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The Safehouse

Listen to the voice over the speakers. He will lead you to the prepper pad. See gear section for more information.

Markers will now appear on the wii U tablet / map. You also have a scanning function, as well as Life detection radar to start on your prepper pad. Use all the functions and get used to them.

Follow the marker to turn on the generator. Then look at the monitors in the main room of the safe house. You should see a zombie or an infected with a backpack. The prepper tells you this was the last survivor. Find him via marker.

He will be infected and start screaming, kill him with the cricket bat. You will find the handgun in his bag. Equip it using the Wii U tablet.

Follow your marker back to the main room in the safe house. You should see a bed, sleep on it to save your game. See FAQ SECTION of this guide for more information about saving.

Next we will need the keycard, Follow your map marker and learn about scanning doors and objects. Explained in detail in gear section of this guide.

*NOTE* Looting bodies is very important for begginers. You should loot scan and take everything you can. You should also return to the safe house Metal container often. The Metal container will save items for the next survivor if you DIE. It can store basically any equip item in the game.

So once your done looting and searching you should see the keycard on your marker at some point. If your still lost it is inside one of the filing cabinets. There will be some zombies you should take care of.

Use the cricket bat for the zombies in this area, as they come at you solo. You want to conserve ammuntion for when you encounter more zombies at once and or evolved zombie types.

We have the keycard so now we can progress deeper into the streets of London. Make your way to the marker which will eventually lead you to an EXIT marked door. Go inside and this will bring us to "Brick Lane Markets ".





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