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Super Mario 3D Land Cheats for 3DS

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario 3D Land

We have 44 cheats and tips on 3DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario 3D Land please send them in here.

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1,000 Lives

Once you get 1,000 lives saved up (good luck with that!) you will hear some warm applause. If you get to 1,110 lives, some neat additions occur to Mario and Luigi.
Super Mario and Luigi will no longer have a hat, while Little Mario and Little Luigi get hats!

Infinite 1-Ups

On World 1-2, having passed the checkpoint flag, you will see a trio of koopa troopas and another three coin rows.
If you stand on the first row of coins that is on the floor, and walk onto the koopa below as it comes beneath the coin block. You should be able to bounce up and down off the koopa to get infinite 1-ups in this fashion - at least with practice.

Unlock Luigi

To unlock Luigi as a playable character, you simply need to complete Special World 1.

Finding Hidden Items

When Mario looks up during gameplay go to where he was looking and you'll find hidden coins and extra life blocks.

Stars for Save File

Below are instructions on how to get each of the five stars to appear on your Mario 3D land save file:
Star 1: Beat Bowser on World 8's second castle.
Star 2: Beat all levels in the first eight worlds.
Star 3: Beat Bowser on World 8's second castle having beaten him on Special World 8's castle first.
Star 4: Get all 285 Star Medals (this does not count the ones from the Mystery Boxes).
Star 5: Beat all levels using Mario and Luigi, with a Golden Flagpole on every occasion.
Glittering Stars: At no point die 5 or more times in a row on a single level.

Interact with Photos

If you shake your 3DS when viewing a photos in the photo album you can put some objects and characters in motion. For example you can make Luigi jump up from the behind the castle wall in the background when viewing the photo from World 4.

Star Medal Unlocks

Get the listed number of Star Medals to unlock these additional levels:
S1-Bowser: 110 Star Medals
S2-Airship: 120 Star Medals
S3-Airship: 140 Star Medals
S4-Airship: 160 Star Medals
S5-Bowser: 180 Star Medals
S6-Airship: 200 Star Medals
S7-Bowser: 220 Star Medals
S8-1: 230 Star Medals
S8-2: 240 Star Medals
S8-3: 250 Star Medals
S8-4: 260 Star Medals
S8-5: 270 Star Medals
S8-Bowser: 290 Star Medals
W1-4: 3 Star Medals
W3-5: 15 Star Medals
W4-3: 30 Star Medals
W5-3: 40 Star Medals
W5-Bowser: 50 Star Medals
W6-5: 60 Star Medals
W7-3: 70 Star Medals..

Different Cutscenes

If you tilt or shake your 3DS during a cutscene you can get the characters involved to perform different actions and animations.

P-Wing Help

If you are struggling to the extent that you have died 10 times, you will be given a P-Wing to take you to the end of the level. You obviously don't have to use it if you want to keep going on your own.

Test Level

If you remain idle at the 'Title' screen until a level preview begins and then continue to remain idle a test level will start. In this test level you will be able to practice your moves and play in a 3D puzzle.

Unlock Alternate Title Screen

An alternative video will play at the home screen when you save and quit while playing in any of the special worlds. This video can be reversed by saving and quitting in any of the first 8 worlds.

Warp to World 5

While playing through World 4-2, there is a warp pipe to allow you to skip to World 5.
When you are jumping up the shaft using the bouncing platforms, use the last one to jump to the left into a narrower opening - tilt it to the left to do this. Use your wall jump technique to go up and to the right in this shaft.
Continue on to the right and you will come to an orange pipe, which takes you to World 5.

1-Up on the Flagpole

To get a free 1-Up from reaching the flagpole, simply activate it while carrying an item - the item will be converted into an extra life.

Warp to World 2

There is a free warp to world 2 that you can access while playing through World 1-2.
Once passed the halfway flag, jump onto the coin blocks and you should be able to find a ledge up high to reach.
Head to the right along the ledge to locate the orange pipe leading to World 2.

Unlock Special World

To unlock Special World, all you need to do is get through World 8.

Sandbox Level

If you leave the game inactive on the title screen and wait for the demo footage of a level to finish, you will be warped to a sandbox level, where you can jump around and practice your moves with no restrictions.

Mario Hints

When playing, Mario will attempt to help you out by looking up at a location where you are likely to find a hidden 1UP or coin block.

Microphone Uses

You can blow into the microphone on the 3DS as a novelty to blow any dandelions on the screen, to collect any hidden coins, and to get rid of any ink that is blocking your screen produced by the black piranha plants.

Unlock Final Level

To unlock the final level, get five stars on your file.

Unlockable: Stars

To get the stars for your file, follow these instructions:
Star 1: Beat Bowser in world 8's final level
Star 2: Beat every level as Mario
Star 3: Beat every level as Luigi
Star 4: Collect the gold flag on all levels
Star 5: Collect all star coins

Golden Tanooki Suit

When you fail a level repeatedly an item box with a golden Tanooki leaf will appear, if you hit the box you will get a Tanooki suit which will make you invincible.

