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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS


Lucina Character FAQ

by MKaykitkats

                      Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
                            Lucina Character FAQ

               -Please recommend above if you find it helpful!-
                   @@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@ @@@@           
                 @@@@@@@@@@@@    @@@@@@@@ @@           
                @@@@@@@@@@                 @@          
               @@@@@@@@@                    @          
              @@@@@@@@@                      @         
              @@@@@@@@        @@@@@@@@@@@     @        
             @@@@@@@@       @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   @        
             @@@@@@@     @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @       
             @@@@@@    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @       
            @@@@@@    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @       
            @@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@       
            @@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@       
            @@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@       
            @@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@       
           @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@      
          @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@      
          @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@      
          @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    @@@@@@@@@   @@@@      
        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@  @@@@@@@@   @@@@      
        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@      @ @@@@@@@  @ @@@@      
          @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@ @ @@@@@@@  @@@@       
          @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ #  ##@@  @@@@@@@@ @ @@       
         @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   ##  @   @@@@@@ @@ @        
         @@@@@@@@  @@@@ @           @@ @@    @@        
        @@@@@@@@@  @@@@ @           @      @           
        @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@                   @           
       @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                   @           
      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                   @           
      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                  @            
      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                  @            
      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@            @    @             
      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@               @              
      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@               @              
      @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@        @@@   @               
      @@@@@@@    @@@@@@@@@            @                
      @@@@@@       @@@@@@ @           @                
      @@@@@         @@@@@  @@       @@                 
      @@@@             @@@   @@    @                   
      @@@                 @@@@@@@@@                    
By: MKaykitkats                                 



This FAQ details everything about Lucina. Unlock methods, her moves, custom
moves, general strategies, specific strategies (against different characters),

As a disclaimer; I have played every Smash Brothers game starting with the N64,
and have played mostly Marth since Melee. I am by no means a tournament level 
player, nor do I intend to be. I simply write this for those that may be 
curious for a full run down of Lucina's moves and some techniques that seem to 
work nicely on modes such as "For Glory." I have played since the Japanese 
release, and over 1500 games online as Lucina, beat Classic Mode/Master Core 
level 9.0, All-Star Hard, etc and quite a few more offline against all sorts
of people and AI.

I will try my best to cover everything regarding her. This FAQ is made mostly
from my own experience.

I welcome any tips or suggestions other players may have for her, feel free to
contact me, and I will credit you.





Use Ctrl + F to skip to specific sections, simply search for the letters
within the brackets listed below.

1.) Table of Contents                   [ToC]
2.) General Information                 [GNRL]
3.) Moveset / Custom Moves              [MEST] [Has Sub Sections]
4.) General Strategies                  [SRT1]
5.) Specific Strategies                 [SRT2] [VS All Characters Here]
6.) Closing/Credits/Contact Information [CCC]
7.) Version Info                        [VIN]
8.) Authorized Websites                 [ADS]


GENERAL INFORMATION                                                     [GNRL]


This section just covers some basics. History, how to unlock her, differences
to Marth, etc.

--------------------------------Brief History---------------------------------

From the Fire Emblem series.

She first appears in Fire Emblem 13, "Awakening." Wielding Falchion, she deeply
admires and poses as the Hero King of Legend, Marth. As such, her move set and 
fighting style are identical.

-----------------------------Unlocking Lucina---------------------------------

She is very straightforward to Unlock. Simply running through Classic Mode as
Marth without continues will let you challenge her when done. Beat her to 
unlock her. This can be done literally within the first ten minutes of
starting the game up.

Alternatively, you may do 40 VS Matches in Smash mode, which may take a little
longer but is a reliable method.

-----------------------------Alternate Outfits--------------------------------

All of her outfits are based on various colors of different characters from
Fire Emblem Awakening. If scrolling from default to the right, the order is:
-Nowi (light green hair, purple outfit)
-Cherche (red hair, black outfit)
-Cordelia (red hair, whie outfit)
-Tiki (dark green hair, pink/red outfit)
-Lissa (blonde hair, yellow outfit)
-Tharja (black hair, gold and black outfit)
-Sumia (grey hair, purple outfit)

Obviously, they make no differences to gameplay.

--------------------Differences between Marth and Lucina----------------------

As a Marth "clone," Lucina and Marth share the exact same moves. So what are
the differences?

The most notable difference is that Lucina lacks the "tipper" sweetspot on her
sword. However, the trade off is she also lacks the sourspot on the rest of her

This means that damage she does anywhere on the blade is the same. Marth does
more damage at the tip, but less down the blade. This is the key difference
between them.

It implies that if one were to master both Marth and Lucina, Marth would likely
perform better if every hit was at the tip, doing more damage over time than
Lucina would.

I personally feel his range outdoes Lucina's ever so slightly, but I have been
unable to confirm this myself, as in training the methods I used to test range
seem identical.

Other than this, Lucina is slightly shorter than Marth, has different taunts,
and is said to be just a bit faster.

---------------------------Victory Poses / Lines -----------------------------

She has various victory lines. Some are special depending on who she is
fighting. I point out the Japanese (that I translated) just to show the slight
personality difference it presents her with in English. A small tidbit and
somewhat irrelevant, but interesting none the less.

General: (English)

"The future is not written!"

"Father, I won!"

"You'll never defeat me."

General: (Japanese)

"Mirai o kaetemisemasu!" (Watch me change the future!)

"Kachimashita yo, otousama" (I won...father.)

"Makeru wa ikemasen!"  (I cannot lose!)

Specific: (English)

VS Marth: "This is the Hero King?"

VS Ike: "And they called you the Radiant Hero?"

Specific: (Japanese)

VS Marth: "Kore ga eiyuuou no chikara?" (This is the Hero King's power...?)

VS Ike: "Kore ga souen no yuusha?" (This is the Radiant Hero...?)

Same meaning, but there is a subtle difference between saying "You'll never
defeat me" and "I cannot lose."

The second half is less condescending and more in contemplation.

Just thought I would add this in the FAQ as trivia. Lucina is quite the
troll in English, huh?


MOVESET / CUSTOM MOVES                                                  [MEST]


This section covers every move she can do. Her Tilts, Smash Attacks. Specials,
Grabs, Throws, Final Smash, and customized Special Moves.

I describe their damage ranges, as well as some notes on when best used, or
how best used in my experience.

Use Ctrl F to skip to a specific section:
-Standard /Tilt Attacks    [M001]
-Air Attacks               [M002]
-Smash Attacks             [M003]
-Special Attacks / Customs [M004]
-Grabs/Throws              [M005]
-Taunts                    [M006]


Note: I had customized my controls to better fit my play style, but this will
assume you are keeping basic controls, so:

L = Grab
R = Shield
X/Y = Jump
A = Attack
B = Special Attack
D-Pad [DP]= Taunts
Circle Pad [CP]= Movement

All damage of the moves is recorded from testing in training mode. Some have
ranges that will be noted as ##-##%.

Notes will talk about usefulness of the moves themselves.

---Standard Attacks (A button) [M001]

Neutral Attack (A Button, no direction)
Damage: 4-5% (each swing)
-She swings her sword in arcs over her head, starting from her front and then
 going over her head. She can do two attacks consecutively before a brief 
Notes: This move can hit enemies coming from above, but will not hit enemies
       behind her. Useful for quickly stopping an enemy from doing an attack
       with longer set up.

Tilt Attacks: (A Button + Direction)
-This refers to when your circlepad is "tilted" to a direction, but not doing
a charge up "smash attack."

Up Tilt (CP Up + A)
Damage: 6-7%
-She swings her sword in a longer, higher arc than her neutral attack. There
 is a brief pause before she can swing again. She starts in the direction she
 faces, and swings up and around to her back.
Notes: Unlike her neutral attack, this one can hit opponents standing directly
       behind her. In fact, it does 7% damage at the back compared to 6% at the
       front. Very useful for hitting aerial enemies that may be hopping up 
       from the ledge.

Forward Tilt (CP Forward + A)
Damage: 9/10%
-She swings her sword from low to high in an arc from her front. The move has
 longer range than her neutral attack, as well as her Down Tilt attack, and
 is great for going from Down Tilt to Forward Tilt, as well as cancelling an
 opponent's move. Thanks to the low arc, it can hit enemies who may be ducking
 in front of her, or coming from on high. An especially useful ledge guarding
Notes: It is easy to go into this move from the Down Tilt as well as her dash
       attack; and she swings faster than a lot of other opponents' forward 
       tilts as well as decent range, making it a preferred move. Especially
       useful is if you Down Tilt in one direction, and the opponent rolls
       behind you, you may simply tilt in the opposite direction and she will
       instantly turn and execute the attack.

Down Tilt (CP Down + A)
Damage: 8%
-She gets low to the ground, and does a quick jab forward. She can attack
 over and over as you please. She knocks opponents back a safe distance,
 especially at higher damage.
Notes: This is a very useful move for quick opponents who come close or roll
       often. She can get to the ground and jab very quickly, and so coming
       from any other tilt move it can be useful. She can dash forward then
       get low to the ground quickly, executing the attack quickly and possibly
       confusing an opponent who may have been expecting a dash attack. The
       quick movement allows her to often hit the opponent and make them flinch
       before they can strike her. It's very useful near the edge too, often
       able to hit an opponent who may be just about to grab a ledge.

Dash Attack (Run + A)
Damage: 10%
-She lets out a horizontal slash at the end of her dash, knocking opponents
Notes: Useful if your opponent keeps rolling backward, just keep running, by
       the time they roll back again, do the slash and it will usually send
       them far back enough for you to run up and do a follow up attack. Use
       sparingly though, as it may become quite predictable after a few uses.
       It may be more useful to run up and grab, or perhaps go into down tilt.

---Air Attacks (Midair + Direction + A) [M002]
-These are attacks done in midair. There are five types, depending on what
 direction you tilt the circlepad to. 
-A key to a lot of her air moves is what is known as "short hopping," or 
 lightly tapping the jump buttons (X/Y) so you jump at a shorter height than 
 usual, allowing you to execute these attacks while low to the ground.
-The other key is the fast fall, used to return to the ground at quicker speed.
 She needs this to allow her Neutral and Forward Air to be effective against
 any height of target, as well returning to the ground quickly after an
 intercept, so that she may be able to quickly repeat it.

