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Achievement Guide

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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel - Achievements

Sir, yes sir! (20 points)

Level up to Rank 5

The cash you earn for every mission is treated as the experience points in the game. Factors like combos, overkill kills, time, difficulty, etc determine the amount of cash you earn after each mission. Playing with a friend allows you to be more aggressive and finish missions quickly, making it significantly faster to earn cash. Perform non-standard kills like flanking or backstabbing for better cash rewards.

Keep it up! (30 points)

Level up to Rank 15

Refer to “Sir, yes sir!”

Blood, Sweat and Guns (50 points)

Level up to Rank 25

Refer to “Sir, yes sir!”

My Baby (10 points)

Fully customize a weapon with 6 customizable parts or more

You can customize the weapon you have in your possession by selecting it again from the weapon loadout menu. Your starting rifle, the M4 is the cheapest and fastest way to earn this achievement. The stock and sight can be changed free of charge while the other parts doesn’t cost that much.

Overkiller (20 points)

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by you)

This achievement can be misleading since you don’t need to kill 200 enemies in one Overkill. What it means is the solo Overkill that you can trigger alone. Build your Overkill meter by killing enemies. (killing them creatively like flanking, concentrating fire, backstabbing, etc earns more points; thus, builds your meter faster) This is different for the much powerful, and time-slowing Double Overkill.

Whack-A-Mask (20 points)

500 targets killed while in cover

Simply take cover and shoot enemies while maintaining cover. This is a very standard way of engaging enemies in the game so you should get this along the course of the entire campaign.

Double Trouble (50 points)

200 targets killed in double Overkill

When playing solo, you can trigger Double Overkill when you and your partner’s Overkill meter are filled. You’ll know your partner’s meter if there’s a red mask glowing in the command shortcut radial, on the lower left corner of your screen. Activate it by pressing the Down DPAD. Double Overkill lasts longer, slows down time and much more powerful.

Moocher (20 points)

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by your partner)

This is faster done with a human partner. If you’re playing solo, you’ll know your partner’s meter if there’s a red mask glowing in the command shortcut radial, on the lower left corner of your screen. Activate it by pressing the Down DPAD.

Let ‘er Rip (20 points)

100 targets killed using either an MMG or an MGL

You’ll encounter several MMG positions in the game which you need to clear and use to counter-attack enemies. Mounted mini-guns from the choppers and technicals also count. The only MGL (mounted grenade launcher) I remember is the one behind the truck that you can enter during the objective to protect Rios.

Barbarian (10 points)

Destroyed 500 objects

Those items that can be destroyed like crates, barrels, walls, pillars, cars etc are considered as “objects”. They’re much easier to destroy especially when you’re in Overkill mode.

Armed to the Teeth (25 points)

Buy All Guns

Earn cash and buy all 30 guns in the game. You don’t need to customize each and every one of them to unlock this achievement.

Look at you! (25 points)

Buy All Outfits

There are 19 outfits in the game, which can be unlocked along the way as you increase your rank. The standard cost is $3000 except for the following “special” outfits, which are more expensive.

Salem - $20,000 (Rank 21, complete the game)

Rios - $20,000 (Rank 23, complete the game)

Executive Rios - Cost, $25,000 (Rank 24, complete the game)

Meat Shield - Cost, $10,000 (Rank, 25 & Complete the game)

Inmate - Cost, $50,000 (Complete Insane difficulty)

Look mom, I made it! (100 points)

Complete the game on Insane

You’ll unlock Insane difficulty after completing the game on any lower difficulty. When going through this mode, consider having a human partner to make coordinated attacks easier. You should also buy the most powerful guns available and further enhance them with attachments. Avoid close-quarters combat as you’ll most likely die in an instant at that range. Also, if you managed to get by in the lower difficulties without using too much cover, you’ll have to utilize that in this mode.

Deep Pockets (100 points)

Buy all Weapons, Tattoos, Masks and Outfits

There are a total of 22 tattoos and 56 masks in the game. This will require several playthroughs or repeating high-yield missions to earn enough cash to purchase all of them. This is in addition to the guns and outfits mentioned above. Out of the standard list of tattoos that can be unlocked by ranking up, there are three tats that can be unlocked after completing the game.

For the masks, there are 38 masks in the game that can be unlocked by ranking up, an additional 17 for completing the game and one final mask for completing Insane difficulty.

Army of Two™ (75 points)

Perform 250 Flank, Surprise and/or Tag Team kills

Flanking kills are performed by having your partner get all the agro while you move around to the enemies’ rear or sides without engaging them. Surprise kills are performed by killing enemies unaware of your location or presence. There are instances that ambushing charging enemies who are concentrating on your partner can get this kill. Lastly, Tag Team kill is concentrating your fire on a target, killing it using your combined effort.

You have to accumulate a total of 250 kills of any of these methods or a combination of all. There are a lot of opportunities to do this and you’ll most likely unlock this achievement while going through the campaign, even with an AI Bravo.

