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AFK Arena Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis

AFK Arena is a casual action card game that also has RPG elements. Build up a personalized team and level up with the unique AFK Awards auto farming system. Join players all over the world in this journey of fantasy and prevent an ancient evil from destroying the realm of Esperia. AFK Arena is available on Android and iPhone/iPhone. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Sacrificing Heroes

It is important to remember that not all the heroes available in AFK Arena can obtain Mythic+ which is the max ascension available. The only heroes that are classified as 'Mythic Heroes' in their portrait can reach that stage. Therefore, unless necessary you should never sacrifice a hero which has the capability of becoming Mythic through ascension as these characters in the long run are the strongest in the game.

Build a Balanced Team

The key to being successful in AFK Arena is to build a balanced team. This means having at least one tank in front and 2 damage dealers at the back. Having a healer is not mandatory if one of your damage dealers has a self-healing ability. The hero which you decide to upgrade in first and be your main carry will depend on whom you managed to draw through summoning. The hero you select as your main carry should be able to get rid of multiple enemies by their self if they are given a proper setup.

Filling Up Resonating Crystals

It is recommended that when you fill up your resonating crystals you leave 1 empty slot open all the time. Fill up your supports first, followed by tanks, and then dps. The reason why you should leave 1 empty slot is that it enables you to use a specific hero at any point of time should you need to accomplish a certain task or stage.

Play the Campaign to Unlock Modes and Features

Before you can begin playing the PvP battles, bounty quests, and the various battle modes on offer in AFK Arena you must first progress through the campaign and complete certain stages within it. If you focus on completing levels, so you reach the higher stage numbers tied to the second collection of campaign levels you will begin unlocking side missions. If you then tap the gray buildings tied to the game's locked modes you will be able to find out what stage need to be beaten in order to unlock each one.

Recruiting New Heroes

AFK Arena offers several ways in which to recruit new heroes to your cause, all of which will involve different types of collectables. Once you have accumulated a decent amount of collectables you can then take a trip to the 'Noble Tavern' and use them as currency to spend them on recruiting new heroes. It is recommended that you only spend your collectables on the 'Summon 10' option, it is far better to rely on this option instead of adding 10 heroes one at a time as it improves the chances of pulling better heroes. It has been confirmed that if you have an Elite card in your deck you are guaranteed an Elite copy every 3rd 10x pull.

How to Spend Diamonds

You will need a lot of heroes in AFK Arena so when you begin playing the game you need to continually use the diamonds you earn to collect as many of them as possible in order to make a viable team. Do not worry about purchasing equipment as this can be gained through the fights, just buy the minimum equipment possible to progress.


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