Up Air (Midair + CP Up + A)
Damage: 10%
-She swings a full arc over her head while in midair.
Notes: Incredibly useful when used with short hop. When an opponent is coming
       down, rather than use both jumps to intercept them high in the air, you
       can do this close to the ground. It has more manueverability than the
       normal Up Tilt while doing a bit more damage. When the opponent is very
       high, doing a quick double jump and Up Tilt will usually end them. It
       can also be used to intercept those who return from the ledge and choose
       to jump over you.

Forward Air (Midair + CP Forward + A)
Damage: 8%
-She does a full swing from top to bottom in front of her.
Notes: One of the most useful for general attacking, when used with a short
       hop, she can hit even shorter targets. Mix with a fast fall to get to
       the ground and perform a Down Tilt for any follow up attack your
       opponent may do. You can hop forward doing this move, sometimes getting
       opponents to the edge with ease. This is also incredibly useful for
       off stage combat, as well as ledge guarding. Use it the moment the
       opponent tries to get back onto the ledge, and be it air or ground,
       you will hit them if done right.

       Don't be afraid to do a jump off the map to hit the opponent with the
       forward air, or even use both your jumps, it will usually K.O. them.
       Just be sure to hold the tilt toward the stage after you execute the
       attack, as this will allow her to drift back either onto the stage, or
       into safe distance to user her Dolphin Slash (Up Special) to return

Neutral Air (Midair + No Direction + A)
Damage: 2%, 7%
-She swings horizontally around herself in midair.
Notes: This move is incredibly useful for ledge guarding, as well as general
       offensive. She hits opponents both in front, above, or behind her. 

       A useful technique is at the edges of the stage, when the opponent is 
       returning, perform a short hop and do the Neutral Air, so if they were 
       to jump, they run right into your blades.

       It attacks twice, the first swing (2%) weaker than the second, more
       important swing (7%). You can short hop forward using it, and then mix
       it with a fast fall to hit opponents on the ground/hanging onto the
       ledge, too. One of her most useful techniques. Works well on bigger
       targets too.

Down Air (Midair + CP Down + A)
Damage: 11-13%
-She swings in an arc below her. Has Meteor Smash effect.
Notes: A useful move to perform a Meteor Smash when off the map, but also to
       hop over opponents and reliably hit them. It's a little slower than the
       others and has a higher recovery time, but also does more damage.

       Generally I recommend the Forward Air more, but this will have uses
       for reasons mentioned above. Be careful when using it off map,
       especially if used with fast fall. Ensure you still have your second
       jump and Dolphin Slash ready to return to the map as you will have gone
       a fair distance down. You can do your second jump right after the move
       earlier than you think.

Back Air (Midair + CP Back + A)
Damage: 9-10%
-she swings the sword in a quick arc behind her.
Notes: A little trickier to use toward the opponent, it usually provides a 
       good escape move. You have to jump facing one way, and use the tilt to
       start drifting the opposite way, so you approach your opponent facing
       the other way. Then tilt the control stick to whatever direction is
       behind you, and push A to execute the attack. The quick swing and
       approach often catches them off guard.

       It's also useful if both of you are in mid air, and your opponent behind
       you. It deals fair damage and swings quickly.

---Smash Attacks (CP Direction Tap + A) [M003]
-These refer to the charge up attacks that require you to tap a direction with
 the circle pad and hold A. There are three of them. They are the moves with
 best launch power, but also longer set up than standard attacks, best used
 when you have predicted an opponent's move and know exactly where they will
-Notes: Damage range is lowest (no charge) to highest (full charge). Charges
        go for about 2 seconds to max. You can release anytime in between the
        charge, which is where timing can come in to land the attack.

Up Smash (Tap CP Up + A)
Damage: 17-24%
-She thrusts her sword straight up, launching opponents upward. It can hit
 opponents right next to her on either side, too.
Notes: A fair ranged upward smash attack. Useful for if your opponent is going
       to land either next to you or above you. It can out range quite a few
       of the other characters' Down Air moves, usually allowing you to safely
       hit them and launch them upward.

       Be wary of the set up time and recovery time, if you miss, you are
       vulnerable to your opponent! The Up Tilt is more useful if juggling
       your opponent. Use this if you can guarantee a hit.

Forward Smash (Tap CP Forward + A)
Damage: 14-20%
-She slams her sword down from high to low in front of her.
Notes: A great launching move, can hit opponents a bit above her as well as
       in front of her with ease. If used at the very edge of the ledge, it
       can often hit opponents before they reach the ledge itself. If you
       can time it well enough to hit the opponent right after their ledge
       invulnerability wears off, sending them flying.

       Another thing to keep in mind. If the opponent rolls a lot, but mostly
       in one direction, simply aim to where they will roll rather than aim
       at them. Their roll will give you at least a full second to charge,
       and then you will more likely than not send them flying. If they happen
       to shield, follow up with a grab.

Down Smash (Tap CP Downward + A)
Damage: 9-13% (Forward Swing)
        14-20% (Rear Swing)
-She swings her sword first in front of her, than behind her.
Notes: Great for if the opponent keeps getting around you, or stays low to the
       ground. Keep in mind she will swing in the direction she is facing
       first, rather than a lot of other characters who have downward smashes
       that cover both sides at the same time.

       The advantage to her doing both sides separately is that if the opponent
       rolls to the other side of you when you start the attack, they will be
       hit by the stronger, follow up attack.

       You can easily follow up with a Down Tilt and vice versa.

---Special Attacks (B Button) [M004]
-These are the moves that utilize the B button to unleash special attacks.
 There are 4 types (Upward, Horizon, Neutral, Downward). Custom moves are also 
 listed here, and fall into the four categories. There are 12 moves total.

 I will focus most on the Default moves, as I have most experience with them,
 and "For Glory" does not allow use of the custom moves.

Neutral Special Attacks (No Direction + B)

1.) Shield Breaker (Default)
Damage: 8-21% (No charge - Full charge)
"Thrust the sword forward to pierce through shields. Can be charged."

Notes: Just as it says, this is the move I utilize most offensively. She
       can tear through shields with ease, a no charge shield breaker will
       reduce it far enough that if the opponent holds shield a little longer,
       it will break. A full charge one shatters shields. It can be blocked
       with only a power shield, or shielding at just the right moment.

       It has great range too, mixed with a short hop it can throw opponents
       off. Mix up your charge time to throw off opponent timings. Use it
       coming from the air too.

       A full charge shield breaker in mid-air will thrust Lucina herself
       forward, which can throw opponents off sometimes. Be very careful when
       using it for stage return though --as she goes forward she will not
       grab the ledge on her own, so be sure to use the Up Special right after.

2.) Storm Thrust (Custom)
Damage: 3-10%
"Thrust the sword forward. The tip creates a gust of wind that pushes
 opponents back."

Notes: The gust that it creates can be good for shoving opponents off, as well
       as preventing their return. Distance yourself from the opponent to
       allow the gust to your advantage. Try it when they attempt returning
       to the ledge too.

       It does some damage too if they are up close, but the biggest feature
       is mainly the fact it sends them flying quite far!

       If friendly damage is on in Team Battles, you could position yourself
       behind your partner, making sure the blade won't hit them, but the gust
       will. They can charge a Smash Attack and be sent toward the opponent
       fully ready, for instance.

3.) Dashing Assault (Custom)
Damage: 5-15% (No charge - Full Charge)
"Thrust while dashing forward. Deals slightly less damage than normal."

Notes: This is my favorite of the three custom moves for neutral, as she can
       cover almost the entire map at full charge if it's an Omega (flat) map.
       The weakened power means she won't break shields as easily, but will
       still do a fair bit of damage to the shield itself.

       Amazing for return too, as used in mid air carries her incredibly far.
       Great in custom Team Battles to zip around the stage.

Horizontal Special Attacks (CP Forward/Backward + B)

1.) Dancing Blade (Default)
Damage: Varies by direction
Middle Swings   (Red)  : 3-3-4-6%
Upward Swings   (Blue) : X-3-4-7%
Downward Swings (Green): X-3-6-13%*
 *-if all three hits land
 X = first move is always a horizontal slash.
"Attack up to four times. Press up or down to change the combo type."

Notes: Great for combos, as said above. The first move is always Red, then
       after that you can tilt the circlepad upward or downward to influence
       which move happenes next. You can do any combination, red-blue-green-
       blue, or red-green-blue-green, for instance. Very useful and hard to
       predict, allowing her to be very versatile and hard to predict.

       What is predictable though is that she only has up to four hits. Someone
       who knows this can wait and perform an easy counter attack. The best
       way around this is to use the final downward swing, which does multiple
       attacks, as people seem to either forget about the multiple hits, or
       charge in anyway.

       There are several different timings with this move. You can do all four
       moves quickly, or give a bit of a lag between them, great for tricking
       opponents to lower their shield thinking you have finished. It requires
       precise timing though, so give it a lot of practice!

       Upward swing is useful for launching, the fourth move has great KO
       capability, as does the fourth horizontal swing.

       You can begin to set it up from mid air. If approaching an opponent,
       start your first swing in midair so you can follow up with whatever
       types you like.

       Be very careful not to use this off stage, as you may accidentally do
       midair combo that will miss the ledge. You may see some doing the first
       swing (Red) to stay afloat longer, a tactic from older games, but it is 
       generally safer to not risk it.

2.) Effortless Blade (Custom)
Damage: 2-2-3-4% (Red/Middle Only)
"You can't change the combo type, but you can wait longer between attacks.
 Lower damage."

Notes: You can only do the Red combination (middle). It is useful if you want
       to trick your opponent by waiting slightly before the next move, but
       lacks the damage building capability of the original version, as the
       direction cannot be changed to hit upward or downward.

       I highly recommend the default over this one.

3.) Heavy Blade (Custom)
Damage: Varies by direction
Middle Swings   (Red)  : 7-10-10-14%
Upward Swings   (Blue) : X-9-10-13%
Downward Swings (Green): X-9-10-19%*
 *-if all three hits land
 X = first move is always a horizontal slash.
"Each strike is stronger but launches foes, making it hard to pull off a

Note: Just as it says, each attack hurts significantly more, with greater
      range and launching power. The only draw back is the timing cannot be
      changed, and the moves have a timing lag between them (it just "feels"
      heavier when using). You can do the four instant swings like default.

      When used right, though, this is a very destructive move, as unlike the
      Easy Combination, the next hit type can still be changed. Very deadly.

