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Zombie Types

Below you'll find a list of the different types of Zombies you can find in the game plus an overview of each one.

1. The Infected
2. The Infected on Speed
3. Riot Officers
4. Spitters
5. Teleporters
6. Shock
7. The Worst Kind.

1. The Infected.

- These are your basic Zombie type enemies. They have no special attritbutes. They can still bite you for an instant infection or one shot kill. Unless you have a Virucide shot handy of course.

- Most of the time, on Normal mode ! These guys take 2 Head shots to take down with the hand gun.

- With the Cricket bat about 4 hits to get them into fatal blow position.

- The Magnum can pop the heads off these guys in one shot with nice spread range to boot.

2. Infected On Speed.

- These Zombie's have a red swirl around them or glow. Thier eyes glow with red as well. They are pretty damn scary to say the least.

- The bad part about them is that they do MORE damage, and are FASTER then regular infected. Take these guys out first in groups.

- Personally I would save Ammo for these guys even solo, especially if they catch you off guard, and these kind do.

3. Riot Officers.

- I hate these guys. They take about 9 hits with the cricket bat to take down. When they are in packs, think explosives and flares.

- The helmet they wear protects thier head as well. It takes about 6 hand gun shots if not MORE early on to kill them and knock it off.

- Molotov cocktails, which you should have early work good though. that is the best tactic, to flare and Molotov them down.

- Later on in the game wit your weapon levels up, or at least better fire power such as having an AK-47 or SA-80 these guys get a bit easier, just because your getting more skillful.

4. Spitters.

- Wow, in packs when your trying to ESCAPE this is a plain nightmare.

- If they spew they spit hit's your character, you will not only take damage. You will also have your sight hindered. This mean the screen will be all disoriented for a few moments. It is a very cool effect, but also adds to the games difficulty level.

- Same tactics apply for regular infected. If you cricket bat them you can stun them repeatedley until they are down.

- Try to scope these guys out first if your a Carbine specialist.

5. Teleporters.

- Thankfully these ones are few and fair between. In packs consider yourself dead.

- They have a ton of HP or health and take massive cricket bat hits to take down. Use your best fire power and save it for these ones.

- I am talking about your highest skilled weapon. and Have ammo to back it up just incase. Set them on fire with a cocktail. Do whatever it takes just get rid of these kind FAST.

6. Shock.

- I am not really sure if the shock damage is radius based. But I honestly didn't want to get close enough to find out. Do you ? I didn't think so. Kill them fast.

7. Explosive Zombies

- Hmmm. If I ever had an unexpected kill in a game it has been these guys or something similar.

- At first I hit one with a cricket bat and blew up. I was wondering How I died. Second time around, I just blew up and the 3rd time, I blew up AGAIN !

- It was about then after the 4th time I figured out what was going on. These guys have a gas tank to there back. Even if you hit them with cricket bat they will explode right away.

- The tactic is to use these guys to your advantage. They are a one shot Kill. Use a weapon with low fire power but a ton of ammo if you have. Just one shot and they will explode killing all other Zombie/infected as well.

*NOTE* - There is one very very bad exploding Zombie/Infected atop a ladder in St george church. Problem is he is right at the TOP of the ladder for me at least. Yeah he killed me. Just letting you know. Try pushing him and running if you want to survive, then pop him with a nice hand gun shot. I almost forgot, a riot officer and 2 other zombies are with him up there as well. GOOD LUCK !


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