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Alto's Odyssey Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Alto's Odyssey

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Alto's Odyssey Walkthrough and Guide
Alto's Odyssey Walkthrough and Guide

Alto's Odyssey is a free-to-play endless runner that has over 180 levels to complete. The game takes place in three separate biomes, each with their own unique scenery. You control Alto or one of several other characters on a sandboard as they go through these desert environments completing tasks. The objective of the game is to complete the tasks while collecting as many coins as possible. The coins you collect allow you to buy improvements that help collect even more coins or break stones, and not to crash into them. New playable characters become unlocked as you complete levels, each of which has their own characteristics and abilities. Check out our Alto's Odyssey Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

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Alto's Odyssey Walkthrough and Guide

Alto’s Adventure Skills

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to Alto's Adventure and if you are familiar with the first game you will find that many of the skills you learnt while playing it will serve you well here. You just need to take into account the addition of the new environmental elements such as balloons while attempting big trick combos.

Master the Backflip

The most important trick you need to master in Alto's Odyssey is backflipping, although it will only give you 10 points it can help you to increase speed, chain your combos, and evade lemurs.

Best Early Character

The best early game character is Maya, she is unlocked at level 11 and you can stick with her until you unlock a better character which will happen when you reach level 51 when Sumara becomes available as a playable character. Although Maya is slow she makes up for her lack of speed through enhanced agility with her ability to perform quick backflips which allows her more room for combos. Below is a list of all the characters in Alto's Odyssey and when they become unlocked.

• Maya

Unlocks at level 11

• Paz

Unlocks at level 21

• Izel

Unlocks at level 31

• Felipe

Unlocks at level 41

• Sumara

Unlocks at level 51

The Magnet Timer

Visit Izel's workshop and spend the in-game coins you earn while you play the game to max out the Magnet Timer so it allows you to collect more coins. Other items you can obtain from Izel's workshop are the Signal Amplifier, Sandboard, Wingsuit, Lotus Timer, Helmet, and Chasm Rescue. There are no in-app purchases with real currency in Alto's Odyssey.


Once you have the Compass in your possession you will be able to pay 1000 coins and pick which destination you would like to go. Each area in Alto's Odyssey is catered towards certain elements, so using the Compass to choose where you’d like to go is best when you're looking for those particular features. Having the Compass is particularly useful when it you are looking to complete area specific achievements.

Wingsuit Combos

Activating the wingsuit in Alto's Odyssey will allow you to remain airborne longer so you can perform more combinations and maximise the length of your scarf. When your Wingsuit starts glowing during the game you will be able to activate it by tapping its icon on the left side of the screen. To get the most benefit from your Wingsuit you need to activate it when you are in the middle of a trick combo and want to extend it. You can also use the Wingsuit to fly close the ground to increase your trick score fast.

Master the Wall Ride

If you aspire to have a long run in Alto's Odyssey it is essential that you master the Wall Ride. Before you begin a Wall Ride you will need to build up speed by performing tricks and then when you reach the base of the wall tap and hold the screen to start wall riding. You then need to release the screen just before you reach the end to end the Wall Ride with a Wall Jump trick.

Rock Bounce Trick

Performing the Rock Bounce trick where you land on rocks to continue your combo is difficult to pull off due to the small size of the rocks so whenever possible use the balloons that Alto's Odyssey provides to help keep your backflipping tricks together. There will be multiple occasions when a balloon will rise out of a chasm which you can use to save your run from ending. Balloons will sometimes also appear when you fly off a cliff.

Vine Grind Trick

Be careful when you attempt a Vine Grind trick in Alto's Odyssey as vines snap if you stay on them for too long. To successufully perform them so you continue your chain of tricks you need to jump on to the next vine before you reach the halfway point on the first one.

Landing in Water

Many of the water streams you see at the Temple locations in Alto's Odyssey will end in a pool of water which can be used to continue your combos. If you keep backflipping when you land in them they will not only cushion your fall but also allow your character to bounce out and continue their trick chain. Skimming across the water gives you a speed boost, a temporary forcefield, and a score bonus.

Escape Lemurs

Once your character gets past the two-kilometer mark during a stage run, Lemurs will appear onscreen and chase you down. To prevent them from catching you, you'll need to keep performing backflips and doing so while you're grinding to increase your speed until you eventually cross a chasm which will get rid of them for good. Sumara has an easier time dealing with Lemurs since they're unable to directly attack her board.


Take advantage of the tornados you encounter in Alto's Odyssey by riding straight through them or jumping into one to gain a boost in height.

Alto's Odyssey Walkthrough and Guide


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