Upward Special Attacks (CP Up + B)

1.) Dolphin Slash (Default)
Damage: 7-11% (7 at tip, 11 from base)
"Strike upward with your sword as you rise into the air. Deals most damage
 at the start."

Notes: It does carry her a nice distance upward, useful for return. It also
       clears the way of anyone possibly trying to intercept you, as her slash
       is very fast and so hard to hit when she's doing it. Of course, it can
       be done, so remain cautious about this.

       I use it sparingly on the map itself, as it leaves you completely
       vulnerable after using it until you land. However, it has great
       launching ability if used right up to your opponent. It works as a last
       ditch move after your Dancling Blade, too, where their shield may be
       down as they move to counter you.

       For intercepting midair opponents, it is generally a better idea to use
       the air attacks rather than this one, as they leave you less vulnerable
       to counter attacks.

2.) Crescent Slash (Custom)
Damage: 7-12% (7 at base, 12 at middle)
"Rise in an arc while attacking. Deals most damage at the midpoint. Doesn't
 go as high."

Notes: As said, it has less of a height and more of a horizontal jump distance.
       Unlike the Dolphin Slash, most damage is from the middle.

3.) Dolphin Jump
Damage: None
"Jump really high, but you won't deal any damage."

Notes: A great return move, she has great height in her jump, but it lacks
       any offensive power, making her easy to intercept. It may be more useful
       for the likes of Smash Run.

Downward Special Attacks (CP Down + B)

1.) Counter (Default)
Damage: Varies
"Prepare for an attack and strike back if hit. The power depends on your
 enemy's attack."

Notes: A very, very useful move in a variety of situations. If you are familiar
       with how every other character plays, their timings, their ranges, etc,
       then this will work greatly for you.

       Most useful is intercepting a combos, or someone returning to the stage,
       or preventing your return to the stage.

       The damage is greater for enemy moves that do greater damage, which is
       useful as some strong attacks have long set ups, allowing you to use
       this with ease.

       Some notable uses are, if your opponent attacks from the ledge a lot,
       stand there and counter. If you are returning to the stage and the
       opponent keeps hitting you, counter right in front of them to clear
       the ledge.

       If your opponent is a big character (Ike, Bowser, Ganon), take advantage
       of their slower hits to set up counters whenever possible.

       Just be careful --the set up is only for about a second, if your
       opponent expects a counter, they may lag their move, or grab you. It
       leaves you pretty vulnerable if you fail the counter.

2.) Easy Counter (Custom)
Damage: Varies
-Has longer counter duration, but does less damage.

Notes: (The above is a translation from the Japanese one, as I have not
        unlocked it in the US copy yet).

       As suggested, the duration is longer (more than 1 second for default),
       but will do less damage overall.

       I recommend the first counter, but this may be a good starting point,
       or a counter to counter enemies that extend their moves to avoid her
       default counter duration.

3.) Iai Counter (Custm)
Damage: Varies
"A successful counter knocks opponents behind you. Faster but does less

Notes: As said above, this counter sends the opponents off behind you a fair
       distance. If used at the edge of the map it will knock them off that
       way. It has the same duration as the default counter as well, but
       strikes back faster.

Final Smash (Smash Ball + B)
Damage: 60%; OHKO
"I will change fate!" (Unmei o Kaemasu!)
-She lunges forward in a quick, straight line, stopping at the first opponent
 and sending them flying as their HP drains.

Notes: It sends opponents from 0 to 60% damage, and I have never seen anyone
       survive it.

       One thing you must be cautious of is if she uses it in midair,
       she will usually go very far off the map --if not KO'd, then it will
       be really hard to return regardless. Most safely used while on ground,
       where she will stop at the edge of a flat map, or any other obstacle
       in the way.

---Grabs/Throws (L, or R + A) [M005]
-Useful for getting around an opponent's shield. Use these as a follow up to
 a dash, combo, or hit if you feel your opponent may shield or counter.
-You can hit them a few times by tapping A repeatidly while holding them. You
 can launch them in any direction afterward.
-Her general grab range is okay, be sure to be very close to them.
-"Pivot Grabbing" (spinning around and grabbing) will add to her grab range a

Grab + Hit (L/R+A + A)
Damage: 4%

Notes: I recommend hitting only once or twice as the opponent may break free
depending on their damage. Launch them afterward and follow up with air

Upward Throw (Grab + CP Up)
Damage: 4%

Notes: Useful to KO light characters with high damage simply by throwing them
       upward. For heavier characters, I recommend down throw to follow up
       with moves.

Downward Throw (Grab + CP Down)
Damage: 5%

Notes: Useful for slightly more damage, and to follow up with Up Airs and
       other attacks. Great for building damage. You can try to grab them
       again when they land if you are good enough.

Forward Throw (Grab + CP Forward)
Damage: 4%

Notes: Standard forward throw, good to follow up with Forward Airs, or for
       sending the opponent off and following up with a meteor smash.

Backward Throw (Grab + CP Backward)
Damage: 4%

Notes: Just like forward throw, good for setting up an opponent for a meteor
       smash. In this case, a Back Air is good to do too.

Taunts [M006]

These do nothing for combat. They are just taunts, or "appeals" in Japanese.

Up Taunt (DP Up)
Poses, saying "Come at me!" (English)
Poses, saying "Kakattekinasai" (Come on). (Japanese)

Horizontal Taunt (DP Left/Right)
Sheaths sword, "I cannot lose."
Sheaths sword, "Makeraremasenkara" (I cannot lose.) (Japanese)

Down Taunt (DP Down)
Puts on mask. Then removes it.


GENERAL STRATEGIES                                                      [SRT1]


These are just some general strategies in different situations.


Lucina lacks any sort of projectile, so has to get pretty close to her
opponents. She can utilize counter and short hopping and dodging to make her
way over to those that do have projectiles. It varies depending which
projectile character she is fighting (see section below for more in depth

For other non projectile fighters, she does well with her range being able
to out do quite a few, and her quick moves and counter letting her hold her
own against them.

She is more the forward attacker sort in Team Battles, but can shift to a
defensive role providing counter and quick moves to protect a teammate that
may be setting up their own moves.

-Map Types-

She works best on Omega style maps (completely flat), but may be benefitted by
some platforms such as Battlefield (standard) version, to avoid opponents with
a lot of projectiles.

Maps that have a lot of changes/movement/hazards may be bad for her, as her
jumps and recovery are fair, but some maps are unforgiving (Paper Mario...)

-Free For All (4 Player)-

She's not really built to fight in the middle of a crowd, unless you want to
jump in and try your luck at countering.

What she is good at though is picking off the weakest member quickly and with
ease. It is best to avoid the center of the action and attack from the sides,
rolling back over when you're done before doing your next attack.

The Shield Breaker is very useful on an opponent distracted or shielding from
another opponent --take advantage of this. Just be sure to KO them before the
opponent does.

-1 on 1-

With just one player to focus on, she is quite strong here. Generally, you
will want to strike fast and avoid being grabbed, as a lot of her moves leave
her vulnerable to grabbing.

You want to make use of her Dancing Blade for damage, but never feel the need
to complete all four moves as your opponent may have shielded or dodged by
then. Be sure to mix up your moves as not to become too predictable.

Your biggest advantage is edge guarding. You can space yourself from the ledge
to avoid the opponent's ledge attack and still hit them with a well placed
shield breaker or smash attack.

Projectile opponents will require a lot of short hopping and precise

Be sure to take advantage of when your opponent is hit off the map to follow
up with your own attacks. Just be weary of the specific opponent. (I cover
specific fighters below).

-Team Battle-

She does great defending projectile support characters (such as Robin). She
can keep the enemy at bay with her tilts while the partner charges.

Another great advantage is hiding behind the mass of a bigger partner (Bowser,
Dedede), and charging the Shield Breaker. More often than not, you will smash
the opponent's shield, letting you or your partner KO them with a full charged
attack afterward.

There is a lot going on in a 2 v 2 Team Battle, so your opponent will struggle
to keep up with dodging your Shield Breaker while your partner attacks them,

-Sudden Death-

You can do one of three things. You can rush the opponent and hit them with
a forward air.

You can stay back shielding, and if they charge you, simply grab and throw
them away.

Or, your safest bet is to abuse the Bob Ombs that will drop about 10 seconds 
or so in. Go to the ledge closest to you, hang off of it. Drop down, jump,
then Up Special back to the ledge. If they come after you, you can Dolphin
Slash them off the map, or Up Air them. If they stay away, the Bob Ombs will
start dropping and likely send them flying. This usually works, and is best
against projectile enemies who will not approach you as well as be difficult
to approach.

*Single Player Modes*

--Home-Run Contest--

Not exactly the best for this mode, but she can still get a fair bit of damage
onto the Sandbag with her down tilt alone, some of her other moves push it
around too much for a suitable combo.

--Target Blast--

Same problems as above, however her smash attack can launch the bomb at
various distances, so is more useful here than int he Home-Run contest.

--Multi-Man Modes--

This comes down to how you use her, but in every mode other than Cruel Smash,
she is very useful as a vanguard, and in cooperative mode, great at defending

Her Forward Airs and Up Airs are all you need to knock the Miis off the map.

--Classic/All Star--

This mostly goes into the above categories (Free For All / Team) as well as
character specific strategies (see below).

I'll cover her fight against Master Core in "Specific Strategies."

--Trophy Rush--

Her quick air moves and attacks allow for her to get a pretty high combo with
ease. Very recommended for this mode, especially her Neutral Air.


SPECIFIC STRATEGIES                                                     [SRT2]


This section will detail specific strategies against every other character in
the game, as well as Master Core as a bonus.

Please note this is all from my own experience fighting these characters
both online and offline, as well as using these characters and exploiting 
their weaknesses as Lucina.

These do not include customized characters aside from Mii Fighters. This is
likely to be edited in the future if people send emails about their own
experiences with some characters, as well as their own tips. I make a note
to say how much I've fought a certain character (Rare,Uncommon,Common).

They are in Full Roster order (Top left to bottom right). Use CTRL + F to find
their section simply by typing in their character names in full caps (and make
sure it is case sensitive).

Example: Wendy would be WENDY.

