel and that game is Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII has been called the best RPG ever made. It captured the essence of exactly what an RPG should be and holds a special place in the hearts of gamers who can still remember when a certain someone dies. Final Fantasy VII was voted the "Reader's Choice Game of the Century" in an IGN poll in 2000 and gamers have been begging Square-Enix and Sony to make a high definition remake of the game for years. Hopefully this never happens. Expectations for the remake would be so high it could do nothing but tarnish the game's legacy. Perhaps that is why one has never been made despite the high demand?

Square has strayed from their original formula in recent years which has made the franchise suffer. Every Final Fantasy game from VII to X had aggregate review scores on Metacritic over 90. People eagerly anticipated each next game in the franchise. Things were good. Then Square decided to make Final Fantasy XI an MMORPG and that is when it all started going downhill. Final Fantasy XII was another well received game but XIII is usually described as one of the worst games in the series. Yet Square has continued making sequels to XIII for some reason including XIII-2 and the most recent release Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The PS3 version of XIII sold over five million copies while XIII-2 only sold 2.5 million. The fact the sequel sold less than half the original should go to show gamers didn't really like the game. Square should really go back to their roots of what made the original Final Fantasies so great; turn-based combat.

Posted: 28th Feb 2014 by Alexander Hinkley