Photo Gallery Unlockables

Having got to the Blue Mushroom House on World 3, a gallery is unlocked where you can look at photos. Below is a list of photos with instructions on how to unlock them:
Photo #2: Complete World 1
Photo #3: Complete World 2
Photo #4: Complete World 3
Photo #5: Complete World 4
Photo #6: Complete World 5
Photo #7: Complete World 6
Photo #8: Complete World 7
Photo #9: Complete the game as Mario
Photo #10: Complete the game as Luigi
Photo #11: Unlock Special World
Photo #12: Complete Special World, then complete the game

Star Medal from Toad

So in some levels you see binoculars. They're not just for sightseeing! When you hear Toad zoom in all the way and find him. Follow him with your gaze. He'll drop a Star Medal onto the course! Now all you have to do is grab it!

Flag Effects

If your level time ends in a 1, 3 or a 6, you will receive an additional fanfare when you hit the flag, similar to in the original Super Mario Bros.
A time ending in 1 will earn you some streamers, a 3 will give you fireworks, while a 6 will produce some balloons.

Grey Tanooki Leaves

When you collect a grey Tanooki leaf in the Special World a red or green bandanna will appear around your neck, if you then do a Ground Pound you will turn into a statue.

Final Level

The Final Level is unlocked once you have beaten all levels with both Mario and Luigi, and have gotten at least one Gold Flag (Pole Top) on all levels as well as having 5 Stars on your file.
This level replaces World/Special 8 Pipe and appears in it's position on Special 8. The icon is represented as a Gold Tower top with a Flag Pole. The level is harder than all the other levels.

Another Infinite 1-UP trick

Go to S1-3 and go to the Goomba platform, have either the statue leaf or super leaf, if not go to the bullet bill platform and jump on a bullet bill with a tail, on the Goomba platform there are 2 Goomba boxes wait until there are 6 Goombas and start jumping on them, let them do the work of 'em getting under you.

Binoculars + Toads

In a level with Binoculars, locate and zoom in at Toad for something to happen.
Toad will either:
-Show you something like a Secret
-Drop an item like a 1-Up or a Star Coin
Note: This doesn't apply to the Bowser/Airship Levels
In W4-1, there is two Binoculars.
In W5-5, locate the Toad with the Block Propeller and he'll move to the finish. At the end you should see a Mushroom. The Mushroom only appears when the Toad is at the finish.

Secret room

In world 5-2 there will be a section where there is a spinning spikey thing with two exits. Take the exit that isn't green and you will appear in a room with a gate. If you change into fire Mario and light the torches in each corner of the room (jump up and shoot them) then the gate will open, followed by the puzzle music from the legend of Zelda! On the other side is a star coin that most people are unlikely to find!

Goal Post Extra Life

If you reach the goal post while holding an item it will be converted to an extra life.


To play him, beat S1-castle. He's on lower screen.
To get S1 beat bowser's final castle.
Warning: when you enter S1 castle collect clocks.
Time starts @ 030.
After that you see a l. Push it.

As meny lives as you want

On 5-5 theres a bunch or bombas stacked up on echother go in a perpeler box jump on top of them and push r than jump off of what your standing on

Get a life

In world 1-2 go to the first koopa and jumpon block close to him then when he gets close jump on him then don't touch a thing and let it get to 3 stars thats the limit I
To lifes go back severl times so time dosent run out for a video go to so have fun

World pipe

In world1 level 2 in the area there is a orange pipe if you go throuth it you will be in world2.

Credits fun

When you beat the game, the credits will show up and you can control Mario or Luigi and Peach using the control pad and press the B button if you want Peach to get spinned around

Castle Cheat

On World 2-3 At the end of the level where it looks like the classic Mario game you can go inside the castle and get a one up.

Secret exits??????????????

1-2: at the point where the koopas are jump on 1 of the ? Blocks are, jump & you'll find a hidden ledge.
Make it to the end & find the orange pipe. Go in it
& find yourself at w2.
4-2: at the bounce things go to the 2nd to last bounce thing. After the jump wall jump a few times. Like 1-2 it takes you to a new world.

Final Level Hint

The Final Level is broken up into stages, similar to the final level on Mario Galaxy 2. One of the stages includes a duo fight against those two Koopa Bosses.
It is highly recommend to have the Tanooki Suit, really helpful in the level. I recommend the Stoney Tanooki Suit, which is even helpful on the stage after the Bosses. It is good to have one on you and another in case in your item spot.
Hope this hint helps you get past the level.

First Level (W1-1) 1-Ups

There are three 1-Ups found in this level.
1: Head south of the checkpoint and east towards a box. Destroy it and go through the tunnel to get a 1-Up. There is a way out at the other end of the tunnel.
2: At the other end of the tunnel from the previous hint, climb up the tree and jump onto the yellow block on the right. Head south towards the bird. The bird will fly away and reveal a 1-Up.
3: Head right of the checkpoint pole and jump over the fence to the platform on the other side. South point of that platform is a 1-Up.
These can give you a good start to the game if this is your first time playing.

Secret tunnel

On 1-1 there is a secret tunnel with a block in front of way. Once your a running in the tunnel you will recive an extra life but you can only recive the life once.

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