Lucina Versus:

01 Mario
02 Luigi
03 Peach
04 Bowser
05 Yoshi
06 Rosalina & Luma
07 Bowser Jr.
08 Wario
09 Mr. Game & Watch
10 Donkey Kong
11 Diddy Kong
12 Link
13 Zelda
14 Sheik
15 Ganondorf
16 Toon Link
17 Samus
18 Zero Suit Samus
19 Pit
20 Palutena
21 Marth
22 Ike
23 Robin
24 Kirby
25 King Dedede
26 Meta Knight
27 Little Mac
28 Fox
29 Falco
30 Pikachu
31 Charizard
32 Lucario
33 Jigglypuff
34 Greninja
35 Duck Hunt
36 R.O.B.
37 Ness
38 Captain Falcon
39 Villager
40 Olimar
41 Wii Fit TRAINER
42 Dr. Mario
43 Dark Pit
44 Lucina
45 Shulk
46 Pac-Man
47 Mega Man
48 Sonic
49 Mii Fighter/Gunner/Brawler
XX Master Core



Common - Plenty of people use Mario that I've encountered.

Note: Dr. Mario is here too as the general strategy is the same.

-You want to look out for his Forward Air --it's his Meteor Smash. A lot of
the players will be aiming to set you up for this.

-His grab and punch ranges are relatively short, so you can focus on out
ranging him. Your Forward Tilt among others will be the most useful thing
against him. He is relatively short so you will utilize Forward Air more than
Neutral Air.

-He does jump a lot though, use Neutral Air to deal with this.

-Watch out for that cape, it may disorientate your combos leaving you open
to his attack.

-His fireballs can be a problem if they utilize it correctly, the bouncing
effect makes them slightly harder to dodge. Make your way up timing your jumps
and unleash a counter if close enough.



Uncommon - Only seen a few here and there.

-Don't let him get too close to you. If they constantly are trying, he is
likely trying to do his special uppercut.

-He floats around quite a bit, use air attacks to do him in. His recovery is
easy to mess up, so if you hit him off the map, follow up and make sure he
stays out there. Forward airs!

-Watch out for Luigi's own air attacks. He has quite the range with his air

-His Down Special has the ability to lock you in and do serious damage.

-His fireballs fly straight unlike Mario, a bit easier to avoid. Be cautious
on the approach as well as when you're recovering that he doesn't intercept
you with a fireball.



Rare - I haven't got to fight many.

-Her Side B is a lot faster in this game, if you see it coming you can set up
a quick counter, but you're better off trying to dodge it and follow up qucikly
with an attack.

-Her Down B projectiles are fairly easy to dodge, you can also catch them in
midair with the jump-dodge method of catching.

-Her ability to float as well as her Up Special umbrella are two things to
look out for, as she may throw off your ledge guard precision by just floating
over. Jump up and intercept her whenever possible, keeping her clear of the

-She has a counter ability in the form of her Neutral Special, Toad. Watch
out for this when doing the Danclng Blade, which is predictable for those who
know you have a max limit of four hits. Be careful about using shield breaker
for the same reason. Try throwing off her timing by adding time between swings
from the Dancing Blade, or perhaps just cancelling at two or three rather than
going all the way up to four.



Common - Oh dear.

-A ton of people use his fire to keep you at bay and add damage. Your counter
can't hit him either if you try. The solution is to jump and use a low hit
shield breaker, or perhaps a forward air.

-All of his moves hurt. A lot. You should use air attacks then back up before
you do the next one.

-Watch out for his Side Smash attack (where he jumps with both legs out). The
timing is a little strange so if you counter at the start of his jump he will
still get you. You have to brave it and wait just a second when he actually
starts his jump and counter there. It will be worth the reward --but if you
mess up you will likely be sent flying very far.

-A safe bet is to grab him and slam him to the ground. Usually Bowser follows
up with a Down Special (comes slamming down), or a Down Attack, both cause him
to fall and do damage. Just dodge to the side when you see him do this, and
prepare a side smash or shield breaker.

-Don't shield too much, his moves will break it quickly, and his Side B is
a destructive grab based attack. You're better off dodging the beast.

-If you hit him off the stage, do quick attacks to make sure he stays out there
to make him fall victim to his own weight.

-Thanks to his height and width, the Neutral Air is a good bet to constantly
hit him and drive him back. Just be sure those short hops are down.

-If you're both down to your last life, don't let him Side Special you. If
he belly flops with you off the map. you get KO'd before he does, leading to
his victory.



Common - A lot of Yoshi!

-Remember that he has a high jump, but his Up Special is not the greatest
recovery. If hit off the map, be sure to land another hit on him after that

-Watch out for his eggs. I've seen some very good Yoshis who spam that Egg
knowing you can't throw anything back! It also prevents your Forward Air and
other air attacks. You may have to stick to the ground.

-Yoshi has a Meteor Smash to look out for. When recovering from ledges, try
to make sure you come from low to avoid being hit by this.

-He has a decent grab range with his tongue, but he does not use it unless
you yourself shield a lot, as it leaves him quite exposed if he misses it.

-He has a move (down special) that will cause him to rocket down to the
ground. Watch out for this, either dodging to set up a Shield Breaker/Side
Smash, or a counter if he's right above you.



Common - One of the hardest to deal with.

-A player well versed with these two can give Lucina a hard time. The Luma
follows Rosalina's attacks. More experienced Rosalina players can space the
Luma forcing you to jump right into Rosalina's attacks in order to even hit
her. If you don't jump, you're stuck dealing with the Luma anyway.

-The floating Rosalina is rather hard to grab, where it seems she can be
grabbed she cannot. She also has decent range to her moves not even counting
the Luma.

-Watch out for her Neutral Special, where she can charge and launch Luma. It's
especially deadly if you are attempting to recover from the air. Remember that
even if you dodge the Luma projectile --the Luma can stlll attack you right

-If you manage to Shield Break Rosalina, be very careful. Just because she is
stunned does not mean the Luma cannot attack. In fact it can attack quite
aggressively! Be sure to dodge roll behind Rosalina where the Luma can't hit,
and then do a full charge Smash Attack or Shield Breaker.

-Focus on Rosalina. As tempting as it is to eliminate the Luma, you will take
more damage for just a few seconds without it, considering Rosalina recovers
her Luma fairly quickly.

-You have to use a lot of jump attacks and grabs. The Dancing Blade often only
ends in Rosalina's favor. You have to jump right between Rosalina and Luma,
making this pretty deadly if Luma attacks you from behind.

-Be wary of intercepting her off the map, her recovery is great enough that
she can take her time to counter your counter.

-Use Counter more than any other attack to get rid of that Luma, as it does a
better job of destroying it than conventional moves while protecting yourself.

-If you hit Rosalina off the map and decide not to follow up, and her Luma is
left behind, go ahead and attack it while you can.

-They often dodge to make use of the teleport style dodge. This can throw you
off in the sense that you can't see which direction they are dodging too. This
will depend mostly on the player. If they go behind you often, make use of the
Down Smash. If they go away from you, just run toward where they may go and
set up a Smash Attack or grab.

-If she does her Up Special recovery, she is completely vulnerable until she
lands. She can still alter her direction, but use this as a chance to set up
a powerful attack.



Common - He's so cute! Though people often use the other Koopalings.

-He has a cannonball projectile move. It's fairly easy to see coming and to
dodge, so it is safer to avoid rather than attempt to counter.

-The Mecha Koopa (toy that runs around) can be picked up by you. You have to
jump-dodge to pick it up from the ground. A lot of Bowser Jr. players seem
to be caught off guard when you do this. Just be careful and practice it, as
it can be tricky.

-Watch out for his Side Special move, which makes the cart drive across the
map. It's pretty hard to counter as it comes quickly, try doing a Down Air
over it as it passes by.

-His medium height makes him vulnerable to both Air and Ground attacks. Mix
these up.

-Bowser Jr. can still attack after using Up Special, be cautious about that
hammer he may pull out if you move to intercept him.

-Watch out for his downward smash, as it covers both sides at the same time.
It is fairly easy to counter though.



Uncommon - Fought a few here and there!

-When you see him on his motorcycle, get ready to Counter. It seems to do
best against it, destroying the bike and dealing damage to him if he's still
on it.

-He has deceiving range in his attacks --they strike a lot farther than you
think they will.

-He is relatively short, so if you utilize the Dancing Blade, always aim low
to get the most damage.



Uncommon - A few here and there.

-He has his Neutral B (Bacon) moves that shoot random projectiles and will
prevent your approach, especially from the air. Get around this by jumping
over him or approaching him via rolling. You could try to find holes in the
projectiles too, or go low to do a Down Tilt.

-Watch out for when he is returning to the map. He has a Down Air that will
make him come down fast and hit hard.

-I have not seen many use his hammer, likely due to the RNG involved, but
just be cautious as you would be with anyone if he keeps trying to get close
to you.

-He is relatively short, so Forward Air will work better than Neutral Air



Uncommon - But the few I've met...

-Like with any other big character, he is vulnerable to Neutral Airs and
 Forward Airs. Just be careful about his punches. All of them.

-More dodging than shielding against him. He has pretty impressive range to
his moves too and can do quick set ups.

-He has a pretty easy to use Meteor Smash, so if you see him jumping to get
you while you come back to the map, either hit him quickly with a forward
air, or get ready to dodge.



Uncommon - But I ran into someone who used him 30 times in a row...

-He does not have much to go against you with. His Peanut Gun provides a
projectile you can dodge or even grab the bullet for yourself.

-His Bannana Peel may trip you, but is very easy to see coming.

-Watch out for his Down Special, as it counts as a grab, where he will jump
on you and deal some damage before flinging you away.



Common - And deadly.

-When properly used, Link can be one of the hardest fights for Lucina. Link
has a balance of projectiles and powerful melee attacks. You will have to
approach and dodge with great caution.

-He stay at one side and projectile you until you approach him. Usually he
will use the boomerang followed by arrows, then hit you with the sword when
you get close.

-You can easily dodge projectiles, but remember the Boomerang will bring you
close to him, and he will usually attack. You can use this to your advantage
and ride the boomerang to him while preparing a Shield Breaker.

-His range is pretty good, so you may have to attack close and get out of
there, though he may follow with a projectile.

-You can try to grab him more often than hit him. He usually does not utilize
his grab as much as it leaves him very vulnerable if he misses.

-Remember he will not take damage if he throws the bomb at you at close range.

