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Animal Crossing

Game Reviews for Animal Crossing


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Ultima(elite)12th Jun 2005, ID #74
Planting flowers, fishing, and buying furniture sounds like it makes a pretty dull game, huh? Well, Animal Crossing is one of those games that makes plain, simple things a great experience. If you d..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review

Hi Mom24th Aug 2007, ID #698
Hello people. This a review for one of my favorite games, (that's a sign, in case you couldn't tell) Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is a very creative game, with childish visuals, to fun gameplay..

Rating: 92%Read Full Review

whiteShark18th Jun 2008, ID #888
Animal Crossing is a relaxing laid-back type game. It shows how you could finance in the future. It is basicly a role playing game, but with small accomplishments. It is a very easy game because you..

Rating: 60%Read Full Review

apocalypsethemewtwo3rd Sep 2012, ID #1436
Ah, animal crossing. My childhood. You know, a lot of the time my friends say, "What's Animal Crossing?" and I say "Oh, it's a live-your-life game." and they almost always reply "What's that?" now l..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Amazing Game! 10/10!Added 3 Dec 2007, ID #8075
This game is absolutely amazing! The music is absolutely perfect. It has a least 60 original tunes that are very fun to listen to. The music is always a new experience, and never gets on your nerves.

The one spot where I can argue with the game is it's raphics. But then again, who wants to see a kid game with realistic graphics? I wouldn't! The graphics match the aimed audience.

The gameplay is the best part! The game is very creative. You can create a house using at least 300+ pieces of furniture. All the furniture is fun, like frog chairs, or old fashion TVs. Collecting all the furniture is a worthwhile adventure in itself. There are really fun holidays, with about 5 a month, so you always have a day to look forward to.

This game can keep anybody busy for a long time. I have been playing for 2 years, and haven't stopped yet! It's extremally addicting. I have wanted to skip whatever I have going on just to play Animal Crossing it's so addicting.

This game is a fun, creative adventure. I don't see how anybody could possibly not like this game. It's very fun to play, no matter your age.

Wow a Perfect Game!!!!Added 2 Jan 2005, ID #2998
This game is awsome!! killer gameplay, sound and graphics!!

Well you may say that this game has bad graphics... Think about it. Do you wish to see realalitic animals wearing cloths. That would be nasty!! The graphics fit the game perfectly.

What killer sound, the sould is not Good! Well think again, do you think that this game would be better with hard rock. Playing the game, fishing, while hard rock playing. Or shoping at Tom Nooks and "Kiss" is playing! (not that Kiss is bad) The sound Fits the game perfectly.

This game is Just perfect!! 10/10

It's fun then boring.Added 8 Aug 2004, ID #2327
This game is fun only when it starts but when you paid off your loan everything gets really boring. The graphics are okay and the controls are easy to manage. I recommend this game to younger players. I give it 5.50/10.

Added 19 Nov 2003, ID #1025
I thought animal crossing is a very good game.

It is interesting and because it is in real time it makes it to were no one can spend their whole day on it.

I also enjoyed the mix of other classic NINTENDO games are put in it.

I thought they could of made a better story line but it was all together a pretty good game, so I gave it a 9/10.

ExcellentAdded 3 Nov 2003, ID #985
"Animal crossing" is one of the best games for the Gamecube. Even though I dont have a Gamecube I have a guy in my friends and it's really GOOD.

Try to get raffle tickets you can get really cool items like I got a Mario trophie here are the odds first time you try 1/5 second 3/5 third 4/5 forth you will defenatly win something.

P.S. Mushroom season is in october every morning at 8:00 found in the forest parts of your town. Thats all for now bye!

ID #42

All I can Say is that this game has great features but takes long for loading.sent in by El nino

ID #41

I overall like the game.

It can get boring if you have nothing to do and none of the villigars need help, but I graphics are good and if you know the secrets the game can be really fun.

I think what the game needs is more interactions with the villigars, all you can do is talk to them and ask them if they need help. Bo-ring!

Maybe even keep those two but make the villigars say some different things, no just the same things over, and over.

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