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Pokemon Y


How Can I Get More PC Boxes?

Question asked by Super Screech 64 on
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How Can I Get More PC Boxes?

I've already gotten 31 pc boxes and filled them all up with charmanders that I hatched to try to get a shiny... Now I have around 600-700 charmanders and still no shiny's and now no space for Pokemon... Is there a way to add new Pokemon without releasing all my charmanders...(I've been wonder trading them so I can get another masterball at the loto-id center...) also, if I fill up my entire pc, will I still be able to finish the pokedex?... Also, ... , .... , WHY IS THE MESUDA METHOD NOT WORKING...???!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!

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Michael answered:

Here's some help:

1. The Maximum Amount of Pokemon Boxes you can have is 31. You can also put Pokemon in your Battle Box. 31 PC Boxes allow you to hold up to 930 Pokemon. You can definitely finish your Pokedex with this amount of space, but not if most of your boxes are filled with one Pokemon. I think you will need to trade or release some of those Pokemon.

2. The Pokemon Bank will be coming out on December 27, 2013. This features costs about $5, but gives you 100 more boxes to store your Pokemon. This means you could have about 4,000 Pokemon in boxes between your PC and the Pokemon Bank.

3. With the Mesuda Method, you must have two Pokemon of the same egg group from different countries in the Pokemon Daycare. Make sure one of your Pokemon is from a different country. If one isn't, you will not be doing the Mesuda Method. If one is from a different country, keep trying. You'll get a Shiny Pokemon soon.

Hope this helps!

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Super Screech 64 said: 8th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Thank you for your help and I will definitely look into that but I also have some more questions if you're up to it... all I have to say is that when I was at gamestop... they said that in X and Y that it would only work with a JAPANESE DITTO and not anything else... when I was doing it, I was using a charizard that I had breeded and a Japanese charizard that I had gotten out of the blue from a wonder trade... I had also inflicted both of them with Pokerus... could it be that it really only works with ditto or could it be that having two pokemon with pokerus canceled out the effect... or I was jut really, REALLY unlucky... and also, if I pull it out and then put it back in, would that reset the odds?... if you have any advice on these topics, I would sincerely thank you and I will look into pokemon bank... thank you
Warrior13 said: 8th Dec 2013 | REPORT
If you have a Japanese Charizard and an English Charizard, you are doing the Mesuda Method. It is not necessary for you to have a Japanese Ditto, though, it does makes things easier.

The Pokerus has no effect on the Mesuda Method. Taking one of them out won't reset the odds, since they will remain the same always.

The only thing I could think of is that either the Japanese Charizard is a fake/hacked, or you haven't been lucky enough just yet.

Hope this helps!


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