-When he does his forward swing, remember there is a more powerful second
swing coming up. Either counter or get out of there!

-Try not to approach him from above if knocked upward. He has a three hit
Upward Smash that usually ends in a KO, as well as a quicker Up Tilt. You
should land a safe distance away, or just far enough to hit him with an air
attack to knock him back and secure a safe landing.

-You may have to patient; build up Link's damage with Down Tilts among other
quick moves.

-When he is at the edge, or attempting to recover, it is your best change to
attack him. Look out for his Up Special which can easily hit you considering
he's spinning. You can get a well placed Down Air on him for a Meteor Smash
though, or just wait at the ledge until right after his spin is complete and
knock him back off.

-Watch out for his Down Air if you move to intercept him in midair. It can
be pretty deadly and hit you with great damage when trying to hit him.

-Generally doing the short hop Neutral Air against him works well. Be sure
to do the fast fall after it to ensure it hits him.



Rare - Only a few times.

-Her teleport deals damage in this game, and can be quite troublesome because
you can not tell which direction she will be going. You can attempt to either
counter the moment she teleports, or sidestep dodge. Just be ready to change
direction to grab or attack if she appears behind you.

-Her Side Special fireball is pretty deadly, but also easy to avoid. Be
sure to roll more away from her, because if you get close, you may be grabbed
or hit by her deadly smash attacks. If going toward her, try doing the short
hop air dodge. It is a safer approach. Go from this into a Down Tilt attack.

-Her Neutral B also can hurt if you're too close.

-Watch out for her air moves. They're more deadly than they appear.



Common - Quite a few ninjas!

-Sheik has some projectiles, one that deals damage but hardly any knock back,
and a newer one that can KO you at high enough damage. Be weary of this, it
has an obvious set up time so be prepared to dodge.

-I've seen a lot of them use a combo of the Side Special (bomb) followed up
by her flip kick. You can either be ready to counter it, or just dodge. Just
be careful if the opponent seems to be repeating it often.

-Sheik has a lot of trouble hitting you off the map even at high damage. Her
most deadly moves are usually her Up Smash and Up Air, so when approaching
from the air, she will likely try to hit you. Dodge your way in. Using counter
will block her attack, but not really hit her either as Lucina swings upward,
not hitting the opponent who is below her. They could follow up with another
attack if you do it that way.

-Sheik has to get up close to you, so be ready for close quarters combat.
She will likely grab often, and is fast. Use the Down Tilt to knock her off
her feet, and the Down Smash if she constantly rolls back and forth.

-Sheik's returning Up Special does damage if she passes you. It has a shorter
range than Zelda's teleport, so you can learn to predict where she will land,
setting up a powerful Smash Attack to unleash the moment she reappears.



Common - And scary.

-His moves take long to set up often, but do great damage. You will want to
attack him with your own quicker attacks, but be ready to back off if he uses
the Warlock punch.

-Watch out for his Side Special, as it counts as grabbing and cannot be
shielded. You are better off dodging.

-The Warlock punch --don't try to hit him when he does this, he will hardly
flinch. Instead, if you're stuck unable to dodge or brave enough, wait and
deploy your Counter. It will usually deal a massive amount of damage too.

-He has a deadly Meteor Smash, watch out for it when returning to the stage.

-Don't keep rolling around him, as his Downward Smash attacks both sides much
like Lucina's, ensuring he will kick whoever just dodged behind him.

-Forward Airs and Neutral Airs will do well against him and his large size.

-If you are both down to your last life, then watch out for his Side Special,
especially if used in midair off the stage. He will grab you and take you
straight down, KOing you first before himself. I've seen many do this attempt,
it works if you're at the ledge too, at the corner. He will take you down
with him. You have to dodge, because it counts as a grab, so can get you
through shield, too.



Uncommon - But around.

-Like Link, he has the good mix of projectiles and melee attacks. Use similar
tactics regarding spacing while dealing with him.

-Unlike Link, his boomerang will not draw you in. Continue to dodge as you
have been.

-He is shorter than Link too, so using Forward Air will be more beneficial
than using Neutral Air.

-His Down Air comes straight down and fast, with Meteor Smash effects. You
will want to avoid this as much as possible when facing him.

-He has a grab that leaves him very vulnerable if he misses. His range is not
as good as Link either, so you can use this to your advantage when counter

-Forward Tilt and Down Tilt is recommneded when fighting him.



Common - Dangerous. Very dangerous.

-She has a mix of hard hitting attacks and great projectiles, often making it
very hard for Lucina to approach her. If you stay away too long, she can
charge her beam. If you get too close, she can either roll away or make use
of her powerful smash attacks.

-Her grab lange is long, and while it makes her vulnerable if she misses, you
have to have good timing to hit her or grab her before she rolls away.

-The missiles can be hard to hop over as there is usually another following,
and she may fire her own plasma blast to follow up. When approaching her
while shes charging, be ready to shield as they may fire before it is fully

-Watch out when intercepting her in the air. Her air attacks pack a huge

-You will want to grab and use your tilt moves more than anything against her.
The Dancing Blades work nicely too, but can go bad if she retreats to the edge
in order to continue to fire projectiles at you.

-Watch out for her ledge recovery, she can dish quite a bit of damage if you
mess up in hitting her back off. She can fire from off the platform too to
throw off your set up too.

-I highly recommend doing short hop air dodges as you approach and jump
around her as a harassment method. It is safer in case she fires a projectile,
or tries to grab you. You will avoid both.

-Various players play in her in many ways. You will have to do some
adjustment. If they focus on projectiles, they usually fire in some sort of
pattern. You will have to learn it and move to counter it accordingly.



Common - Very fast.

-She relies on speed and acrobatics to deal damage to you. You'll have to
be ready for her to be in your face at one moment and gone the next. Down Tilt
and short hop Forward Air can help prevent this.

-Watch out for her Stun Gun, it is pretty easy to hop over and hit her with
a Forward Air attack, but sometimes she can be tricky with the timing.

-Likewise, her power whip will out range your normal moves, so is another
thing to look out for.

-When in the air, be sure to be ready to avoid follow up air attacks she may
do. Try to dodge and land safely before actually trying your own attacks.


19 PIT / 43 DARK PIT

Common - Lots of Pits!

Note: Dark Pit here since strategy is the same.

-Pit makes use of the bow for his ranged attacks, but also has the Upperdash
Arm for his Side Special that can attack and uppercut you with ease. He often
uses it as both a return method and ledge clearing method. You can Counter it
if quick enough, but it is much safer to dodge.

-He can manipulate the direction of the arrows, so your best bet is to either
side step them, or preferrably jump and air dodge as you approach him.

-He has great recovery, so keep this in mind if you do off stage combat with
the intention of knocking him out. You may not make it back to the stage while
he does. 



Uncommon - Just a few Goddesses.

-She's pretty tall, so Neutral Airs work nicely against her as much as forward

-She has a projectile attack which will fire a volley of shots at you. If you
manage to dodge it toward her, then run up to her and attack, as the follow 
up shots do not home onto you, as they will still be firing at hte same place.

-She has a counter to look out for, which she may use just as you would use
yours. She can deploy it fairly quick, too, so be cautious when using your
Dancing Blade and Shield Breaker.

-Her Down Smash has incredible range and covers both sides of her, so be
careful if up close to her and dodging side to side.

-Likewise, her Forward Smash has her grow wings and attack, if out of the
damage range, the wind still pushes you back. This can throw off any attack
attempt and let her follow up with her own move.

-She has a teleporting dodge as well, making it difficult to determine where
she is going. As usual, this depends on the player. Adjust to their habit.
If they go behind you, be sure to aim there ahead of time. If away, follow
up and head toward where you think they may go. Just be careful!



Uncommon - Attack of the clones!

Note: Lucina is here since strategy is mostly the same. Differences will be

I generally dislike mirror matches... for some reason knowing what the
opponent CAN do makes it harder, huh?

-You will have to watch out for that tipper. You should try to get closer
to Marth and use your lack of tipper to attack him, as his moves will be
weaker attacking you at that range.

-Watch out for Forward Airs/Neutral Airs. You use them a lot, but now they
will be used against you. Counter with your own going first, back off to
avoid them.

-Watch out for the Shield Breaker. Obviously, don't shield, dodge! But, if
you must, then time it so you power shield, in which case the shield will
take no damage. The best method is to side step dodge though, as it allows
a quick Forward Tilt afterward. Or, you can counter them for intense damage,
just don't mess up and get hit by it yourself.

-When in the air, they may follow up with some Up Airs and Forward Airs. Be
sure to be ready to dodge, and counterattack if necessary.

-If Marth is returning to the stage, be ready to counter, as he may swing at
you before grabbing the ledge with a Forward Air. Doing counter will send him
back out. Likewise, it will prevent his Dolphin Slash.

-Likewise, if you are returning to the stage and Marth is guarding, do a
a counter and hopefully you will send him flying from the edge to clear it
for you.

-You both may end up countering, the best thing to do is a quick Forward Tilt
after that, or a grab. Forward Tilt if they intend to grab you, or grab if
they intend to counter you again. It can become pretty complicated!

For Lucina specifically:

-Keep in mind your own strength and weaknesses. Remember they are playing as
the exact same character; but that does not mean you two are playing the
exact same way. You will have to learn what habits they made of their own
Lucina and counter them with your own. Remember that it will not matter what
part of the blade they hit you with, it will do the same damage, so unlike
Marth, spacing won't matter as much.


22 IKE

Common - Lots of friends to fight for!

-His moves have a bit of set up time, though his basic Neutral Attack combo
is pretty fast. Use this set up time to your advantage --your moves will hit
first most of the time. Your Down Tilt, your Forward Tilt, and your Forward
Air will attack him quicker than he can attack back.

-Remember he has a counter too. It does not seem to do as much as your own
counter, but the fact he has one means you should make your moves quick and
not too predictable. You could also lag your combos a little to trick his
counter and then follow up. You can do the safest approach and grab him right
after his counter, too.

-Watch out for well, all of his Smash Attacks. They will send you flying. You
can bravely counter them, or just avoid them. You can also try to intercept
them, but missing the timing even slightly will lead to pretty nasty

-His forward special attack dash is pretty deadly. If you have good timing,
you can use your Shield Breaker to hit him as he charges you. But it is
generally safest to be ready to dodge and use an air attack, or use a counter.