Aggro-er (40 points)

You took the Aggro for 100 Flank kills

To get the aggro, use high-powered weapons (the higher the aggro meter in the weapon’s stats, the better) and keep shooting to get the enemies attention. Your partner for the meantime shouldn’t engage the enemy to avoid shifting their attention to him. He should work around the enemy positions and take them out via flanking maneuvers. You’ll know if a partner’s flank attack is successful when you see the word “Bait” in your screen.

Headache (30 points)

Perform 100 Headshots

SMGs, sniper rifles or stable assault rifles can help you get more headshots. Just aim for the enemies’ heads whenever you can and you’ll be able to unlock this achievement in no time.

Blood Sport (25 points)

Perform 100 melee kills

Get near an enemy and press the R3 button to perform a melee attack. Confrontation kills, where you need to struggle against an enemy’s melee attack count towards this achievement as well.

Just a scratch (25 points)

You didn’t go wounded once in a mission (medium, hard or insane)

This is easiest done in Medium difficulty and in the mission: Last Resort since it is only two chapters long. If you ever get wounded or down, you have to restart the entire mission again.

Combo Master (30 points)

Perform a x10 Co-op Combo

You can unlock this during sequences where you need to provide suppressing fire to your partner like in the quarry area of the mission Assault.

Melee all day! (10 points)

Perform a melee kill while you're in Overkill

This is easier done in Double Overkill where time is slowed down. Once triggered, find a nearby enemy, possibly one behind cover so you can get near and melee him.

Cover Hopper (10 points)

Perform 10 cover to cover transition in a row

Once in cover, use your analog stick to point your direction to the next cover. Successfully transferring to that cover is counted as one transition. Do this 10 times in a row to unlock this achievement.

TWO heads (10 points)

Complete a mission (excluding New Blood) with a human partner

Simply have a human player complete a mission with you to unlock this achievement.

Secret Achievements

Let's do this (10 points)

Complete New Blood

Now what? (10 points)

Complete Cause and Effect

FUBAR (10 points)

Complete Rally Point

From bad to worse (10 points)

Complete Outside Contact

Massacre in Paradise (10 points)

Complete Last Resort

Forgive our sins (10 points)

Complete Salvation

Behind enemies lines (10 points)

Complete Enemy Territory

Drugs are for losers (10 points)

Complete Narco Hell

War comes home (10 points)

Complete Assault

Revenge is a ***** (10 points)

Complete Confrontation

And now what? (25 points)

Complete the Campaign

David vs. Goliath (10 points)

Kill 10 Brutes in Physical Confrontation

Brutes are the sturdier, heavily-armored soldiers that wield automatic shotguns, LMGs or grenade launchers. You have to get close them and perform a melee attack to start a Confrontation. Mash the A button to win the sequence and kill the brute. You have to do this 10 times to unlock the achievement. Instantly killing brutes with a melee attack in Overkill mode (thus, the lack of the Confrontation sequence) doesn’t count.

Party Pooper (10 points)

Kill 3 targets with 1 grenade

Just let the enemies converge in one location and lob a grenade at them. One good example is during the chapter Loose Cannon in the mission Salvation. After the chapter starts, a group of enemies will appear from the door ahead. Just lob a grenade there to easily unlock this achievement.

Environmentalist (10 points)

Kill 3 targets or more using an explosive object in any level

Just let enemies take cover/ converge on an explosive barrel(s) or gas tank then destroy it to kill them all and unlock this achievement.

Backstabbing ******* (10 points)

Perform 50 Backstabs

Simply flank enemies from the side or behind and finish them off with a melee 50 times for this achievement.

Art is not a crime (10 points)

Create your own Custom Mask

Do this by going to the Armory > Customize Operative > Custom Mask. Apply the maximum number of layers as well to unlock the “Michelangelo” achievement.

Michelangelo (10 points)

Apply the maximum number of layers on a customized mask

See “Art is not a crime”

Demolition Derby (10 points)

Destroy 50 cars

During the campaign, you’ll encounter a lot of vehicles. Just keep shooting at them or using grenades to destroy them.

Money Shot (10 points)

Headshot a target while blind firing

Perform blind firing by pressing the trigger while in cover, without aiming. Aim for the upper body and hope that one of the bullets hit the enemy on the head.

And stay down (10 points)

Perform 10 melee kills on wounded targets

You’ll know a wounded enemy if he’s dragging himself on the ground. Just go up close and finish them off with a melee attack. Be careful since they can still fire their weapons at you.

Fashion Police (10 points)

Perform 50 Hat Shots

You’ll encounter enemies with helmets in the later missions. Just aim for their heads and if successful, you’ll see their helmets flying off. Do this 50 times for the achievement.

1-2-3-GO! (10 points)

Players simultaneously killed 2 unaware targets

This is the easiest done with a human partner. Find a couple of unaware targets, aim for their heads and perform a synchronized takedown / headshot to kill two targets who’s unaware of your position.

First Blood (10 points)

Make your first kill as a rookie (in Cause and Effect mission)


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Okay so just got the game. Great story line. Not a fan on the change of the controls. Anyways. In the last game there were that cats that we had to shoot. Is there anything like that in this game? Or was that something that they took out too? Let me know thanks.
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