-Ike's Aether (Up Special) is deadly and deals a great amount of damage.
Watch out of if he uses it near the edge. It is best to space yourself right
outside of his Aether range, and then Shield Break him when he gets back onto
the stage itself.

-His general air combat is slow, so he is easy to intercept. If off the stage,
try to Forward Air him before he uses Aether on you.

-You can also guard the ledge by using Counter as he will most often be
using an attack to clear the ledge, such as Aether.



Uncommon - I refer to her as her, but know that I am talking about the same
character you are thinking of.

-Arcfire will force you close to her, and she will usually be charging her
Thunder behind it. You can hop over the Arcfire, and the safest approach is
to usually counter. If they dodge out of the way, you will have recovered by
then to shield. If they try to grab you, you may be in a bit of trouble. If
they unleash Thunder or any other attack, your counter will handle it.

Alternatively, try to jump into a down tilt and hit them that way.

-Thoron is easier to avoid than the Giga Thunder. Thoron is the highest level,
which is fast and a straight line. You can jump dodge it, or shield from it.
Giga Thunder is the slow orb that does a combo attack when it hits you, which
more often Robin goes for. Be cautious of this.

-If Robin keeps using Arcfire, remember she has limited uses. When you see
her toss the tome, you can go in for the attack. Just watch out, because the
tome itself does damage if it hits you.

-Watch out for Nosferatu, her Down Special. She will recover damage pretty
well with this move, while adding to yours. If she keeps trying to get close
to you, she is likely setting up for this attack. Use Down Tilts to keep her

-Don't roll around her too much. She may do her Down Smash, which uses her
Levin Sword to do a electrical attack that attacks both her sides. She also
can use this attack if you approach from the air, as it swings down from
above her head and will hit you too.

-The Levin Sword in general has good range and is a powerful attack. You will
want to be ready to counter, or use your quicker Forward Tilt. She will toss
the Levin Sword after a few uses. You can grab it in midair and use it as
a projectile.

-If you get caught in the Arcfire, try to go up and out of it. Robin usually
tries to close in with a dash attack which will send you flying otherwise.

-If you hit Robin off the map and follow up, just be careful you don't go
under her, as her Elwind has a Meteor Smash effect. It is best to hit her in
the head with a Forward Air.

-She is generally slow on the ground, relying on projectiles to slow your
approach. Use your speed to your advantage and make sure she gets no down
time to set up her projectiles. If she continues to spam, wait until her
energy is out and she tosses her tomes away.



Common - Lots of floating!

-He is sent flying easily as the lightest character in the game. His short
height makes it hard to hit him with Neutral Airs, so try using Forward Air
and quick drops instead. Down Tilts will be very helpful, too.

-His side smash has deceiving range. Be careful of this when facing him,
and dodge accordingly.

-Watch out for his Up Special. It is easy to counter on the ground, but hard
to hit with air attacks without getting hit yourself.

-Kirby will usually use his Down Special when returning from high up, which
can do damage if you're below him. Avoid him and run in for a grab, as that
form is also invulnerable from normal attacks.

-Kirby's hammer is drawn out before attacking in this game, allowing you to
set up a counter to counter it.

-Off stage combat with Kirby is risky, as his return is far superior to you.
However, if hit right with Forward Airs, he will have trouble coming back,
or be KO'd at high damage. It is safer to guard from the ledge itself.



Common - Dededes everywhere!

-As a large character, as usual his moves are slow and easy to see coming,
but do a ton of a damage and are risky to approach. You will want to use a lot
of fast moves against him, and then stay clear when he tries to counterattack.

-Watch out for his Side Special projectile, the spike ball he launches and
bounces at you. If a safe distance away, use a Smash Attack to hit it back
at him, or use your Counter.

-He has good recovery despite his size, and also has a slamming move with his
Up Special. It has a larger range than it looks, so be sure to dodge clear of
it when he does so.

-You will want to utilize Counter for quite a bit of his moves, but you should
have an easy time doing so, as they are really easy to see coming. He can be
tricky and difficult to deal with though, so use caution as you attack him.



Rare - Not too many...

-He has quick sword slashes and a lot of combo building moves, so you may
want to counter him often, as well as utilize Down Tilts and quicker attacks
to get him away from you.

-He has great air combat, such as his Up Air that has great launching
capability and hits twice.

-Watch out for his own sort of counter, as well as his other spinning attacks
that can tear down your shield pretty quickly.

-He is also rather speedy, and can run up and grab you pretty easily.

-With his small height and great air combat, it is safer to stay grounded.

-The best thing to do is out range him. While he has a lot of massive combo
attacks, his range is rather short. A Forward Smash will usually out do him.
If he starts a combo just outside his range and he can't hit you, throw a
Smash Attack at him tos end him flying.



Common - This guy is a beast.

-He is very difficult to fight on the ground. I find the best strategy usually
exploits his weakness regarding air combat. You can throw him up in the air
and start juggling him with Up Air and Up Tilts. Just watch out for his
counter which he will throw out. It acts fast and does decent damage.

-Little Mac tries to get back to the center often, as his recovery is
terrible. Take advantage of this, and stick to the edges. If he comes close,
grab him and throw him off behind you, then follow up with a Forward or Back
air to send him out. He will have a hard time coming back, and you can KO him
at very little damage.

-When he does his hop punch (Side Special), and you are close to the edge,
if you side step dodge, he will go off tumbling to his doom, as he cannot
recover from it.

-If he starts to charge a punch, he will not flinch from the quick moves you
can do, so either prepare to counter or dodge.

-If his KO meter is filled, keep avoiding him or getting behind him. It has
the ability to break through shields, so shielding will not work. Once he
misses, he is vulnerable to a Smash Attack as he recovers.

-While his Air is terrible, he can still do his Up Special to send you flying
upward off the map, so watch out.

-He is faster than he appears, and has great range with some punches, and
every punch as great power behind them. Use Down Tilts to throw him off
with Forward Airs. Just be careful about that counter again.


28 FOX

Uncommon -Surprisingly...

-Fox seems to have less going on with air combat this time around, with his
jump height and speed seeming off. You can attack him with Forward Airs as
well as Down Tilts, both work well. Watch out for his kicking combo that can
lock you in to deal damage. Try to get out of it by going up.

-His projectile is his blaster, but it does not make you flinch. It will still
give damage, so don't let the enemy abuse it too much as your damage will
go pretty high over time if he keeps doing so.

-He has a Reflector that can damage you if too close, so be sure to do your
attack or grab him before he is able to activate it.

-His Side Special dash is fairly easy to see coming and does not do too much
damage, he may use it to get back onto the stage.

-His Up Special is very easy to see coming, but hurts a lot. So watch out for 
the fire fox. You can set up a move to hit him right at the very end of his 
move. If he is doing this off map, it is safer to wait at th edge for him to
come back before you hit him, rather than trying to intercept him.



Rare -Poor guy.

-He is slower than Fox, and easy to land Forward Airs against. However, his
attacks do more damage, so be careful as you approach.

-His blaster, unlike Fox, will cause you to flinch. He fires slower though,
so it is not impossible to approach him. Likewise, his Reflector he uses as
a projectile, making it another thing to look out for.

-Regarding intercepting and air combat, it is the same as Fox. Best avoid
out of stage interception if he uses the flaming move, and wait at the ledge
to attack him.



Uncommon - Pika!

-Speedy and with upgraded Thunder, the bolt will still come down if you hit
him when he uses it, unlike previous games. Watch out for this, he will likely
try to use it when you are returning from the ledge or coming from the air.

-He is very small, so you will have to use very low Forward Airs, or the
Down/Forward tilts to get good hits on him. Dancing Blade (green/down) will
also work nicely on him.

-They may spam the electric attack, and it has great range and bounces,
making it really difficult to approach Pikachu without getting damaged. You
will have to do a lot of short hop air dodging and dodging in general just
to make it up to him.

-Watch out for his Downward Smash atttack, as his electric spin catches both
sides in and gives great damage. Likewise, his side smash has good range and
power. You will want to have your Counter ready.



Uncommon - That Flare Blitz...

-All of his attacks hurt quite a bit and have good range. You will have to
do some Neutral and Forward Airs, as well as retreating quickly. He has good
recovery too, making air combat with him pretty difficult.

-You will know when he is about to do the flame charge move, as there is a
sound he makes before he does it. Get a counter ready, or side step dodge
to let him keep going hopefully off the map. He takes damage each time he
does the move too, so if they keep spamming it, keep dodging it to let them
build up their own damage.

-Watch out for his Meteor Smash. He does it fairly easily when off the map.
Try not to approach from under him.

-He has fire like Bowser that can keep you too far from him to counter. You
will want to jump and Shield Break him, or Forward Air him, to avoid that



Uncommon - Aura power! Very deadly.

-With the new Aura mechanic, you will want to watch out for Lucario as you
deal more damage to him, as he will be more powerful the more you attack. He
has great projectiles in the form of Aura Sphere and an extended Force Palm
at high damage, as well as a counter, and force Palm up close as a grab move.
His recovery is simply amazing at high damage too, and he has the ability to
cling to walls that can be used to getting back to the stage.

-You will want to be ready to air dodge or shield from the Aura Sphere, as
well as dodge away, or sidestep, the Force Palm. He is tall enough to Forward
Air safely, but has quick, powerful attacks if you get too close.

-He can be intercepted before he uses his Up Special attack, but if you fail
he can ram you with it, which may hurt quite a bit.

-His moves at higher power from high damage will have range longer than they
appear, so be cautious of his forward smash attack as well as his downward
smash attack. His downward smash attacks both sides, so be careful if dodging
to his other side!

-He can fire his Aura Sphere from off stage and still safely recover, and
likewise constantly fire from the stage when you attempt to recover. This may
keep you at bay, and so you will have to jump often and dodge your way up
to him, and hit him quick enough before he can hit you with his own move. He
may counter, and if he does, you may have a quick chance to shield. If you
see him disappear --shield!



Uncommon - Puff!

-Jigglypuff has amazing recovery and a lot of air, floating attacks. It also
has the Rest move that can send you flying, but if it misses, leaves it
extremely vulnerable.

-Most often people float around and use the Side Special punch to increase
float duration. It also has a decent range with that move, so will likely
try to hit you with it in addition to other air moves.

-Jigglypuff is easy to intercept in the air, but it can be risky due to your
relatively weaker recovery. If intercepting, do so over the stage itself.

-Use quicker attacks on Jigglypuff rather than strong ones. Forward Tilt and
Down Tilt will work better than Smash Attacks. However, if you see a good
opportunity for a Shield Break, do it. If Jigglypuff shields, and it breaks,
it causes it to "pop," going straight up and out of the map. It's actually
quite amusing...



Common - Greninja...

-He uses quick moves and has some pretty decent attacks to send you flying. He
also has a counter among other moves to throw you off balance. Once you know
his moveset it is relatievely easy to get around him, but it varies from
player to player.

-Keep an eye on his shadow. If the player attemps to Shadow Sneak, you will
spot the shadow moving. Quickly dodge and set up for a Smash Attack, and
strike the moment he appears.

-He has a counter, but it's slow enough to shield after you hit him. If he
disappears like Lucario, then shield!

-He has Water Shuriken as a projectile --be careful! At full power, it does
consecutive damage and ends with a launch. Do not counter, as you will only
counter the first hit and still be hit by the follow up hits.

-I see players sometimes get you off the map and use their Up Special to
launch you far away. Be careful if Greninja looks like it's about to set up
to do this, as it can push you out of ledge grabbing range. Be ready to
dodge, or prevent it from doing it in the first place.

-At the ledge, watch out for Greninja's Up and Side smash, as it covers a
good range and can often hit you right back out. When dodging around, too,
the Up Smash can hurt you on either side of him. You will want to prepare a
counter, or a quick Forward Tilt/Forward Air.



Common - Sighhh...

-This dog has amazing projectiles and defense when used right. His Can
projectile can be manipulated from inside his shield, even! His plate throw
and gunner just add to the variety of projectiles. To top it off, he has
great recovery and attacks in general. You have to be very cautious against
him, and he gives Lucina great trouble.

-The short height makes air attacks difficult, and the Can constantly
bouncing around can make approach difficult. You will want to dodge and attack
fast before it attacks back. Often players use the Can and Plate both.

-You want to use more low moves, such as Green Dancing Blade (low), or Down
and Forward Tilts. Duck Hunt stays close to the ground, and has decent defense
range, so you have to be quick.

-When off the map, you may be safer at the ledge than attempting to intercept.
It has better air moves than it looks like it will have.

-Watch out when rolling behind it, as his down smash will attack both sides.

-You can launch it into the air via throwing or doing a Blue Dancing Blade
(Up), and keep juggling. Just be careful about any Cans there may be laying


36 R.O.B.

Rare - Rob!

-He has a laser projectile, as well as a spinning top of sorts. They are
fairly easy to see coming and dodge accordingly. You will want to be most
cautious of his air attacks, as they pack quite a bit of punch, especially his
side and down airs. He also has great recovery, so watch out for that.

-He is pretty easy to intercept when using his Up Special to return, but all
the same remain cautious of whether he will utilize a different move while
doing so or not.

-He has a spinning attack that is really easy to jump in and counter for an
easy counter hit on him.



Uncommon - PK Thunder!

-Ness has some deadly moves and is short, so gives a few different problems.
Some moves are hard to utilize against him, such as Neutral Air, unless he
keeps floating around. But if on ground, you're better off with the Forward/
Down Tilt attacks.

-Watch out for his Back air and Forward air moves, as they can pack a punch.
He may try to trap you in his PK Fire, in which case getting out as quick as
possible before he does a dash attack or bats you would be best.

-His PK Flash isn't too much of a problem to avoid, sometimes they can time
it very well, but usually it isn't used.

-His throws, especially back throw, is very deadly, and so take all
precautions to ensure you don't get grabbed by him!

-I've seen several players use PK Thunder to keep juggling Lucina. If this
starts happening, focus on dodging rather than approaching them. Sometimes
they may try to PK Thunder themselves for a powerful attack. Either get out
of range, or get ready for a counter. Or, best is to try and intercept it
before they get hit.

-If Ness is knocked off stage and has already used his second jump, he is
really easy to keep away. He will have to rely on PK Thunder to give him a
boost. You can either go and hit him farther away with an intercept, or you
can do something a bit sneakier and just take a hit from his PK Thunder and
recover to the ledge to let him fall to his demise.



Common - Paunch!

-One of the most common fighters online, he is fast and powerful, and has a
good variety of attacks. His main Falcon Punch isn't actually used too much,
the Kick and uppercut, and especially the Forward Air knee I see more often
He can run up and grab you pretty easily, so be prepared for close quarters

-You can set up your counters pretty easily as his flame moves you can see
starting up pretty visibily. It's his quick punches and kicks that are harder
to see coming, along with his dash and grab. You will want to use the low
tilts (Forward, Down) to keep him at bay, as well as Forward Airs to keep
pushing him back.

-When off stage, he is safe to intercept. Don't go under him though, as he has
an easy Meteor Smash he could do to you. Watch out for his upward special too
as it will count as a grab.

-He is overall not too difficult to deal with, but again it depends on the
player. But the basic moves that do well against him will remain the same.



Common - Bowling ball...

-Villager has quite a few projectile moves. His rocket and slingshot are two
to look out for. He also plants a tree that deals huge damage when it gets
chopped down, as well as the axe that he uses to chop it. You will have to
be used to fighting him ahead of time and be familiar with his moves to start
to be able to beat him easily. His short height also adds to the difficulty,
and to top it off, amazing return both horizontally and vertically via his
rocket and balloons.

-Against his rocket, if he is riding it, simply counter, as it will destroy
the rocket and hurt him. If he's just launching it, it's easy enough to hop
over. Some players use it hoping you jump toward them so they can grab you,
so surprise them with a forward air, or dodge up and backward. Sometimes they
use the rocket to set up a tree.

-If they plant a seed, you can quickly intercept and keep them away from
growing it. If they manage to water it, a tree will grow out. If you see them
about to water, just stay away as the tree growing will launch you.

-If the tree is grown, they will start chopping when close. What you can do
is either wait around until they get tired of waiting, or you can jump and
arm a shield breaker. If done right, it will pierce through the tree and hit
the Villager behind it, too. It has worked many times, destroying the tree
and sometimes the Villager's shield, or sends them flying. You have to be
careful, because if he swings his axe and you're too close to the tree, it
will hurt you a lot. Also make sure it is during his first swing or else the
second swing will cut down the tree and you will be in real trouble.

-Once there was a Villager who did stage edge harassment, hanging from the
ledge, hopping up, shooting sling shot (his forward air) and going back to
grabbing the ledge. You can move to air intercept when he next comes up, or
go down under him and do a Dolphin Slash upward to knock him off. You can
also get close enough to counter if he tries again.

-If he comes back via balloons, you can pop them. He flies very high, so be
ready to intercept just as high. He has enough flight to fly under some Omega
maps that allow it.

-If you're hanging on the ledge, he will most likely be getting a bowling ball
to drop on you. You should quickly drop down then angle a bit right and slash
back up. If you hop over the ledge he may drop it at the right time. Either
way, if coming back to the stage and he's already arming it, he's planning
to drop it, so you may want to dodge then quickly Dolphin Slash back up.

-If he uses that bowling ball on the ground, you can easily counter it.



Rare - Alph is even rarer.

-Olimar has low height and deceiving ranges since it depends on his pikmin.
They each have their own effects too that one who is not too familiar with
him can find difficult to keep track of. His grab range and special range is
decent. He also has better recovery in this game. You will want to use the
usual lower moves (Dancing Blade green, Down Tilt, Forward Tilt) as well
as counter to eliminate the Pikmin when they're thrown at you.

-Be weary of his Side Special that throws Pikmin at you. The damage from that
accumulates over time and can really add up.

-Try and intercept him off stage when possible, but if his recovery is proving
to be too much of a hassle, take the safer approach and sit at the edge and
be ready to smash upwards or to the side depending on what angle he is coming



Rare - So much for that.

-Wii Fit Trainer has some pretty stiff looking moves, but they pack quite a
punch. The moves to look out for are her throws and Forward Smash attack, as
well as her ability to heal and use a light based projectile. You will want to
intercept her when possible using Forward Airs and other quick attacks so she
cannot heal nor use her projectile.



Common - He's really feeling it!

-Shulk has impressive range with his sword, and to add to it he has all the
different styles to increase his Speed/Launch/Power/Jump/Defense. You will
have to learn to keep track of which is which (list provided below). This will
help adjust your strategy accordingly --but they do not make too much of a
difference overall. He says the name of each style, but I will put the colors
below to make it easier for you, too. Other than those, he has an impressive
counter with a very long range to look out for.

-Jump (Green) - Higher jump, lower defense. Your hits will hurt him more, but
his return will be better this way. If he does this, start going on the

-Speed (Blue) - Faster movement, lower jump/attack power. You can go on the
defensive here, but even if he gets up to you his general attack will be
weaker. As Lucina his speed should not be too much of a problem for you.

-Shield (Yellow) - Higher defense, but lower jump, attack power, and slower.
I see players use this most when at high damage, for good reason. But at
high damage, that increased defense will not save them from being launched.
If they use it at the start of the match, keep doing quick moves to slowly
give them damage. The effect will wear off eventually, and that accumulated
damage will make a difference.

-Buster (Purple) - Stronger attacks, but weaker launch and defense. This is
the most common one I see people start off with, with the hopes to hit you
hard and fast. The weak defense will allow you to use simple moves or Dancing
Blade to give him a lot of damage very fast, and simply shield your way from
his attacks that have longer set up. Countering will hurt more too, as it is
based on the damage they would have done to you, so use this to your advantage.

-Smash (Red) - Strong launch, but weaker attack/launch resistance. If they use
this at high damage, they will go flying pretty easily with even your tilt
moves. Of course, you have to be careful if at high damage yourself. It may
come down to a quick Forward Air or Counter to get the best of Shulk this way.

-Shulk's counter has a large horizontal range, but the advantage is he can
miss you often with it. If you attack from below or above, his swing usually
seems to miss. Keep this in mind if the opponent keeps countering.

-Shulk's Upward Special is a double hit, so be weary of the second slash.

-Shulk has the "Backslash" that he uses often when coming from high, you can
dodge and take a swing as he attempts to recover.

-Most of his moves you can beat to the punch, as they have long set ups. You
can choose to use a Tilt to cancel him, or use a counter. Watch out if you
come from above or below him, as his Upward and Downward smashes are quite



Common - Waka waka

-He has some decent projectile and ranged moves, and he can be either really
easy to deal with or really hard. Most of the time it leans on the easier
side, as his moves are easy to see coming and to intercept. His range is not
the best, either.

-The Hydrant. People use it to clear the ground below them, but some use it
to power up a move and let the water carry them to you. The best thing to do
is when the hydrant is dropped, get to the side opposite of Pacman and launch
it at him with a Smash Attack. He probably intends to do the same with you,
in which case get ready to dodge. You can also use the water to charge a
shield breaker and head toward him if he ended up farther away. The hydrant
will only fire jets of water twice.

-Projectiles. He charges up fruit and various projectiles, highest being the
key. You will get used to the effects of different projectiles, but they're
all easy to see coming, and can be grabbed in midair with a jump dodge. You
can easily hit him when he's prepping it too.

-His Side Special makes him deploy a power pellet before he launches into
an attack. You can hit him with a quick Forward Air when he does so to cancel
this move, and even consume the Pellet for yourself to heal damage. He tries
this often off stage so is a great intercept move to keep him off the stage.

-His Down Smash attack will attack both sides, so be sure to stay clear of
this or to attack from the air when he does so.

-His Upward Special will see him bounce on a trampoline several times. Often
it takes several bounces to make it back to the ledge, so intercept to hit 
him off course and possibly miss the trampoline.

-As you fight him more you will start to see the cues to counter. His large
ball shaped size makes it easier to hit him with Forward Airs despite his



Uncommon - Capcom!

-Mega Man has a ton of projectile moves in his smash and special attacks. He
also packs powerful melee attacks, making him pretty difficult to deal with
depending on the player, much like Samus. You will have to approach him and
be ready for quick counters, dodges, grabs, and air slashes.

-His default projectiles (like his quick and basic attack) can be dodged
by hopping over or just running toward him and taking the damage. The one to
look out for is his forward smash, which is a charge beam with great range
and incredible power. You can move in for a counter if close enough, or do
a sidestep dodge.

-If you're hit off the stage, watch out for his Meteor Smash, as it is very
easy to pull off, as he fires a shot down below him. Try to come from a
diagonal angle if possible.

-He seems vulnerable to the Dancing Blade (green), a great way to get a high
amount of damage on him.

-If you get hit by his sticky bomb, you can just hold shield when it's about
to explode, and it won't hurt you. If you touch him too, it will stick to him.

-You can catch the gear projectile he throws, but it's easier to just dodge it
and attack him directly.

-He is pretty easy to intercept in midair, but look out for his flaming blade
when he returns to the stage. It is often used.

-If you're coming from above him, be weary of his Tornado projectile that can
carry you up and off the map, as well as his upward smash which can send you
flying. It's safter to not approach him from directly above.



Uncommon - Spindash!

-Sonic, as you can imagine, relies heavily on his speed and quick but 
effective attacks. He dashes around the field quickly, and can launch into
the air and come back down quickly with all of his moves. More often than not
the Sonic players I've run into use the same strategies.

-Often they will do a rolling spin that then goes upward into a scizzor kick
of sorts. Knowing this, simply side step dodge, then follow to where they will
be, and intercept in midair.

-His off stage combat is not too good, so you can feel free to intercept him
when he is off the stage. The one move you have to look out for however, is
his homing attack, it especially makes your own return difficult.

-His Side Smash is easy to see coming, so use Counters accordingly. In fact,
Counters are very useful against him in general.

-He is pretty short, but Forward Airs often help anyway as he is often off
the ground, or close enough by the time you jump that it will hit him anyway.



Friends/Local Only

Mii Fighters are something else. They usually emulate several fighters who
are in the same category as them (Fighter like Little Mac, Gunner like Samus,

With the above in mind and the fact it is among friends and local, I will only
equate the sort of strategies you would need to adjust for their height, but
otherwise you will follow a mix of strategies that apply to the above

Mii Brawler - Deal with them as you would with Little Mac. Their return is
a bit better, but they have a lot of close punches and are pretty easy to
counter and take off the map. Watch out for that Shot put projectle though,
if they use it. It is easy to see coming, but a hassle none the less.

Mii Gunner - Deal with them as you would Samus. Some differences are however
in their customization, so it really depends what sort of build you're facing.

Mii Swordsman - You should be able to outrange them with your own sword, but
be weary of the counter and possible combo moves they may have. It varies a
lot, but those ones are usually there. Prepare your own counter for their
combos, and grab for their counter.

In general, all three always have the same height, and Forward Airs should
work fine, Neutral Airs may have a bit more of a problem. Dancing Blade will
come in handy, using whatever direction fits what you want to do with them.



A bonus section.

This is just a brief guide on Master Core as Lucina. It is pretty straight-
forward and logical, but I thought to add this in anyway as people have asked
me often how she could beat him without any buffs. It's more about memorizing
what he does rather than doing anything as Lucina, so is more one size fits
all with any fighter, really.

If you reach him on Difficulty 9.0 (2200 G run), then he will start in his
first, humanish form. Try to take as little damage during master hand as
you can (dodge and then a lot of Neutral Airs!) You only need to damage
Master/Crazy hand a certain amount before the fight starts.

1st Form--- (Human...thing)

The weak spot is that purple glowing part of the head. You will be using a
lot of Neutral Airs, Forward Airs, Up Airs, and Upward Smash attacks when
you can. Simply dodge the attacks I list below, which will always give you
a few seconds to rush in and do a few of these attacks.

The attacks he has:

-Where he holds his head, then screams out a purple wave. This has a high
launch ranges, but does not do too much damage. You have to be ready to air
dodge, but preferrably roll dodge. Don't roll right up to him, rolling away
seems to work best.

-Where he spasms and shakes and then two golden glowing hands come out. If
you get caught, even when shielding, you will be consumed and take damage.
To avoid this, you can either roll dodge, or do what I find easier and run to
the edge of the stage, falling then dolphin slash to the ledge. The hands
will have passed you by now.

-One where he fires a beam after swinging his arm through the air. When you
see him swing his arm, wait for the black beam to come first, then air dodge
to avoid the actual beam that comes after. Very easy to avoid.

-One where orbs form on his head, and then he headbutts the floor and they
spread out and explode in cross shapes. You can land a few hits before he
headbutts. Then, rush to a safe place away from the orbs, and either duck to
avoid them if all high, or use shield if out of most of their range. Be
careful though, if you are in range of more than two your shield will likely
break. If you get lucky and the orbs aren't around the head, you can unleash
several smash attacks on his head while the orbs explode.

-One where he makes orbs in the air and then lifts the stage up to them. You
can go grab onto the ledge, or just find an empty space and shield. The stage
does not stay up there too long.

These are the moves he does. They are in random order when he does them. So
learn the patterns and unleash Lucina's air attacks on him!

2nd Form (Scorpion...thing)

You can land a full shield breaker on him if you start as soon as the black
stuff starts to materailize the beast. Aim at the center.

Afterward, the attacks below can easily be followed up with side smash attacks
as well as quick Forward Airs to deal great damage.

-One attack will see him hop into the air glowing yellow. This means he will
either come down on the right or left of the stage. The camera angle should
tell you which. You can shield or roll dodge toward the center to avoid this.

-One attack will see him arch with tail high up, meaning he's about to unleash
a purple attack all around his body. Go off to the side or roll dodge out of
the way, then jump toward him preparing a Shield Breaker to do awesome
damage as soon as it ends.

-One attack will see spikes appear from him. This means either shield or roll
dodge as a pillar of spikes will appear from below you. Easy to dodge.

-One where he jumps to the background then comes back to bite you. You can
shield quickly or air dodge to avoid this.

3rd Form (Swords!)

This is the hardest form for Lucina to deal with, but has an easier time than
others do, using Neutral Airs and Forward Airs. You will have to do a lot of
jumping to reach the Swords. You can land a few hits while it materializes,

-One attack will see it unleashes four small orbs. Be sure to avoid the swings
that start them, too.

-One attack will unleash two larger orbs. Watch out as they will head back
toward the swords, too.

-One attack unleashes a flurry of blades. You can see the blades charging up
first. It ends with a very hard to avoid launching attack. You can shield
through the flurry though it breaks your shield before the launch. If you're
at low damage this is safe enough, though. Another way to do it is to jump
to trick it to start the flurry high up, and then run to the bottom right
ledge and it should miss you.

-One attack will have a flash and then a powerful launching swing. Simply
jump to air dodge or roll out of the way.

-One attack will see the swords surround you, then swing until the main one
swings down. The best method is simply sidestep dodge the swords as they come
in rhythm, and then roll out of the way at the final sword and unleash a
smash attack on it while it recovers.

Final Form (You!)

Now this can go good or bad. Try not to do too many Smash Attacks, because as
Lucina, they just have to do one counter to likely kill you with your high
damage. The safest option is to grab them and whittle down their HP. They
run on an HP system, so you do not need to KO them the conventional way. You
can use Downward Tilts and quick attacks to whittle down the HP too, bu the
safest is to constantly dodge and grab it.

Since they start large, Neutral Airs work well at first, too!

Now knock that orb out of here and you did it! It may take some practice and
a few run throughs, but she doesn't have too hard a time with it for sure.

You can refer to the Marth/Lucina section above for 1 v 1 if you need more
help with this part.




Anything I should add? I was wondering if each character section should also
have ways to defeat Lucina, or ways I would assume to defeat Lucina as each
character... but I was not sure, as it seems pretty self explanatory how to 
defeat her by simply doing what I tell players to look out for. Haha!

Please contact me below for suggestions. Feel free to send in tips and such 
as well.

I hope this has helped some players who may want to try some more advanced
techniques as Lucina, or improved your game in some way.

I'm sure someone will eventually write a more "competitive/better" FAQ 
in time.

You may have run into me online as "Lucina," often using her Cherche look and
such. :) If not, well you may eventually!

Please send any corrections or errors you may see (even something as small
as a typo) to me. I'll fix them as quick as possible.

Yes, that top ASCII logo did take me forever!

Thanks for reading, cheers!



Thanks to Nintendo/Sakurai for another Smash Brothers game!

Thanks to you for reading through this patiently. There would not be any other
reasont o write this.

Thanks to gameFAQs for hosting this.


Email me at: [email protected]

I read all emails, and respond if necessary. :)




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